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 This department now stands in a very unique position by opening its doors to anyone who has decided to become a musician in Turkey in the 21st century, by bringing together students who are learning the necessary discipline, encouraging the free thinking and creativity that is required in musical education, with professors who are constantly thinking about these aspects and who are also learning everyday alongside their students.

The music department is redefining the definition of composition by placing the creation of music within this century and by pushing the boundaries of the status quo. While Mine Erkaya has taken on sound technology, Turgut Pöğün, Tolga Zafer Özdemir, Yiğit Özatalay, Selen Gülün and I have taken on composition, theory, philosophy, and history. Of course we are not alone; we have the important support and teachings of Mike Nielsen, Başak Yavuz, Ömer Ahunbay, Hakan Kurşun, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Ayşe Diriker, Şenol Küçükyıldırım, Tuna Pase and of many key people in music; together, we are creating and running a very special project.

The transformation of music into a commodity in the 20th century has created infertility and has caused music to be removed from ‘its character of redefining life itself and changing alongside it’, and has marginalized it. However, we believe that for people who write sound, meaning composers, the new technology that any century brings is not a luxury but a must. Reading sound (ear training/solfege), writing sound (composition), writing about sound (musicology), understanding sound (theory and analysis) and recording sound (sound technologies) are inseparable aspects of the same phenomenon. Contemporary music education encompasses all of these and responds to all of the needs of its students. The music department is advancing on its way with students who have understood this mission, who are free-thinking and fearless when it comes to creating and with professors who are there to take them by the hand if they falter.

* The Undergraduate Program in Music admits students with special aptitude test.


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The graduates of the department are able to work as music teachers at state and private (elementary and) secondary schools/tertiary institutions.


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