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Sabancı University

Sabancı University stands as one of Turkey's leading institutions, excelling in all aspects of academia and contributing valuable scientific research that has garnered global recognition.

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Sabancı University: Your Path to Studying in Turkey’s Prestigious Academic Institution

Are you considering furthering your education at Sabancı University in Turkey, drawn by its exceptional quality and prestigious reputation? Let’s explore a brief overview of Sabancı University, including its establishment, programs, and features.

Overview of Sabancı University:

Sabancı University stands as one of Turkey’s leading institutions, excelling in all aspects of academia and contributing valuable scientific research that has garnered global recognition. Ranked among the top 10 Turkish universities according to URAP, Sabancı University offers modern educational programs designed by 13 committees, ensuring the adoption of cutting-edge methodologies and providing graduates with the highest levels of learning.

Establishment of Sabancı University:

Founded in 1995 in Istanbul by the Sabancı Foundation, one of Turkey’s largest family foundations supporting education, Sabancı University’s academic journey began in 1999 with its first batch of students. The University’s establishment was supported by the collaboration of scientists, researchers, and business leaders from 22 countries.

Rankings of Sabancı University:

Locally, Sabancı University ranks 12th, showcasing a remarkable advancement in comparison to other institutions. Globally, it holds the 1068th position, a significant achievement that distinguishes it among world-class universities.

Discovering Sabancı University’s Programs:

Sabancı University offers a range of programs, with highlights including being the first Turkish university to grant students program selection freedom and providing opportunities for international study. It also holds membership in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Sabancı University’s Mission:

Focusing on creativity, Sabancı University’s dynamic approach to education empowers learners to create value for the world. The University aims to contribute to the development of knowledge in social sciences, management sciences, and engineering, striving for excellence and transformational impact on society.

Campus Life at Sabancı University:

With a unique structural model and modern infrastructure spanning 1,317,000 square meters, Sabancı University offers a distinctive educational environment akin to global institutions. Its facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, research centers, a health center, and numerous sports and recreational activities.

Advantages of Choosing Sabancı University:

– Three faculties: Engineering and Natural Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, and Management, housing 11 undergraduate programs, 50 master’s programs, and 17 doctoral programs.
– A competent academic staff of 418 members.
– Over 5,000 enrolled students and more than 15,000 graduates.
– Advanced technological training environment with 40 labs and 8 research centers.
– English as the language of instruction, supplemented by a preparatory English language program.
– A vast university library with extensive print and electronic resources.
– Opportunities for career development and networking through job fairs and professional connections.
– Participation in international and local sports events through international memberships.
– Research centers focusing on excellence in finance, policies, nanotechnology, energy, and more.

Housing at Sabancı University:

The university provides the largest student housing capacity in Turkey, accommodating over 2,730 students. The residences offer various room types equipped with essential amenities, study rooms, common areas, and internet access.

Explore the Possibilities at Sabancı University:

Sabancı University presents a promising opportunity for your academic journey, offering quality education, a vibrant campus, and a platform for personal and professional growth.

Here are the required documents for enrollment:

– Passport photo, personal photo.
– High school diploma translated and certified in English or Turkish.
– If high school is not completed, translated and certified transcripts of the latest semester.
– Graduation certificate from high school if available, translated and certified.
– English proficiency certificate if studying in English.
– Additional documents can earn you extra discounts.
– For Master’s applicants: motivation letter, recommendation letters, CV.

Have You Heard About Sabancı University Scholarships?

Sabancı University Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey, covering all expenses for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies.

There are 3 types of Sabancı University Scholarships:

– Full Scholarship: Full tuition waiver, monthly stipend, free accommodation.
– Master’s: 2500 Turkish Lira + hotel apartment for 10 months.
– PhD: 3200 Turkish Lira + hotel apartment for 1 year.
– Full Tuition and Housing Scholarship: Covers tuition and housing fees, excluding stipend.
– Full Tuition Scholarship: Offers a tuition discount.

How to Apply for Sabancı University Scholarship:

– Apply online.
– Application fee: $30.
– All international students are eligible, no age limit.
– Strong English communication skills required.
– Supporting documents include academic achievements, awards, recommendation letters.

Scholarship Details:

– Bachelor’s duration: 4 years.
– Master’s duration: 3 years.
– PhD duration: 4 years.

Application Requirements:

– Meet all Sabancı University admission criteria.
– Submit application by the specified deadline with necessary documents.
– Provide a certified academic certificate compatible with scholarship requirements.
– Some programs may require ALES-GAT-GRE scores.

If you’re seeking a top-ranked university with numerous accolades, Sabancı University should be your destination.
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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Materials Science and Engineering 4 English 19500$
Cultural Studies 4 English 19500$
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design 4 English 19500$
Management 4 English 19500$
Economics 4 English 19500$
Genetics and Bioengineering 4 English 19500$
Electronics Engineering 4 English 19500$
Political Science and International Relations 4 English 19500$
Mechatronics Engineering 4 English 19500$
Psychology 4 English 19500$
Computer Science and Engineering 4 English 19500$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 19500$

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