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The residence is an official document issued by the Immigration Office in Turkey and gives the right to anyone who ..

الاقامة في تركيا

The residence is an official document issued by the Immigration Office in Turkey and gives the right to anyone who possesses it to enter Turkish territory legally

There is a difference in the types of residences and their purpose


Tourist T.C

A card granted to tourists that allow the owner of this document to stay in Turkey for the duration of its validity and enter without papers or procedures such as a visa

This is to encourage tourists, tourism, and investment.


Advantages of tourist accommodation

Entering Turkey without a visa during the validity of the residence

  • Opening a bank account in Turkish private and government banks
  • The resident can convert the tourist residence to a business stay
  • Issuance of a driver’s license
  • Establishing a company
  • Apply for a visa to Europe


Documents required for tourist residency

  • Copy of a passport certified by NÖTER
  • Entry stamp for Turkey
  • 4 personal photos with white background
  • interview appointment form
  • Valid health insurance covering the entire period of stay
  • Notarized rental contract
  • Tax Number
  • home address
  • TC Card Issuance Fee
  • Copy of the annual residence fee payment receipt


Student T.C

A card is granted to students wishing to study in Turkey or for Turkish language programs. This document is granted to students who reside in Turkey during their studies and enter without papers


Documents required for a student residence

  • A letter issued by the educational institution to which the student attends stating that the concerned educational institution has granted him the right to study there.
  • Copy of passport certified by NÖTER
  • Residence application form
  • The original copy of the passport
  • passport copy
  • Entry and visa
  • Tax Number
  • White background personal photos
  • Valid health insurance covering the entire period of stay
  • Copy of the residence fee payment receipt


Humanitarian T.C

One of the advantages now granted by the Turkish government is humanitarian residency, as Turkey grants humanitarian residency according to the 1951 Geneva Convention

This is according to special terms and conditions that make Turkey grant humanitarian asylum to those who need it and those who cannot return to their mother country.

Human Residency Conditions

  • The commitment of the holder of humanitarian residence to Turkish laws
  • The inability of the residence permit holder to return to his country
  • Inability to issue other types of residence due to lack of sufficient documents
  • The refugee must not be involved in terrorist acts
  • The refugee must not be prosecuted for criminal charges
  • The refugee must be inside Turkish territory when applying for humanitarian residence


Documents required for humanitarian residency

  • Copy of the passport, even if it is expired
  • Entry visa to Turkey
  • Proof of accommodation “Attested tenancy contract from NÖTER. Office”
  • Marriage contract and children’s birth certificates “translated and from the NÖTER office” if the application is for a family
  • 4 personal photos for each person in the residence file on a white background
  • Application form for obtaining humanitarian residence in Turkey


RealEstate T.C

This residence permit is granted to real estate owners in Turkey. It is requested by the Immigration Office of Turkey, and the real estate residence permit be renewed annually

This residence permit is granted to foreigners only by purchasing a property in Turkey

Conditions for real-Estate residency

  • Buying a property in Turkey.
  • Real-Estate registration in the Tabu Directorate.
  • Obtaining a title deed.
  • Earthquake insurance on the property.

Documents required for real-Estate residency

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • A family statement for the children translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish Embassy in the home country
  • Health insurance in Turkish territory for each family member
  • Family book translated into Turkish, certified by NÖTER
  • The title deed document registered in the name of the property owner
  • 4 personal photos with white background
  • Having a fixed monthly income of at least $500 per month.
  • Having a bank account


Work T.C

One of the strongest residences in Turkey is a work permit, after your five-year residence you can obtain Turkish citizenship

Advantages of working residence

  • Ease of obtaining a visa to enter Europe
  • The right to apply for Turkish citizenship after the work permit holder has resided for five years in
  • Turkish lands and not to leave Turkey for long periods of more than 6 months
  • Insurance from the company or by the employer, which allows the work permit holder to deduct deductions in government and private hospitals for free

Conditions of work residency

  • To obtain a work permit, a tourist residence is required, with a validity of not less than one month.
  • The company has to hire Turks in exchange for hiring foreigners. For example, for every 5 Turks, the company can employ a foreigner
  • The company’s capital shall not be less than 100 thousand Turkish liras
  • The company pays all taxes to the state

Documents required to establish work

  • A copy of a valid passport (at least 6 months).
  • Application paper for real estate residence
  • House rental contract certified by NÖTER
  • 5 personal photos with white background
  • Tourist residence copy (valid)
  • A copy of the entry stamps to Turkey.
  • medical insurance
  • Bank account


Permanent T.C

When a resident of Turkey for a period of up to 8 years, he is entitled to apply for permanent residence.

Documents required for permanent residence

  • Permanent residence application file
  • income statements
  • medical insurance
  • A copy of the previous residence
  • passport copy
  • Two personal photos with white background
  • Home Address


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