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Forensic Medicine Major

Turkish universities are ranked among the best in the world for studying medical and health-related specializations, such as forensic medicine.


Study of Forensic Medicine Major in Turkey

Turkish universities are ranked among the best in the world for studying medical and health-related specializations, such as forensic medicine. 

They are considered at the forefront globally in the fields of health sciences and behavioral health sciences because they have laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, allowing students to carry out practical applications related to forensic medicine.

What is Forensic Medicine Major?

Forensic medicine Major encompasses various sub-specialties such as sciences. It helps prepare graduates to work in crime scenes, follow evidence to identify perpetrators, and present it to the relevant legal authorities. 

Additionally, it involves conducting comprehensive examinations of the injured and deceased to ensure there is no criminal suspicion.

Advantages of Studying Forensic Medicine in Turkey

– Forensic doctors earn high salaries.
– The nature of work in forensic medicine is diverse and non-routine.
– Forensic doctors help uncover criminal mysteries and suspicions.
– Graduates can work in all European countries as all universities and forensic medicine faculties are recognized by the STEPDAD organization.
– Various subjects are studied, such as forensic anthropology and tissue decomposition mechanisms.

Key Qualifications for Studying Forensic Medicine

Educational Qualifications:

– High school degree with a scientific specialization.
– Completion of anatomical pathology training after specializing in forensic medicine, with a GPA that qualifies for medical specializations.

Skills and Personal Traits:

– Empathy towards others.
– Patience.
– Lack of anxiety or fear.
– Emotional control.
– Investigative skills.
– Research and fact-finding skills.
– Curiosity and a love of exploration.
– Report preparation and writing skills.
– Clarity and simplification skills for complex information.
– Credibility and impartiality.
– Handling difficult and sensitive situations.
– Good knowledge of the law.

Career Opportunities for Forensic Medicine Graduates

– Working in the judiciary.
– Expertise in the police, security, and criminal investigations.
– Working in hospitals in anatomy departments.
– Working in forensic laboratories.
– Working as an expert in forensic medicine and toxicology.
– Working in academic fields and centers.

Primary Responsibilities of a Forensic Medicine Major

Firstly, in the Technical Service Area:

– Providing forensic autopsy examinations for the prosecutor and police investigation agencies, such as crime scene investigations.
– Dealing with various emergency cases.

Secondly, in the Forensic Medicine Laboratory Department:

– Examining samples using blood tests, biochemical analysis, and identifying clear marks on the body tissues.
– DNA analysis.

Thirdly, in the Forgery and Counterfeiting Research Department:

– Examining documentary materials, handwriting signatures, currencies, stamps, and mechanical printers to determine their authenticity.

Duration of Forensic Medicine Studies in Turkey:

A bachelor’s degree in forensic medicine in Turkey typically takes four years (8 semesters) to complete.

Best Universities Offering Forensic Medicine in Turkey:

Eskisehir University is considered the top choice in Turkey for health sciences and behavioral health sciences. It has well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, allowing students to engage in practical applications in forensic medicine.

Admission Requirements for Forensic Medicine Studies in Turkey:

You can apply to Turkish universities for forensic medicine studies under favorable conditions, including:

– Passport-sized photo.
– Passport translated into Turkish or English.
– High school diploma translated and authenticated in Turkish or English.
– High school GPA of 60% or higher (government universities may require a GPA of 90% or higher).

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