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Distance education in Turkey

  Is distance learning modern? In the year 1840 AD there was the so-called learning by correspondence from the emergence ..

التعليم عن بعد


Is distance learning modern? In the year 1840 AD there was the so-called learning by correspondence from the emergence of the idea of ​​open education and a university was established in the United Kingdom and named in the air

The distance study system is implemented using technology and means of communication. The study materials are transferred online for the student to study from home

It ranks second in terms of educational services. after China.


Advantages of studying in Turkey

  • Provides flexibility in place and time for the student
  • Saves time, effort and financial costs
  • Ease of learning for people with special needs
  • Eliminate transportation problems
  • Students can combine study and work

Disadvantages of studying in Turkey

  • Lack of interaction between teacher and student in the educational environment
  • Not interacting with classmates
  • Availability of devices and means of communication in some places


Turkish universities that adopt distance learning

Turkish universities compete with the countries of the world in the quality of distance study and infrastructure, due to their technological and educational development

Many Turkish universities have provided the option to study remotely

Among the most important Turkish universities that adopt distance learning:

Ankara University
Istanbul University
Middle East Technical University
Yeditebe University
Atilim University
Istanbul Aydin University
Bahcesehir University
Ishik University

Usually the conditions we set by Turkish universities for undergraduate or postgraduate distance-study students are the same as the conditions they set for official students



Tips from Alemni Shokran

  • Stick to your time: Set a specific time in the morning or evening to study and stick to it
  • Avoid distractions: keep your phone away from you during the study period, sit in a room without a TV, use the time that you set
  • Reward yourself: When you measure enough, compare today to yesterday and reward yourself


Alemni Shokran Company is a pioneer in the field of student services and university admissions
We are official agents of many high quality and efficient universities, serving more than 1500 students annually.

We do not charge any student fees for the application or admission procedures for university students. We provide “free” services and the financial transactions are carried out from the student to the university directly and in an easy way, where the study expenses are transferred from the student’s account to the university’s account directly

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