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Midwifery major

Midwifery, or obstetrics, is one of the oldest professions worldwide. It involves assisting expectant mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.


Overview of the Midwifery major in Turkey

Midwifery, or obstetrics, is one of the oldest professions worldwide. 

It involves assisting expectant mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. Midwives provide medical care and all necessary services for women, including family planning to achieve low-risk pregnancies.

Bachelor’s in Obstetrics and Midwifery in Turkey

Obstetrics and Midwifery is not limited to providing medical care for women only during pregnancy. 

It extends to childbirth and postpartum care for both the mother and the newborn.

What Qualifications Should One Have to Pursue a Midwifery Degree?

Certain qualities and skills are required for individuals considering a career in midwifery. These include:

  1. Compassion and professionalism.
  2. Ability to conduct scientific research and work under pressure.
  3. Attention to detail.
  4. Calmness in challenging situations.
  5. A commitment to continuous skill development and providing emotional and healthcare support.
  6. Teamwork.
  7. Good physical health, as confirmed by medical examinations.

After studying midwifery, graduates can pursue various career opportunities, including:

  1. Work in various community healthcare institutions.
  2. Employment in obstetrics and gynecology departments within government and private hospitals.
  3. Roles in health education, including maternal and child health.
  4. Providing care in pediatric and neonatal clinics.
  5. Home births and community-based care.
  6. Joining research centers.
  7. Participation in family planning programs.
  8. Teaching at universities and schools for students.
  9. Positions in medical institutes.

Advantages of Studying Midwifery:

  1. Increasing awareness among expectant mothers and providing assistance.
  2. Reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.
  3. Offering initial care for newborns.
  4. Creating rapid employment opportunities for recent graduates.

Differences Between Midwifery and Nursing:

There is a significant difference between midwifery and nursing:

Midwifery is an ancient profession focused on assisting expectant mothers throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. 

In contrast, nursing involves providing care to patients based on a physician’s instructions and is not limited to midwifery alone.

Master’s Degree in Midwifery and Admission Requirements:

To obtain a master’s degree in midwifery in Turkey, foreign students must pass equivalency exams or have completed their bachelor’s in medicine at a Turkish university.

Additionally, they must hold a Turkish residence permit and pass regular placement exams. Financial responsibility for tuition fees is also required

Ph.D. in Midwifery in Turkey:

A Ph.D. is a higher academic degree that can lead to career advancement and teaching positions at specialized universities.

Advantages of Pursuing a Ph.D. in Turkey:

  1. Turkish universities are internationally recognized for their distinguished academic programs and research collaboration opportunities.
  2. Exchange programs for one or more semesters are available, with courses offered in both English and Turkish.
  3. Graduates can work within the university after completing their studies.
  4. The study costs for a Ph.D. program in midwifery in Turkey are relatively low compared to similar international programs.

Study System and Duration for Midwifery in Turkey:

The study system and duration may vary depending on the university. Generally, students must have a master’s degree to enroll in a Ph.D. program in midwifery

The program typically lasts three to four years, with the first two years dedicated to coursework, the third year for thesis preparation, and the final defense before an evaluation committee.

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