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Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University is a branch of the global Bahçeşehir University Foundation, with campuses in various countries including Turkey, the United States, Italy, and Germany.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus

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Quick Overview of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University is a branch of the global Bahçeşehir University Foundation, with campuses in various countries including Turkey, the United States, Italy, and Germany. Established in 2016, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University began its academic journey in 2017.

Located in Northern Cyprus, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University attracts professors and researchers from around the world for both practical and theoretical studies using cutting-edge technological methods.

With 20 years of educational experience, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University derives its expertise from its parent institution, which is renowned for its educational strength. It stands as a preferred destination for both international and local students, recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.

Ranking of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

Thanks to its international presence and reputation, Bahçeşehir Cyprus University ranks among the top 100 Turkish universities, securing the 47th position domestically and 2131st internationally.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University’s Goals:

The university strives to possess a distinguished academic faculty dedicated to delivering high-quality education that encourages students to learn and develop across various fields. Its vision is to be a prestigious educational institution, employing a dynamic approach to train students, equipping them with professional knowledge to excel in the world of business while upholding ethical values.

Explore Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Campus:

The campus is uniquely designed, housing 5 faculties, including Architecture and Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Law, Tourism and Hotel Management, Education, and Graduate Studies in Social and Natural Sciences.

Equipped with smart boards and modern technology, classrooms facilitate both learning and practical training in laboratories. The extensive library offers an abundance of books, electronic resources, international scientific studies, and theses.

Location of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

Situated in the heart of Northern Cyprus’s capital, the campus is surrounded by government institutions, social facilities like restaurants and cafes, and malls. Multiple transportation options are available for continuous accessibility.

Distinct Features of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

– English is the primary language of instruction, with a preparatory school to enhance students’ language skills.

– The university provides opportunities for studying at other institutions within the educational network for one or two semesters, either within the main field or a second specialization.
– The faculty members are professionals recruited globally, fostering an international educational environment.
– The preferred choice for international students, with over 90% of the student body being international, providing significant international study opportunities.

Costs of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

Average tuition costs are moderate in comparison to other Turkish and international universities, ranging from 3100 dolars The costs vary based on the chosen specialization.

   Admission Requirements for Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

– Success in the YÖS exam or SAT.
– High school diploma with a varying GPA requirement.
– TOEFL is required for English-language studies.
– Turkish language proficiency test (TOMER) for those choosing Turkish language studies.

How to Apply to Bahçeşehir Cyprus University:

– Passport copy, translated and authenticated by the embassy.
– Passport-size photo.
– High school diploma translated and certified in English or Turkish.
– If high school is ongoing, a translated and certified transcript of the latest semester.
– English language proficiency certificate.

In conclusion, if you decide to study at Bahçeşehir Cyprus University and need assistance, we at Alemni Shokran will be with you every step of the way, offering specialized guidance in choosing the right specialization.

University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Banking and Finance 4 English 1550$
Teacher Training in English 4 English 1550$
Law 4 English / Turkish 1550$
Political Science and International Relations 4 English 1550$
Management Information Systems 4 English 1550$
Architecture 4 English 1550$
Civil Engineering 4 English 1550$
Tourism Management 4 English 1550$
Computer Engineering 4 English 1550$
Psychology 4 English 1550$
Software Engineering 4 English 1550$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 1550$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 English 1550$
Nursing 4 English 1550$
Pharmacy 4 English 1950$
Economics 4 English 1550$
Business Administration 4 English 1550$
Sociology 4 English 1550$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 1550$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Computer Engineering 2 English 3575$
Business Administration 2 English 3575$
Law 2 English 3575$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Computer Programming 2 English 1550$
Business Management 2 English 1550$
Civil Aviation Cabin Services 2 English 1550$
First Aid and Emergency 2 English 1550$

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