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It will become part of a value-based group ..

They are driven by deep belief in the value of what they offer their children.

As for the real work culture in ALEMNI SHOKRAN, it is based on sincerity .. exerting effort .. finding innovative solutions ..

This builds team spirit and promotes the adoption of a “student interest” as a strategic goal for the company.

You will also become part of an interactive team that strives to find and present the best and best options for our students.

You will feel it yourself and you will realize with us that the motto # The Road Companion was never just a slogan that was adopted, but a strategic goal born with the birth of a company ALEMNI SHOKRAN.

You will grow with us, as evidenced by the great success the company has achieved from birth until now.

Welcome to our great edifice: ALEMNI SHOKRAN.

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