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Get to Know Altınbaş University and How to Apply for Studies in Turkey

If you’re considering studying abroad and wish to continue your educational journey in another country, Turkey might have crossed your mind.

 If you’ve chosen Altınbaş University in Turkey, let us take you on a journey here on “Alemni Shokranwebsite to tell you everything you need to know about the university and studying in Turkey.

Despite the many Turkish universities attracting international students, Altınbaş University holds a special place as one of the top private universities in Turkey. 

It welcomes students from various Arab countries and has a diverse student body representing over 80 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2008 by the Mohammed Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation, the university began admitting students in 2011 under the name “Istanbul Kemerburgaz University,” which was later changed to Ten Bash University in 2017. Due to its commitment to academic excellence, it quickly evolved into an international research university and now ranks among the best private universities in Turkey, with over 35% of its students being international.

Location of Altınbaş University in Turkey:

Altınbaş University is located in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, with three campuses. The main campus is situated in the European side of the city in the Bagcilar district, specifically in the Mahmud Bey neighborhood. The other two campuses are located in the Karkoy and Beykoz regions.

Objectives of Altınbaş University:

The university strives to achieve several objectives, including:

  1. Addressing societal problems and contributing to their dissemination.
  2. Encouraging interactions among individuals across social, cultural, and scientific levels.
  3. Contributing to the overall development of society and establishing close relationships between the local and global communities.
  4. Educating and empowering the new generation, fostering their confidence to interact with society at a technological level.

Distinctive Features of Altınbaş University:

Altınbaş University boasts various unique features that make it stand out for those considering studying in Turkey, such as:

  1. High focus on medical studies with seven medical specialties available.
  2. Favorable conditions for pharmacy students to obtain their Ph.D. directly, as the university’s degree is equivalent to both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
  3. Law students spend their first two years at Altınbaş University and then complete their studies at Columbia University in Germany.
  4. Students can pursue two majors simultaneously, earning two degrees upon graduation.
  5. Continuous implementation of advanced curricula to ensure the highest quality of education.
  6. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technological advancements for medical, engineering, and scientific studies.
  7. Seeking modern solutions to societal issues through research.
  8. Strong emphasis on developing practical skills for all members.
  9. Providing a space for innovation to offer various societal solutions, emphasizing research, innovation, and learning freedom.
  10. Utilizing a scientific approach to teaching, encouraging students to comprehend and think critically rather than memorize.

Partnerships and Accreditations at Altınbaş University:

 A Key Factor in its International Recognition

When considering studying at Altınbaş University, one of the most significant advantages is its foreign partnerships and accreditations, which have contributed to its expansion and recognition as one of the top 3 universities for international students. Here are some highlights:

– The university holds accreditations from the European Union and several Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan.
– It boasts partnerships with various European countries and is a member of the student exchange program among universities worldwide.
– The university has business partnerships with over 100 companies and strong connections with more than 250 universities in 40 countries around the globe.

Is Altınbaş University Accredited?

If you’re interested in studying at Altınbaş University, a crucial question may arise: is this university recognized? Despite its relatively young age, Altınbaş University reputation is solidified by numerous international partnerships and accreditations.
The university continuously enhances its scientific curricula, making it a distinguished institution with a global vision.
It features exceptional faculty members from diverse backgrounds with experiences from top local and international educational institutions.

Furthermore, Altınbaş University is recognized by the European Union and several Arab countries, allowing its graduates to have their degrees recognized worldwide.

Student Activities at Altınbaş University:

The university strives to establish strong connections between students and the university’s administration, ensuring their needs are met. It offers various student activities to support their development, including:

– A comprehensive and extensive library for reading and studying in a serene environment.
– Weekly seminars with specialists and experts in various administrative and economic fields, discussing the latest global economic developments.
– Access to diverse sports facilities for engaging in different sports activities.
– Engineering students participate in competitions to present their innovative projects, with the best projects receiving encouraging awards.
– Film enthusiasts can participate in short film competitions, and the university organizes a short film festival to showcase the students’ participating films.

Ranking of Altınbaş University:

As previously mentioned, Altınbaş University holds a prominent position among local and global educational institutions.

 It ranks well among Turkish universities academically and is among the top 100 Turkish universities. In 2021, it held the 5590th position in the global university rankings, and it aims to be one of the top 100 universities worldwide by 2023.

Required Documents for Applying to Altınbaş University:

To apply to Altınbaş University, you need to have the following documents:

– Passport copy.

– Personal photo for applicants.

– Translated copy of the high school diploma into English or Turkish.

– Transcript, if available.

– TOEFL or TOMER certificate, if available.

Altınbaş University Majors:

The university offers 25 different majors, with all programs requiring four years of study, except for Human Medicine (6 years) and Dentistry and Pharmacy (5 years). The primary language of instruction is Turkish and English.

Regarding tuition fees, they vary according to the major. However, if you don’t speak English fluently, you will need to complete a preparatory year before starting your major, and the fees will be determined based on the major you choose during enrollment.

Student Dormitories at Altınbaş University:

If you don’t have accommodation, you can opt for the university’s student dormitories, which offer various amenities, including:

– A large communal hall for all students.
– A dining hall for breakfast and dinner.
– A coffee shop.
– A complimentary TV hall.
– Individual and group study rooms.
– Free room cleaning based on a schedule.
– A laundry facility with affordable rates.
– Ironing service (regular and dry) for clothes.

We hope this comprehensive information about studying at Altınbaş University provides you with the details you need.
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