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Which documents are required to apply for residence permit ?

•    Student Residence Permit Application Form (It is created by the system when the application is completed via the e-residence system. The application form is printed out and signed by applicant and / or his / her legal representative).

•    Original and photocopy of the passport or document which is equivalent to passport (Passport or passport replacement of 60 days more period than the requested residence permit must be obtained).

•    Photo (taken in the last six months, fund should be white, biometric and four pieces).

•    Valid Health Insurance (The duration of health insurance should cover the requested residence permit period).

•    Declaration of sufficient and regular financial means.

•    Valid and Accurate Address Statement    (If you are staying in a dormitory with an e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped dormitory certificate, if you are staying with rental agreement, notary approved rental agreement).

•    Student certificate/Foreign Student Information Form which indicates that they can benefit from the right of studentship

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