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Üsküdar University

Uskudar University was founded in Istanbul in March 2011 under the name T.C.Uskudar University by the Foundation for Human Values and Mental Health

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A Brief Overview of Uskudar University:

If you’ve decided to study at private Turkish universities, you’ve probably heard about studying at Uskudar University. It’s one of the most important and best private universities in Turkey.

You might be wondering what makes it a choice for your higher education journey. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Uskudar University and answer all the questions you have in mind.

Uskudar University was founded in Istanbul in March 2011 under the name T.C.Uskudar University by the Foundation for Human Values and Mental Health, with the motto “One More Step for Understanding Humanity.”

The NP Health Group, which has been contributing to mental health and problem-solving for 20 years, also played a role in its establishment.

Located in the historical Uskudar area on the Anatolian side of the city, Uskudar University’s campus is easily accessible by metro and minibusses.

The university has two campuses: Uskudar and Altunizade. The medium of instruction is Turkish and English.

What is Uskudar University’s global and local ranking?

Local Ranking: Uskudar University is ranked 90th among Turkish universities.

Global Ranking: Uskudar University is ranked 2985th globally among universities.

Uskudar University’s Vision:

To be a leading international and global institution, developing research methods and applying knowledge innovatively with a future-focused educational approach. This aims to educate academically qualified individuals and solidify knowledge to empower them to tackle real-life problems.

Uskudar University’s Mission:

  • Cultivating graduates who can provide practical solutions to new societal problems and fulfill basic human needs, especially in health and behavioral sciences. This is while respecting nature, the environment, and institutional values.
  • Uskudar University is one of Turkey’s top private universities due to its advanced teaching methods and scientific research, encouraging students to think critically and providing promising future opportunities in their fields.
  • Situated in the Asian part of Istanbul, Uskudar University benefits from its proximity to the sea and easily accessible public transportation, making nearby beaches accessible to students.
  • The university facilities provide comfort for students, with three main campuses: North Building, South Building in the Altunizade area, and the Şarşişi Building in Uskudar.
  • Uskudar University offers its students distinguished educational services, high academic quality, professional experience, and more than 200 collaborations with over 18 European countries, 40 scientific laboratories, and over 70 student clubs on a 14.5 square kilometer campus.
  • The university allows students the opportunity for practical training in its private hospital clinics, an advantage that attracts many students to study within its programs.
  • Although relatively newly established (March 2011), Uskudar University continuously develops in all its offered disciplines, attracting a significant number of students to study in Turkey.

The Purpose of Establishing Uskudar University:

  • A specialized university in health and behavioral sciences, producing knowledge, projects, and academic achievements beyond global standards, fostering resources for this production, collaboration, and training competencies.
  • Founded as a specialized university in health and behavioral sciences, with the motto “A Comprehensive Approach from Mathematics to Philosophy, from Social Sciences to Health Sciences.” This is achieved through interdisciplinary methods such as biotechnology, neuroscience, genetics, informatics, sociology, psychology, communication sciences, human health, and societal mentalities, promoting the production of services, projects, and trained personnel.
  • The university provides students the opportunity to study in dual and minor programs.

Uskudar University and Accommodation:

Uskudar University offers the “Nakkaştepe Girls’ Residence.” There are no dormitories for males at the university.

Nakkaştepe Girls’ Guest House is located 200 meters from the central campus and accommodates 72 students. Dormitory fees at Uskudar University vary based on different room options.

Rooms are available for two, three, four, and five persons.

Girls’ Dormitories:

Here you can examine the dormitory in detail and take a look at the image.

Uskudar University Student Dormitories:

  • Accommodating up to 500 beds.
  • Variety of room types, from single rooms to rooms for 6 individuals.
  • Rooms equipped with amenities such as a mini-fridge, work desk, wardrobe, shoe rack, television, etc.
  • 24/7 hot water availability and unlimited internet service.
  • Common areas include a gym, study room, individual art room, laundry, terrace cafe, cafeteria, and dining hall. Breakfast and dinner services are also available.

There are other nearby accommodation options for male and female students.

Advantages of Studying at Uskudar University:

– First specialized university in behavioral and health sciences in Turkey.
Uskudar University offers the latest educational technology across various disciplines.
– Distinguished for its multiple partnerships with European universities and participation in the Erasmus student exchange program.
– The university boasts several libraries with diverse references catering to student needs.
– Prominent in teaching medical disciplines.
– Beneficially located in the heart of Istanbul with easy access to public transportation.
– University campus in central Istanbul points, facilitating exploration of the city.
– Collaborations between the hospital and the Istanbul Brain University, ensuring strong job opportunities for students through the hospital-university partnership.
Uskudar University offers the Erasmus program, enabling students to benefit from student exchange programs with prestigious universities in various countries.
– Achieved top scores in “Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmaceuticals.”
– Leading in “Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmaceuticals” in Turkey.
– Strong academic faculty.
– Unique academic faculty, including an inventor of a drug for schizophrenia.
Uskudar University is a member of the United Nations Drug Control Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme, with faculty members excelling in various fields.
– Alongside its exceptional training, the university has over 40 laboratories, including Turkey’s first personal therapy lab and advanced toxicology labs. It strives to explore research and development areas, such as neural modification therapies, neural studies, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s research, and virtual reality programs in health.

Uskudar University Specializations:

Over 25,000 students study across 6 faculties at Uskudar University:

  1. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  2. Faculty of Communication
  3. Faculty of Medicine
  4. Faculty of Dentistry
  5. Faculty of Social Sciences
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences

These faculties offer 39 bachelor’s programs, 87 master’s programs, 14 doctoral programs, and 59 fellowship programs.

Research and Development Fields:

– Neuropsychology
– Neural Informatics
– Neural Management
– Neuroscience
– Thought Technology
– Neural Economics
– Neural Philosophy
– Pharmacogenetics

Uskudar University provides enriching educational opportunities and scholarships within the framework of its Scholarship Grant program. Discounts of 25% for the first preference, 15% for the second, and 10% for the third, fourth, and fifth preferences are granted.

Projects in the Field of Addiction:

Uskudar University develops beneficial projects in the field of addiction, in line with corporate social responsibility, for prevention and treatment. Initiatives are taken to empower students to undertake voluntary socially responsible projects.

The university, through its understanding of corporate social responsibility and numerous socially responsible projects, aims to highlight and sustain social values.

Uskudar University Libraries:

Uskudar University possesses two libraries: the Ibrahim Terhan Library and the Mawazeen Terhan Library. Both libraries offer all necessary services for students’ studies and are located at the main campus in Garşişi.

  • The university libraries aim to facilitate educational and research activities and provide various scientific materials for students, academics, and administrators to gain professional and general cultural knowledge and utilize current technological resources.
  • Books are organized in open-shelf library design according to the “Library of Congress Classification System.”

Library Figures for Uskudar University:

  • Over 35,000 printed resources
  • 12,000 e-books
  • 18,000 e-journals
  • 300 theses
  • 12 database subscriptions
  • 800 square meters of usable space
  • Seating capacity for 250 individuals

Uskudar University Campus:

  • Altunizade Campus
  • Uskudar Çarşişi Campus
  • South Altunizade Campus

Student Exchange Program (Erasmus):

  • The Erasmus student exchange program offers students the opportunity to study or work abroad (for a semester or academic year) in another European country.

 Successful completion is recognized by the home institution as part of their degree, supported by the European Commission’s current framework for the Erasmus program.

If you wish to apply to study at

What is Uskudar University’s global and local ranking?

, contact Alemni Shokran for ensuring your university acceptance.


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