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Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University is characterized by the high level of scientific content and the degree of competence of faculty members ..

شعار جامعة قادر هاس

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Kadir Has University is characterized by the high level of scientific content and the degree of competence of faculty members


The university’s main campus overlooking the Golden Horn Bay is located in the heart of Istanbul and combines a whiff of history, traditions, and future technology. The history of the main campus of the university dates back to a period in the Ottoman Empire in 1884 and was recently renewed to become a university campus equipped with the latest technology, won many awards Cultural heritage, most notably the Nostra Prize in 2003.




Kadir Has University obtained much recognition: internationally recognized by the most prominent countries of the European Union. And many other confessions

• Global Compact Program, EUA, OECD for Higher Education
• University of Magna Carta Observatory, IAUP
• EMUNI University, ACUNS, TASSA




Kadir Has University has student exchange programs such as the Erasmus program which gives students an opportunity to study a year or semester in any university in the European Union, and the Farabi program for Turkey and many countries of the world including Canada, America, and Australia.

The university consists of seven colleges, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Information, the College of Art and Design, and the College of Applied Sciences in this in addition to the presence of many vocational and graduate schools in order to become a leader in the educational and cultural fields in the Turkish Republic in addition to this Preparing itself to become a global center in the areas of developing scientific research.







Kadir Has University aims to become a research university among Turkish universities and at world standards that can produce sustainable solutions to local, national, regional, and global problems faced by humanity with an approach based on universal and humanitarian values; to train students equipped with individual and professional competencies in their fields of expertise; is able to produce high-impact research outputs as well as human-oriented and innovative solutions for social problems and is capable of transferring the knowledge it produces to the society in all dimensions.







  • To provide academic education with a research-oriented approach in order to train students who are adorned with basic humanitarian and universal values, equipped with individual and professional competencies required by the age, and capable of producing sustainable solutions to local, national, regional, and global problems that humanity will encounter;
  • To ensure that our academic staff and students produce research outputs of international quality and high impact by providing them the highest standards of education and research infrastructure;
  • To implement social projects that will ensure that all the knowledge and resources produced are beneficial for the country and the world with the participation of the stakeholders;
  • To develop an institutional structure based on continuous improvement in all services offered to its students, employees, and the society;
  • To develop a financial structure that will ensure financial sustainability and nourish our strategic goals.







Kadir Has University is active in every area of sports. The aim of the university’s sports programs is to develop students’ abilities and physical health alongside their educational and cultural development.


There are three separate areas of focus for sports activities at the university, with specialized trainers for each:

  • University sports teams
  • Independent sports/exercise
  • Inter-university organizations





exchange programs


Kadir Has University has exchange agreements with more than 220 universities around the world. There are two types of exchange programs: ERASMUS+ and Global Exchange. ERASMUS+ is an EU (European Union) program, in which students receive grants provided by the European Commission for their expenses. Global Exchange programs, on the other hand, work in accordance with the exchange agreement between two universities. In Global Exchange programs, students must cover their personal expenses.






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