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Genetics Major

Genetics is the science that studies the genetic material of living organisms, determining the molecules that make up the cells of living organisms.


An Overview of Genetics 

Genetics is the science that studies the genetic material of living organisms, determining the molecules that make up the cells of living organisms. 

It is responsible for understanding the mechanisms of trait inheritance in living organisms.

This field is taught in most Turkish universities and began being taught in universities in 1977, expanding to encompass all areas of biology.

The study of genetics in Turkey is based on scientific research in specialized research centers and laboratories.

In Turkish universities, all lectures in genetics are based on research projects, exams, and scientific research.

Learn about Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is a specialized science that studies the life of all living organisms, ranging from bacteria and animals to vertebrate systems, plants, and living cells. It provides scientific explanations for various diseases and environmental pollution.

Molecular biology is studied in over 90 government and private Turkish universities. In the Molecular Biology major, it is available in many faculties at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

There are many career opportunities for molecular biology graduates, including:

– Pharmaceutical companies as researchers or specialists.
– Research and development laboratories.
– Hospital laboratory testing.
– Agricultural and animal production development centers.
– In vitro fertilization centers.
– Stem cell centers.
– Pharmaceutical development companies.
– Ministries of health, agriculture, and natural resources.

Topics of Specialization in Genetics

The specialization in genetics is a fascinating field that explores the internal structure of living organisms, the transmission of DNA and genetic traits, and studies theories of evolution, natural selection, genetic composition, and cell formation.

Genetics is taught as part of various programs in different faculties, such as the Faculty of Basic Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences, for four years, with an additional year of Turkish language preparation if studying in Turkish.

Genetics encompasses several subjects taught in Turkish universities, including:

– Immunology.
– General Chemistry.
– Molecular Cellular Biology.
– General Biology.
– Genomics and the Ethics of Genetics.
– Molecular Cell Biology.
– Microbiology.
– Cellular and Molecular Organ Function.
– Molecular Genetics.
– Bioinformatics and Database Management Systems.

Study Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a science that uses technology for cell culture, gene transfer, genetic resource manipulation, DNA hybridization, and studying monoclonal antibodies of living organisms. 

This science studies many important subjects that answer human questions about genetic and genetic diseases, air pollution, as well as calculating reproduction and survival rates of living organisms.

The study of genetic engineering in Turkey is characterized by having top-level academics and state-of-the-art equipment in scientific research centers and laboratories that allow various research and practical study.

This specialization is studied in the faculty for four years, but if studying in Turkish, an additional year of Turkish language study is added before starting the major. 

If studying in both languages, two years are added for language study before starting the major.

Many subjects are covered in the genetic engineering major, such as:

– General Chemistry.
– General Biology.
– Molecular Cellular Biology.
– Cellular and Molecular Organ Function.
– Molecular Genetics.
– Immunology.
– Database Management Systems.
– Bioinformatics.
– Genomics and Proteomics.
– Microbiology.
– Molecular Cell Biology.
– Ethics of Genetics.
– Stem Cell Biology.

Career Opportunities for Genetic Engineering Graduates

Graduates of genetic engineering have various career opportunities, including:

– Biomedical engineer.
– Genetic counselor and expert.
– Clinical research assistant.
– Genomic scientist.
– Healthcare scientist in immunology.
– Medical researcher.
– Laboratory technician.

Requirements for Applying to Genetics or Molecular Biology Programs in Turkish Universities

You will need the following documents to apply to genetics or molecular biology programs in Turkish universities:

– Valid passport copy.
– Personal photos.
– High school diploma.
– TOEFL English language proficiency certificate.
– Admission requirements for genetics or molecular biology programs in Turkish universities include:
– A high school GPA of at least 60%.
– A YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) score of at least 85%.
– SAT score (if applicable).

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Career Opportunities for Graduates of Genetics and Molecular Biology

There are many specialized institutions, centers, hospitals, and specialized places where graduates of genetics and molecular biology can work, including:

– All child centers.
– Academic careers in universities.
– Training and research hospital laboratories.
– Biotechnology and food technology companies.
– In vitro fertilization centers.
– Pharmaceutical research and development centers.
– Stem cell treatment centers.
– Genetic root research centers.
– Medical device development centers.
– Forensic medicine centers.

Best Turkish Universities Teaching Genetics

There are many prestigious Turkish universities that offer genetics programs through their faculties. 

Some of them include:

– Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University.
– Koç University.
– Middle East Technical University.
– Bursa Uludağ University.
– İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University.
– Middle East Technical University.
– Izmir Institute of Technology.
– Yıldız Technical University.

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