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Five of the major exhibitions organized by Alemni Shokran company which had an amazing turnout of students and parents. Alemni ..

Five of the major exhibitions organized by Alemni Shokran company which had an amazing turnout of students and parents.

Alemni Shokran company is one of the leading companies in directing students toward selecting appropriate universities and the best educational programs.

The company offers a variety of educational exhibitions around the world, playing a vital role in providing students with information and support to help them make the right decisions about their higher education.

1. Exhibition “The Future of Education in Turkey – First Version” (Turkey)

Name of exhibition: Future of Education in Turkey

Date of exhibition: August 21, 2022

Number of visitors: 1170+ visits

We are happy to share inspiring news about the Future of education Fair in Turkey. This event is a distinctive example of international cooperation in higher education and support for international students in Turkey.

At this exhibition, we worked at Alemni Shokran company to provide guidance and support to students who look forward to studying in Turkey. We have also helped students choose the appropriate universities and have a comprehensive understanding of the tuition fees and the differences between universities and programs.

The Future Study Fair in Turkey is an example of success and international cooperation in providing support to international students. We always look forward to more opportunities to promote higher education and offer students wide opportunities to build their academic future successfully.

2. Edros exhibition in Qatar

Name of exhibition: Edros

Date of exhibition: 17 to 18 March

Number of visitors: +500

The “Edros” exhibition is one of the most prominent educational events in Qatar and the entire region. This exhibition offers an exceptional platform for participants to explore recent innovations and trends in the field of education.

With the participation of Alemni Shokran company, the exhibition featured a variety of sessions, workshops, and educational performances aimed at promoting education and improving the future educational environment.

The “Edros” exhibition was very popular with visitors, with hundreds of visitors from different categories, including teachers, academics, students, and parents. Everyone was able to interact with our advisers during a variety of presentations, consultations, and educational activities.

Eminent and important figures in the fields of education and research participated in the exhibition, adding considerable value to the event. In addition, Alemni Shokran company participated in the exhibition and provided numerous educational consultations on Turkish universities for about 500 students during the exhibition days.

This participation is part of the ongoing efforts to promote education, provide innovative solutions in this area, and effectively guide students and parents about educational opportunities at Turkish universities of excellence.

3. Edugate: Egypt

Name of the fair: Edugate

Date of the exhibition: 30 July to 1 August

Number of visitors: 15,000+ visitors

The exhibition was organised with the aim of providing students and parents, whether from inside or outside Egypt, with a valuable opportunity to learn about the best programs and discounts offered at universities and higher institutes in Turkey.

These programs effectively compete with the disciplines offered at advanced European universities. These programs are also well-prepared to keep pace with global developments in various areas. With a view to qualifying students to meet the needs of the labor market.

Our mission at this exhibition was to provide comprehensive support and information to parents and students so that they could choose appropriate and inspiring disciplines from among the many different offers made by the government and private universities and higher institutes in Turkey.  

4. “Meetes” exhibition, Saudi Arabia

Name of exhibit: Meetes

Date of exhibition and date: 3-5 October

Number of visitors: +10,000

We are pleased to share our experience in attending the fourth edition of the Middle East Education and Training Fair, “Meets,” which was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This event was marked by the presence of the Turkish Educational Consul in Jeddah, the Turkish Educational Adviser, and the Saudi Ministry of Education, as well as the presence of several important ministers and personalities in Saudi Arabia.

This exhibition lasted for three days, during which we met with over 10,000 visitors, students, and parents. We had the opportunity to respond to all their questions and provide them with comprehensive information on study opportunities in Turkey and Turkish culture in general.

In addition, we met with many Arab and global schools and universities and discussed ways of joint cooperation to provide educational services and opportunities to our dear students.

5. Exhibition “The Future of Study in Turkey: Second Version” (Turkey)

Name of exhibition: EDROS

Date of exhibition: 29 April 2023

Number of visitors: +1200

We are pleased to share with you inspiring news about the exhibition “The Future of Study in Turkey: The Second Version,” which is an excellent example of international cooperation in higher education and support for foreign students in Turkey.

“The Future of Study in Turkey: The Second Version” is the final destination for students looking to explore higher education options in Turkey.

Through this exhibition, students can identify prominent universities and educational institutions in Turkey and interact directly with their representatives. Effectiveness provides comprehensive answers to study programs, scholarships, and administrative procedures to help students guide their futures.

In addition, the exhibition “The Future of Study in Turkey: The Second Version” featured many important figures, ministers, and social media activists throughout the day.

6. International Student Forum, Morocco

Name of exhibition: Student International Forum

Date of exhibition and date: April 26–29, 2023

Number of visitors: +4000

This exhibition witnessed a remarkable effort by Alemni Shokran company to guide Moroccan students to appropriate universities and institutes in Turkey.

Our advisers are well experinced in their efforts to help students explore outstanding programs and disciplines offered that are uniquely suited to those offered at the best Turkish universities.

In addition, modern educational offered by universities in Turkey are very important, adopting current developments in various fields. This enables students to meet the needs of the local, regional, and international labor market and to qualify them to meet the challenges of future jobs.

The teaching staff of these institutions also has high competence and a wealth of experience, which contributes to the provision of education at the highest level.

In short, Alemni Shokran company works efficiently to provide support and information to students seeking to pursue higher education abroad. Through its active participation in these educational exhibitions, the company contributes significantly to orienting students towards their best university choices and achieving their academic dreams.

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