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About Us

who are we

Alemni Shukran is a leading company in the field of student services and university admissions. Alemni Shokran company was established in 2015, as it aims to help foreign students to enroll in Turkish universities, provide special academic discounts, and help in choosing the appropriate major. Alemni Shokran company owns a professional team that extends its hands to all students, not only to present the student’s papers to the university and provide him with university admission, but also to fully accommodate the student’s needs, starting from providing him with all university consultations, through receiving the airport, providing him with suitable housing, and completing all procedures for his residence in Turkey.

Our vision

Our vision is to enable the student to study in Turkish universities, which constitutes an important step in the student’s future due to the distinguished status of Turkish universities among the universities of the world. We extend a helping hand to the student to obtain the best level of education while providing an appropriate environment conducive to excellence and creativity. We always strive to maintain our prestigious position in the field of student services and to maintain and develop the quality of service provided to students

Our mission

Alemni Shokran aims to help foreign students to access Turkish universities and provide them with the best academic discounts and assistance in choosing the appropriate university major. We seek to provide all the needs of the student in Turkey and provide assistance to him through an integrated professional team