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Istanbul Kent University

ENEV was founded to introduce advanced technology, modern scientific developments, and technology at world standards to teens in order to ..

شعار جامعة اسطنبول كينت

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ENEV was founded to introduce advanced technology, modern scientific developments, and technology at world standards to teens in order to provide them with a modern, productive, and effective education while offering public service in education, health, and culture.


The future of Turkey, wanting to play a more effective and vocal part in the world, depends on the investments made in education.


Turkey has a better chance of reaching its 2023 goals with experts trained in their own fields, with expertise in practice as well as theory, who can utilize technology thanks to receiving a good education.



• Istanbul Kent University aims to keep up with the changes in the developing world and closely monitor global developments in the fields of education, science, methodology, and technology

• It also aims to educate world citizens who embrace their national and cultural values and who are self-confident and skilled enough to compete in national and international arenas alike

• In trying to achieve these goals, Kent University has established the principle to provide all necessary support so its students do not have to face any physical or financial setbacks

• It practices “Positive Discrimination” by providing financial aid support and supplies its students with foreign language skills to ease their way while practicing their professions all around the world

• Istanbul Kent University presents its students with all necessary equipment to raise individuals who are curious, inquisitive, cognitive, analytical, and responsible as well as social, productive, understanding, and have empathy

With its modern and innovative academic staff, its student-centered educational approach, and its attentive personnel; as well as its technological infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, and workshops and solution partners, each successful members of their own sector, Istanbul Kent University provides its students with job experience prior to graduation, thus preparing them for the future. 





At the Heart of Istanbul


Istanbul kent üniversitesi is situated in the historical building of the old German Hospital in Taksim. The campus, which has the most central location in Istanbul, stands out with its historical and cultural richness and provides a secure environment and convenience to students.






 In addition to education and research, students are offered a fulfilling university life where they can realize themselves with academic and cultural activities such as seminars, panels, symposiums scientific discussions, spring festivals, exhibitions, and concerts.






  • Career and Development Center
  • Lifelong Learning Center
  • Dentistry Research and Application Center
  • R&D and Project Management Office
  • Student Clubs






With the purpose of a multilingual, multinational, multicultural campus, Istanbul Kent University is home to undergraduate and graduate international students from 16 different countries. In addition to the “Internationalization at Home” strategy, cooperation agreements are signed with the world’s leading universities in order to train internationally competent graduates.
Thanks to the Erasmus Program and other international collaborations, Istanbul Kent students will be able to benefit from opportunities such as Learning Mobility, Internships Abroad, Double / Joint Diploma Programs, International Summer Schools, and Academic Events at the universities which they have an agreement with.







Istanbul Kent Quality Policy is based on the aim of becoming an internationally prestigious university and having long-term strategies by constantly increasing the quality of education.

With their educational activities, Kent University aims to raise individuals who do researches, ask questions, have access to information, have the ability to solve problems and create contributive projects. In this respect, the main principles of KENT university which aims to reach the world standards in education as well as in research and development are as follows:


  • Becoming one of the best universities which represents the country internationally.
  • Continuous improvement in education, research, and administrative processes.
  • Prioritizing the execution of the main principles which reflect the corporate value within the framework of the mission and vision of the university.
  • Embracing the approach of continuous improvement and sustainability in all specialty fields of the university.




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