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Istanbul Medipol University

Medipol University provides an international educational environment for all students, using all modern technological means to serve students and reach ..

شعار جامعة ميديبول اسطنبول

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Medipol University provides an international educational environment for all students, using all modern technological means to serve students and reach the highest level in training and academic education.

Medipol University is one of the leading institutions in Turkey that has all the requirements needed to make the study easier and more effective. It contains advanced scientific laboratories and classrooms equipped with very advanced electronic equipment.

The university provides many scientific laboratories that allow students and academics many opportunities for scientific research, and these laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and high technical infrastructure in line with the needs of interdisciplinary research and development.

The university has a large library that contributes to developing education and educating students in various disciplines in addition to its role in supporting scientific research activities.



Advantages of Medipol University 

• More than 71 university programs in Turkish and English

• More than 30,676 students representing 63 different nationalities

• Local, Arab and international recognition

Medipol University has two main campuses located in Haliç on the European side of Istanbul and Kavacık on the Asian side of Istanbul with an excellent transportation network

• 9 international hospitals in Istanbul, which provides a distinct environment for practical training for its students or work after graduation

• In addition to many other research laboratories that are unique to the university 
• 85 different student clubs that attract the interests of different students



The university has a distinguished educational campus, which includes hospitals for human medicine and dentistry, and offers university students many opportunities in practical training and job opportunities after graduation




Medipol Campuses


Haliç Campus
The Haliç (Golden Horn) Campus is located on the peninsula nearby Haliç, which is one of the oldest parts of Istanbul and where the Unkapanı Bridge meets the land.
Kavacık Campus
On both sides of the TEM (Trans-European Motorway), bridging Asia and Europe lies the North and South Campuses of Kavacık.
North Campus
On the north Campus, there are the Administrative Rectorate building, the Language School, and Vocational schools. The campus also covers a number of facilities including a sports center, restaurants, dormitory, library, study halls, dining halls, laboratories, car parks, Medical Center, Counseling Service, and REMER Research Center.
South Campus
The South Campus covers School of Medicine, International School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, Medipol Business School, School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, School of Law, School of Education, School of Communication, School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Vocational Schools, Graduate School of Forensic Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Graduate School of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Social Sciences.





The English Program

IMU English Preparatory Program provides English training for students whose knowledge of English is not sufficient to follow their courses provided in this language. It also conducts compulsory professional foreign language courses in all departments.
The English Program has been prepared considering the language knowledge and skills students should acquire for their studies and career. During the English Preparatory education, students acquire the techniques to express themselves in both oral and written form, to access and use information, as well as to comprehend and use academic English. Students who have completed the preparatory year successfully are able to follow classes in English as well as to follow the literature in their respective fields without encountering problems.





Students Exchange Program (Erasmus+)

The Erasmus+ Programme is designed to support Programme Countries’ efforts to efficiently use the potential of Europe’s human and social capital while confirming the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal, and informal learning throughout the education, training, and youth fields.
Erasmus+ enables higher education students, teachers, and institutions in 31 European countries to study for part of their degree in another country. Students who join the Erasmus+ Programme do an internship for a period of at least 3 months to an academic year in another European country. The Erasmus+ Programme guarantees that the period spent abroad is recognized by their university when they come back as long as they abide by the terms previously agreed.









The dormitories for male and female students on Medopol campuses, meet the needs of the student to a great extent. The capacity of the dormitories is planned to be increased in the following years.



Istanbul Medipol University Library proves that it is one of the most updated and inclusive libraries in all Turkish Universities. The Library is open between 8.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m on workdays and 10:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m on Saturdays from December 2011 onwards.






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