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As science, technology, and social structures rapidly advance, the world needs more qualified individuals who possess the knowledge and skills ..

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As science, technology, and social structures rapidly advance, the world needs more qualified individuals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career anywhere in the world.


Aware of this urgent issue, the Turkish Sabancı Group decided in 1994 to establish a “world university” led by the Sabancı Foundation.


– Seeds of Sabancı University, planted in the summer of 1995, at a research conference attended by more than fifty academics from twenty-two countries, as well as to students and representatives from the private sector.


– However, the conference was just the beginning, as it was the beginning of a large-scale process. Leading educational institutions in Turkey and around the world were tested to learn how to define and define the basics that make them successful.


– In the end, instead of choosing one university as a template or duplicating existing examples, a new and unique university is designed.

– The first Sabancı University students were registered in 1999.


– The design and approach of the Bachelor and Postgraduate programs at Sabancı University are different from those in other universities. The principles that underlie our academic programs and institutional structure are based on an interdisciplinary approach with the absence of traditional departments.


Sabancı University offers undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as secondary honors and dual degrees under the roofs of three colleges:

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

• College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Management college.


– The university’s educational system is based on the common “Enterprise Development Year”, which all students must submit regardless of their subsequent program options.

– During this year, students develop a foundation of knowledge, critical thinking, and an interdisciplinary approach.

– In the second stage of institutional development, students are free to choose the introductory courses for their preferred diploma program from 13 different options.

– When Sabancı University was established its goal was to accommodate 3,500 students.

– We have now reached this goal. About 90% of the faculty members have a PhD abroad. The number of faculty members is 368, while the number of students per faculty member remains full-time 14.

– We believe that, besides teaching, research and integration with society, they are jobs that are inseparable from the university. At Sabancı University, all research efforts are conducted on an interdisciplinary basis.

– Our Istanbul Policy Center is an independent policy research institute with a global reach. Its mission is to promote academic research in social sciences and its application to policy making.


– The Nanotechnology Center (Sabancı University – Center for Nanotechnology Research and Programs), with a contributing team of 40 faculty members, about 40 postdoctoral researchers, and hundreds of PhDs.

– Students participate in highly effective interdisciplinary research programs that bring together researchers with expertise in advanced materials, basic sciences and nanoscience engineering to address applications in electronics, lighting, healthcare, construction, environment and packaging industries.

– ‘Sabancı University SakÄ ± p Sabancı Museum dedicated to the cultural enrichment of society‘, offering a diverse mixed-use environment with its entire collection, comprehensive temporary exhibitions hosting it, its own conservation units, model educational programs and various concerts, conferences and seminars there and there.

– The Women and Women Forum is a center where various research and activities are conducted on gender issues.

– We have an international energy and climate center, a designer of topical and objective economic and political studies in energy and climate studies. We have an organization that provides research and training resources for entrepreneurs who are going to turn innovative ideas into business models.

– Our Research and Graduate Studies Directorate promotes a culture of research and innovation that transforms scientific and technological developments into social and economic benefits.

SU research laboratories represent excellence in many respects. Equipped with the latest in modern infrastructure, these laboratories not only provide intense research capacity for SU faculty and students, but also act as a shared resource with the industry.

– The information center is another important role in the research environment.

The center occupies a total area of ​​9,165 square meters, and has a shelving capacity of 300,000 units and a seating capacity of 600 patrons. The center has 480 internet access points, including 56 electronically equipped study barrels and 13 multifunctional rooms.

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