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Özyeğin University

one of Turkey's renowned institutions with a global reputation in scientific research.

Özyeğin University

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Özyeğin University: Excellence in Education and Research in Istanbul

Welcome to Özyeğin University, one of Turkey’s renowned institutions with a global reputation in scientific research. Our esteemed faculty members possess exceptional teaching prowess and extensive expertise, enabling us to annually produce graduates equipped with the highest-level scientific skills to serve society.

Founded on October 18, 2007, by the prominent businessman Husnu Özyeğin, Özyeğin University stands as one of Turkey’s most illustrious families, rich both in heritage and prosperity.

Situated in the heart of Asian Istanbul, Özyeğin University boasts modern educational systems and academic curricula aligned with the demands of various sectors and the job market, positioning it as one of Turkey’s top universities.

Recognized by the European Union and esteemed across multiple Arab nations, including Qatar and Jordan, Özyeğin University stands as an academic leader.

Located in Istanbul’s Asian side, the university commenced its journey by welcoming its first students in September 2008, with the inaugural batch graduating in May 2009.


Özyeğin University boasts a singular campus in Turkey:

– Cekmekoy Campus: Situated on Forest Street in the Nisantepe district, this verdant campus spans 280,000 square meters of green spaces. It features a sports center, library, and diverse spaces for social and athletic activities. Its advanced contemporary design earned it the title of the Best Campus. The university also maintains branches across Turkey, with accolades in energy and environmental design.


Özyeğin University’s extensive facilities include modern classrooms, lecture halls equipped with cutting-edge tools, engineering laboratories, and a vast library covering both print and electronic resources. The athletic center, spanning 1,500 square meters, hosts various sports activities.


Özyeğin University’s goals encompass academic excellence, multilingual proficiency, technological integration, and fostering a dynamic, interactive learning environment. With a focus on aligning curricula with industry needs, the university’s organizational plan drives its mission.


Benefits for Özyeğin University students, including external attendees, include access to up-to-date curricula tailored to market demands, substantial scientific research investment, and three consecutive years of top-ranking student satisfaction. 

The university strives to prepare students for the job market by hosting conferences with global companies, while its Innovation Center nurtures student projects with academic guidance.

Özyeğin University’s English language dominance, supplemented by Turkish, attracts faculty from the United States and Canada, creating a multicultural educational environment.

Our Cekmekoy Campus, with its technological innovation and research centers, empowers students to innovate and explore in a scientific atmosphere.

Join us at Özyeğin University, where excellence in education and research merge to shape global leaders of tomorrow.

Study Fees and Specializations at Özyeğin University – Top Research, Hospitality Management, and Aviation Programs

Özyeğin University is a leading institution in scientific research, hospitality management, and law. It is also a pioneer in professional aviation education in Turkey. 

While Turkish is the primary language of instruction, the university places significant emphasis on English as well due to its importance in the global context.

The Civil Aviation specialization involves a fee of 54,000 euros, payable in three installments per semester. 

This fee covers the training provided to students by aviation companies. Other tuition fees at Özyeğin University range from $7,800 to $13,000 annually.

Exceptional Student Accommodation Facilities at Özyeğin University

The university provides student accommodation options with numerous benefits for international students, including:

– 24/7 medical center support.
– Dedicated security personnel on campus and in residential buildings.
– Daily cleaning services and maintenance assistance.
– High-speed internet access throughout the day.
– ATMs from various banks, heating systems, and more.

The university fosters sports activities by offering facilities for basketball, volleyball, and handball, as well as billiards rooms. Additionally, Özyeğin University enhances the entertainment aspect by providing cinema halls for students’ cultural and recreational enjoyment.

Catering to students’ needs, Özyeğin University has established specialized kitchens, restaurants, and cafes. Moreover, the university supports students’ talents, including art through designated drawing rooms.

The comprehensive services, amenities, and student housing options at Özyeğin University are divided into three main options:

  1. YURT 1: Single and shared rooms with varying prices.
  2. YURT 2: Single and shared rooms with different rates for male and female students.
  3. YURT 4: Various options with shared rooms for 2 or 3 individuals.

Özyeğin University’s Mission

The university’s mission is to offer advanced and modern curricula, providing students with continuous development and comprehensive knowledge in various fields. Özyeğin aims to equip students to handle scientific and technological advancements and promote experiential learning through practical training, fostering both scientific and athletic skills.

Is Özyeğin University Recognized?

Yes, Özyeğin University is recognized by various countries, including Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, and many European and Arab nations.

Ph.D. Program Fees at Özyeğin University

Ph.D. programs at Özyeğin University have varying tuition fees based on the chosen field of study, ranging from $10,000 to $11,550.

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Economics 4 English 8800$
Psychology 4 English 8800$
Civil Engineering 4 English 8800$
Management Information Systems 4 English 8800$
Law 4 Turkish 8800$
Entrepreneurship 4 English 8800$
Computer Science and Engineering 4 English 8800$
Aviation Management 4 English 8800$
Hotel Management 4 English 6600$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 English 8800$
International Finance 4 English 8800$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 8800$
Architecture 4 Turkish 8800$
Visual Communication Design 4 English 8800$
International Relations 4 English 8800$
Industrial Design 4 English 8800$
International Trade and Business 4 English 8800$
Architecture 4 English 8800$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 8800$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 8800$
Business Administration 4 English 8800$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 English 8800$

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