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Public Relations Major

A Public Relations Major involves dealing with methods and techniques to create strong representational environments in the public domain


Public Relations Major

A Public Relations Major involves dealing with methods and techniques to create strong representational environments in the public domain, such as promotion, image, advertising, while shaping modern society and developing the democratic system and market economy.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations

Turkey is an ideal and highly significant destination for those interested in studying Public Relations and Advertising! 

The need for professionalism in this field has become evident, as institutions, organizations, and individuals conducting business in the market have recognized that the key to success lies in promotion, advertising, and public relations. Thus, the field of Public Relations has gained importance from the past to the present.

What Courses Are Taught in the Public Relations and Advertising Department?

The curriculum of the department consists of consecutive supplementary courses, from general to specific. 

The Public Relations and Advertising major offers a wide range of elective courses, allowing students to take courses from other departments, making it flexible and dynamic, enabling students to develop and freely use their interests and talents.

In the first two years of education, it is essential to continue with the courses in the program, which runs parallel to other departments in the college.

In the third and fourth years, students are primarily directed towards elective courses and applied education according to their interests and abilities.

Specifications of a Graduate in Public Relations Specialization:

– The ability to apply the concepts, objectives, functions, and scientific foundations of Public Relations.
– The ability to implement various Public Relations programs and activities.
– The ability to prepare strategic plans for Public Relations major in different organizations.
– Writing and editing press and advertising messages within the framework of Public Relations, advertising, and public opinion campaigns.
– The ability to plan communication programs and media campaigns.
– Acquiring the necessary skills for effective communication through various communication and media channels.
– Analyzing public opinion and the views of different audiences dealing with Public Relations and media.
– Producing communication or media programs about the organization and its various developments.
– Designing and implementing communication materials such as brochures and publications necessary for Public Relations programs.

What Are the Career Opportunities for Graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising Department?

Job opportunities for graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising department are wide and varied. 

They can:

– Find employment in professional agencies dealing with Public Relations and advertising.
– Corporate communication units in all private and public institutions and organizations provide significant employment opportunities for Public Relations graduates.
– Work as consultants for Public Relations and image-building for political figures, institutions, private organizations, and individuals.
– Work in universities and educational institutions.
– Work in hospitals.
– Work in government and judicial bodies.
– Work in the field of external Public Relations for organizations, including collaboration with local, foreign, and non-local organizations.

Universities That Offer the Public Relations and Advertising Specialization:

– Istanbul University
– bahçeşehir University
– Bilgi University
– Adnan Menderes University
– Kadir Has University
– Gelişim University
– halic University
– Başkent University
– Ankara University
– Eskişehir University
– Yeditepe University
– Maltepe University
– Atatürk University
– Bolu University
– Gaziantep University

How Many Years Does the Public Relations Specialization Take?

The duration of the Bachelor’s degree program in Public Relations is 4 years.

Requirements for Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising in Turkey:

– Student passport.
– Personal photo.
– High school diploma and transcript (baccalaureate).
– Turkish language certificate (if available).
– English language certificate (if available).

Master’s Degree in Public Relations Specialization

Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising in Turkey:

– The program aims to provide training in all dimensions of Public Relations, one of the main functions of contemporary management, from corporate communication to interpersonal communication, and from advertising to research methods.
– It aims to train students who have a good command of the concepts and tactics of Public Relations, capable of interpreting academic literature related to Public Relations discipline in this context.
– It aims to convey the values of both public ethics and ethical communication and Public Relations ethics to its students.
– Courses that cover strategy and execution in Public Relations areas, supported by projects, aim to provide students with both theory and practice.
– It aims to train individuals who can think creatively and in a multidimensional way, consider professional ethical values, create awareness of social issues, acquire the skills required by the communication sector, and thereby produce creative and strategic solutions in this sector.
– It aims to provide students with a critical view of practices related to Public Relations discipline and to provide an academic perspective for their evaluation in all aspects.
– It aims to introduce students to research methods and make them practice basic research methods used in social sciences.

Master’s Degree Courses in Public Relations Specialization:

– Social Responsibility and Project Management
– Brand Management and Public Relations
– Communication Sciences and Public Relations
Public Relations and Interactive Media
– Organizational Behavior and Business Management
– Corporate Communication Management
– Public Opinion and Advertising
Public Relations and Media Management
Public Relations Ethics
– Methodology and Research Methods

Master’s and Ph.D. Programs in Public Relations and Advertising in Turkey

Duration of Master’s Program in Public Relations in Turkey: Two years

Turkish Universities offering Master’s Programs in Public Relations and Advertising:

– Istanbul University
– Istanbul Aydin University
– Giresun University
– Yeditepe University
– Ankara University
– Ataturk University
– Ege University
– Basıkent University
– Selcuk University

Ph.D. in Public Relations:

This program explores various types, practices, and principles of public relations

It defines its purpose, explains how it addresses issues and seizes opportunities, and identifies different audiences, including employees, communities, investors, consumers, and the media. 

It discusses campaigns and debates and deals with crisis management. This program offers an effective blend of theory, real-world studies, and provides guidance, review lists, and practical advice.

Duration of Ph.D. Program in Public Relations and Advertising: Four years

Opportunities for Ph.D. Graduates in Public Relations and Advertising:

– Graduates can work in related fields in both the public and private sectors.
– Graduates can work as researchers or academics in academia or the private sector.

Turkish Universities offering Ph.D. Programs in Public Relations and Advertising:

– Istanbul Aydin University

Requirements for Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Public Relations and Advertising in Turkish Universities:

– Student’s passport
– Passport-sized photo
– Bachelor’s and Master’s degree diploma and transcripts
– Equivalency certificate for bachelor’s and master’s degrees (for medical specializations)
– Letters of intent and recommendation (required by some universities)
– GRE scores or language proficiency tests like TOEFL (if applicable)
– Turkish language certificate (if applicable)

Reasons to Register through “Alemni Shokran” :

– Providing university admission free of charge.
– Offering free educational consultancy.
– Providing service packages that students may need, such as accommodation, diploma equivalency, residence permit application, opening a bank account, and certificate translation at nominal rates.
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