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Uskudar University

The university is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, in the seafront area of ​​Uskudar, which is a tourist ..

جامعة أسكودار

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The university is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, in the seafront area of ​​Uskudar, which is a tourist attraction at a crossroads in a vital and sensitive location and close to all public transport, where students can at this time listen to the nearby coast waves and enjoy the fresh air and stroll in the parks.




Uskudar University facilities are distinguished by being designed for the student’s comfort through its calm and educational atmosphere. The university has three main campuses


North and South Building in Altuni Zada ​​and (Charcese) Building in Uskudar

Uskudar University welcomes you to provide you with distinguished educational service and high academic quality in addition to professional experience, with more than 200 agreements in 18 European countries, 40 scientific and health laboratories, and 74 student clubs with an area of ​​14500 square meters
Uskudar University is the first in behavioral and health sciences and offers its students practical training privileges in its clinics in its own hospital
Although Uskudar University is one of the modern universities established in 2011, it is witnessing a clear development in all fields and attracting many students who want to study in Turkey




Advantages of studying at the University of Uskudar


It depends heavily on the technology it provides to its students in all fields
The University has partnerships with several European universities, in addition to its membership in the Erasmus Organization for Student Exchange between Universities Worldwide
It has large libraries that facilitate education and research activities and provide all kinds of references that students and academics need
The university is distinguished in teaching medical specialties, whether in undergraduate or graduate studies






To be a pioneering and universal brain base, that develops research and application programs with an innovative, future-focused education-teaching sense to teach highly qualified people and to produce knowledge, generates value for society development.




To raise people, who produce new generation scientific solutions to the basic problems and needs of humanity, especially in behavioral sciences and health ranges, respect the environment and nature, and protect the corporate values.



University campuses


  • Altunizade Campus
  • Üsküdar Çarşı Campus
  • Altunizade South Campus 




Uskudar Dormitories


  • 500 beds capacity.
  • There are room types for 1,2,3,4,5,6 people.
  • The rooms have a mini-fridge, work desk, wardrobe, shoe rack, whatnot, and television.
  • 24 hours hot water, unlimited internet service.
  • Public places; sports hall, study room, single drawing rooms, laundry, terrace cafe, canteen, dining hall.
  • Breakfast and dinner are available.


Üsküdar University Libraries

Üsküdar University Libraries provide services in Main Campus İbrahim Tarhan Library and Müzeyyen Tarhan Library in Çarşı Campus.
Üsküdar University Libraries aims to facilitate education and research activities and provide all kinds of library resources that students, academic and administrative personnel need in order to acquire professional and general cultural knowledge and dedicate with current technical possibilities.
Books in Üsküdar University Libraries are placed in an open shelf layout, according to the “Library of Congress Classification System”. All printed resources in the library collection can be scanned through the library catalog.



Library in Numbers;


  • Over 35,000 printed resources
  • 12,000 e-books
  • 18,000 e-journal
  • 300 thesis
  • 12 database subscription
  • 800 m2 area in use
  • 250 seating capacity



Students exchange program(Erasmus)


 The Erasmus student mobility program offers students the opportunity to undertake a period of study or work (one semester or an academic year) in another European country and for that study/work to be recognized by the student’s home institution as part of their degree with the support of the Commission of the European Communities within the current framework of the LLP Erasmus program.




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