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Nursing is one of the medical specialties that take care of the patient's health and alleviate their pain, and nursing is also considered an auxiliary specialty for the medical profession, where the nursing specialist helps the doctor in providing the patient with means of treatment, such as: needles, medications, in addition to monitoring his health, and providing the doctor with the necessary medical statements And the health file for each patient, and this specialization requires many conditions and attributes for formal and professional practice.


Among the characteristics of a successful nurse:

• Have the skills of the nursing profession.

•the ability to work under pressure.

• Good behavior in difficult or emergency situations.

• Accuracy of observation, which enables the nurse to know the exact details of the changes in the patient's health, and thus to reduce as much as possible.

• from the occurrence of any danger to his life.

•Having some human and emotional qualities:

Most notably: compassion and kindness to patients.

• Sincerity in dealing with the disease, no matter how difficult or simple it is.

• The ability to accomplish tasks, with high efficiency and in a timely manner.

• Patience, as nursing is not easy, as the profession relates to people's lives.

• Adherence to working hours.

• Giving, because the nurse does not deal with buildings like an engineer, or paper as a printing press, but rather with sick people, who must listen to their complaints and needs, and bear their negative character no matter what, and respect their families ’desire to know their health details.

• Personal hygiene and look after the appearance.

• Good speech and dealing with others, whether in the hospital, health center, or in public life.


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İstanbul Kültür University 4250 5000.00

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Ankara Medipol University 4640 5556.00 4175

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Halic University 4000 4000.00 3800

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Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University 2000 4000.00 2000

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Istanbul Okan University 4000 4000.00 3800

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•The sectors of treatment and health rehabilitation.

•Health Protection Sector.

•Teaching Staff Sector.

•Private clinics and medical centers.

•Providing training courses.


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