Genetics and Bioengineering

Genetics and Bioengineering




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Program Summary

The aim of the Genetics and Bioengineering undergraduate program is to raise our students with the basic technical information and abilities on mathematics, science and engineering, to recognize, analyze and solve the bioengineering problems. In addition, we aim to make our students be successful in national and international platforms, by gaining the abilities to develop new ideas or products in industry, academy or management. To give our students the effective verbal and oral abilities on subjects, such as passing on their ideas, consulting and learning from others and in this concept, raising individuals with professionalities, social and ethical responsibilities and commitments to life-long learning are amongst the other goals of our department.

Genetics and Bioengineering Department will raise broadminded bioengineers with a strong professional knowledge, who are respectful to ethical and social responsibilities and conscious on local and global issues.


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Biologists have three main tasks;


- for design,

Developing application methods for selecting and developing appropriate equipment.

Plan and apply appropriate production.

In this sense, it works to develop systems in the production sector and enhance the quality of life through its services. These services are as follows:

Carries out planning, research and development studies in the RE-DE divisions of companies in the production sectors to obtain food, beverages, various energy sources (hydrogen, ethanol, and biogas), medicines (antibiotics, vitamins, and hormones) and chemicals (proteins, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, solvents, pesticides, and various polymers) Biological systems compliant.

Graduates of the Bachelor's program in Genetics and Bioengineering can work as researchers in a wide range of sectors from food to agriculture, health and medicine to the environment; In hospitals and clinics; In institutions with legal responsibilities such as sanitation and Turkish Standards Institute. In genetic diagnosis and treatment centers, and in vaccine production centers. It will also work as academic graduate in departments if they do postgraduate studies.


- It is being introduced as a new branch in our country, and there have been important developments in the field of bioengineering in recent years, the number of job opportunities has increased, as well as new areas.


İnönü Mah, Kayışdağı Cd. No:326A, 34755 Ataşehir/İstanbul