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Photography and the use of cameras have become increasingly attractive to many individuals in recent times.


What is Photography, and How to Study Photography in Turkey with the Lowest Possible Tuition Fees?

Photography and the use of cameras have become increasingly attractive to many individuals in recent times. 

There has been a common misconception that modern smartphones can handle photography, and that photography is merely a talent and art that requires only a camera, without the need for formal education. However, this notion is incorrect.

Photography is considered one of the most visually captivating forms of art and is a crucial branch of optics. 

It is an art that necessitates learning the use of both traditional and digital cameras, understanding the effects of light, mastering surface control, and selecting the appropriate lens to create stunning images that capture attention.

Who is a Photographer?

Some believe that the profession of a photographer is solely about taking pictures. However, a photographer is responsible for conveying information visually and making it more accessible to the world, whether through a photograph or a video they have captured or recorded. 

This requires effort on the part of the photographer to produce good results. Therefore, they must choose the right time, location, angle, and lighting.

Overview of Studying Photography in Turkey

Many students from Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and others choose to study in Turkey. Turkey offers photography programs covering all aspects needed by students, including theoretical education and practical training. This prepares students to professionally capture scenes with precision, whether in photography or videography.

Duration of Photography Studies

Photography studies in Turkey typically last for two academic years or four academic years, depending on the university.

Advantages of Working After Graduating in Photography

– Work in diverse locations.
– Engage in multiple projects simultaneously across different fields.
– Escape the monotony of office work.
– Have the freedom to manage your own schedule.
– Work independently.

Differences in Specializations within Photography

There are various specializations within the field of photography, each with its unique demands and focus:

  1. Photojournalists: Responsible for capturing news events and require quick decision-making and adaptability.
  2. Fine Art Photographers: Focus on capturing the beauty of nature, inanimate objects, or portrait sessions, similar to the work of a painter depicting natural scenes.
  3. Fashion Photographers: Specialize in showcasing fashion products and use their skills to make them visually appealing.
  4. Sports Photographers: Cover sports events comprehensively, documenting and preserving every moment through photos or videos.
  5. Cinematographers: Specialize in capturing all aspects of the art of film, including movies, TV series, and theatrical productions. This requires careful planning of angles, lighting, and scene composition.
  6. Architectural Photographers: Concentrate on photographing architectural structures, paying attention to architectural details and precision.
  7. Advertising Photographers: Focus on promotional and advertising photography, making products stand out.

Cost of Studying Photography in Turkey

  1. Studying at public universities in Turkey costs approximately $320 to $85 per year.
  2. Studying at private universities in Turkey, costs around $2700.

Salary Ranges for Photography Graduates in Turkey

  1. Entry-level photographers can expect a salary of around 7500 Turkish Lira.
  2. Photographers with two years of experience can earn around 11500 Turkish Lira, with higher salaries for more experienced professionals.

Best Universities Offering Photography Programs in Turkey

One of the top universities for photography in Turkey is Aydın University in Istanbul. 

Aydın University provides professional theoretical and practical training for aspiring photographers

It is among the top 500 universities worldwide and offers numerous scholarships to assist students in their studies. 

The university boasts a significant number of photography studios in collaboration with production and media companies.

Aydın University’s Ranking and Services

– Aydın University is one of the top 5 universities in Turkey.
– It is among the top 500 universities globally.
– The university continually strives to provide the best education.
– It competes with numerous local and international universities.
– It offers a wide range of student services through its official website.

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