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Why study in Turkey ?   Turkey is a bridge to the world. Each place has its own spiritual features ..

معادلة الشهادة الدراسية في تركيا

Why study in Turkey ?


Turkey is a bridge to the world. Each place has its own spiritual features that attract many people from all over the world. Istanbul is the only city in the world that connects Asia and Europe, and has been the capital of many civilizations for thousands of years.

The Turkish government provides 5000 seats in Turkish universities for scholarship students

Turkey is also an ideal place to live as it is a destination for many students from different cultures, religions, lifestyles and cuisines.

The costs of living and studying in Turkey are less expensive compared to European countries, and the student can also work while studying

The quality of education is high, the higher education system in Turkey has developed significantly, and Turkish universities offer a wide range of options for foreign students

Experienced and competent faculty, top-ranked universities, as 7 Turkish universities entered the top 100 list

Students can continue their education in other countries through the (European Credit Transfer) system. ECTS


How is the equivalency of the high school diploma in Turkey?

In order to enroll in Turkish universities, some papers are required from the student by the university, including the equivalency of the high school diploma known in Turkish (Denklik).

The student can conduct the equivalency through the Turkish embassy in his country of residence or go to the center of the Directorate of National Education inside Turkey.


Documents required for the equivalency of a high school diploma in Turkey

  • A high school diploma is a mark certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country to which the student belongs
  • Transcripts of the last 3 academic years, certified by the student’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A valid passport copy
  • Student or residence visa
  • An appointment from the website of the Ministry of National Education inside Turkey. As for foreign
  • students who are outside Turkey, they can finish the procedures inside the Turkish embassy

Visit the equation website (Denkilk) from the following link: Click here


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Some students take exams and some don’t

Some countries also require their students to take a test, while others will not.


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