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TOEFL exam TOEFL: an abbreviation for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, which is mainly approved by American and ..

اختبار توفل

TOEFL exam

TOEFL: an abbreviation for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”, which is mainly approved by American and Canadian universities, and its result is approved for only two years.

It is a test for non-native speakers of English to measure your English language abilities and their suitability for a professional or academic field.

TOEFL Sections:

1 – Writing

You are asked to write two articles. The first is by reading a short text (300 words),

The second is by listening to a two-minute audio clip on the same topic.

You should take notes while listening, then write 150-225 words that summarize what you have heard and read, and which is 50 minutes long.

2 – Listen

In this section you will hear university lectures, recorded conversations about life on campus

It is then followed by multiple choice questions about important details, vocabulary meanings and deductive questions, with a duration of 40-60 minutes.

3 – Reading

Test your skills in comprehending texts and understanding ideas, vocabulary and rhetoric

You are asked to read 4-6 academic paragraphs and answer them with multiple-choice questions, with a duration of 60-100 minutes.

4 – Conversation

It measures the student’s ability to mix conversation skills with listening and reading.

As you will hear over the headphones six different questions you answer with the microphone that require your opinion on general topics,

You will answer questions related to what you have read or heard, with a duration of 20 minutes.


How to register and the cost of the exam

Registration for the examination is via the official website,


The cost of the exam is $ 185


TOEFL score

There are two types of TOEFL test, the first being PBT paper 622 and the second online and 120.


There are no specific success scores on the TOEFL exam as each institution places its own score.


Accredited test centers in Turkey

You can take the TOEFL test online and it is available at:

Adana – Ankara – Antalya – Beyoglu – Bursa – Denizli – Eminonu – Eskisehir – Gaziantep – Iskenderun – Istanbul – Izmir – Izmit – Karabuk – Konya – Maltepe – Mersin – Nida – Trabzon.


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