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Gelişim University

Istanbul Gelişim University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. Gelişim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health, and Social Services took ..

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Istanbul Gelişim University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. Gelişim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health, and Social Services took steps towards establishing a vocational school under the name “Gilcim Vocational School” in 2008. In 2011, the university became one of the most important international educational centers in Turkey with our colleges and vocational schools.

The university aims to contribute to the global level of knowledge by attracting talented young people who aim to be the leaders of the future side by side with professional lecturers. The university aims to train students to become initiators, researchers, and investigators, with the highest level of ethical values, towards civilized and developed societies.

Istanbul Gelişim University holds accreditation from several Arab countries and the European Union. The university is distinguished by the diversity of specializations in it and the official language of study at the university is English.

The university aims for permanent development in the coming years and to produce students who are able to keep pace with the development and solve problems facing man and society.

Istanbul Gelişim University aims to provide education, research, and social services in line with international quality standards and raise the educational and cultural level of students in accordance with the principles and reforms of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is also concerned with developing students’ critical and creative thinking skills.





Student Clubs


These clubs are set up to enable our students to use their extracurricular time for social, cultural, artistic, and personal development. All of the clubs are established to equally benefit from the facilities provided by University.
IGU students develop organizational skills, communication, and teamwork competencies through activities they organize in the clubs, learn by experimenting with every step of project management, and develop communication networks.
Thanks to the activities they have carried out throughout the course of their study, they work in partnership with various companies and take the first steps for their future.







 In Istanbul Gelişim University, there are canteens and cafeterias that provide socialization on-campus life to meet the nutritional and recreational needs of the students. In these cafeterias, there are a la carte menus as well as table d’hote menus in morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can taste the rich aroma of coffee, sandwiches, and cakes in the café next to the student cafeteria. There are two students’ canteens, serving poultry, pastries, toast varieties, dessert, salad varieties, and chicken pilaf in faculties region. Apart from these, there is also a portable caravan restaurant that offers students a variety of outdoor dining options.





 Sports facilities


Sports facilities located inside the Istanbul Gelisim University campus; were established to reveal sports activities and to help IGU young people to evaluate the extracurricular time and sports skills. Basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium are open to all students, staff, and also for the community free for use.
Sports Hall, located on the campus of the University, offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer fields internationally, as well as a fitness center area for students to use. In the sports hall where the training and matches of university teams are held, all students are able to work under the supervision of instructors and coaches whenever they want.
Throughout the academic year organized under the supervision of specialist trainers, basketball, volleyball, folk dances, and courses in modern dance branches enable the students to evaluate their free time and improve their skills.





Accommodation Possibilities


 The accommodation needs of IGU students are provided by one of the contracted dormitories

1. Enis Çebigül (Female Student Dormitory)
2. Eniz Çebişah (Male Student Dormitory)





Students Exchange Program (Erasmus)


 The interested student has to apply to the international office or Erasmus office of his / her university. Erasmus students should be selected by their home higher education institution in a fair and transparent way. They also can be sent for a full year or one semester while the expenses are covered by the European union





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