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Tömer Exam

The Turkish Language Test, known as the TÖMER, is an abbreviation for the Turkish phrase "Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi," which translates to "Turkish Language Teaching Center" in English.

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What is the Turkish Language Test (TÖMER)?And when does a student need it?

The Turkish Language Test, known as the TÖMER, is an abbreviation for the Turkish phrase “Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi,” which translates to “Turkish Language Teaching Center” in English. In recent years, the Turkish Language Test has become one of the essential requirements for admission to Turkish universities. This means that individuals who wish to study in Turkey, especially those who intend to study the Turkish language, must take the TÖMER exam.

The TÖMER Center was established by Ankara University in 1984 with the aim of teaching Turkish to students. 

Initially, it had a small number of students, but as the demand for Turkish language study in Turkey increased, the center expanded to accommodate around 55,000 students annually, distributed across 11 branches within the TÖMER Center.

The TÖMER Center is recognized by educational institutions in Turkey, including the Ministry of Education and the Turkish Higher Education Institution. 

Obtaining a TÖMER certificate is a requirement for studying in both private and public Turkish universities.

In recent times, the scope of the TÖMER Center has expanded to include the teaching of other languages, such as Arabic, English, German, and French. 

The TÖMER exam is held year-round, and classes are conducted entirely in Turkish, enhancing students’ listening comprehension skills during the lessons.

In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the Turkish Language Test (TÖMER) and its curriculum.

Understanding TÖMER Levels

The TÖMER curriculum is divided into six levels for studying the Turkish language in Turkey: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

A1 Level:  At this level, the study begins with the Turkish alphabet, basic language fundamentals, and simple grammar rules. After passing this level, you will be able to understand short sentences and express yourself with simple phrases.

A2 Level: In this level, students can understand some short articles and memorize a considerable number of words and vocabulary, enabling them to form sentences in Turkish.

B1 Level: At this stage, you can express your thoughts using the grammar rules you’ve learned. You’ll be able to convey your ideas to others more effectively.

B2 Level: In this level, you can communicate easily with people in Turkish, discuss some current topics, and engage in conversations.

C1 Level: At this level, you can read books and materials, understand programs, and express your thoughts more clearly. This level is a prerequisite for university studies in Turkey.

C2 Level: In this level, you can speak rapidly, understand long and complex texts on any subject, and communicate fluently.

TÖMER Exam Sections

The TÖMER exam is divided into four sections:

  1. Listening Section: In this section, students listen to questions in Turkish and respond in Turkish.
  2. Reading Section: This section involves reading various questions and topics, followed by discussions with the instructor, focusing more on Turkish grammar.
  3. Writing Section: Students choose a topic and write a 10-15 line essay.
  4. Speaking Section: In this section, students meet with instructors and have fluent discussions on specific topics, while adhering to the grammar rules they have learned.

To pass each level, students are required to achieve a minimum of 15% of the total score for that level.

Is TÖMER Certification Important in Turkey?

To obtain a TÖMER certificate in Turkey, you must first pass the Turkish language test. 

Once you pass the test, you receive a graduation certificate from the course, known as the TÖMER certificate. 

This certificate is recognized in all Turkish educational institutions and is accepted by the Turkish Ministry of Education for both private and public universities. 

Having a TÖMER certificate is a prerequisite for starting your first year of study in Turkish universities, without the need for a preparatory year of Turkish language study.

TÖMER Branches in Turkey

The main center is located in Cebeci, Ankara, with branches in major Turkish cities. 

The official TÖMER branch locations are: Cebeci Branch in Ankara, Taksim Branch in Istanbul, Kadıköy Branch in Istanbul, İzmir Branch, Bursa Branch, Antalya Branch, and Alanya Branch.

Cost of Each Level at TÖMER in Turkey

The prices for each level at TÖMER may vary depending on the center that offers the courses and the level you choose to study. 

The cost of studying one level typically ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 Turkish Lira. The cost may also vary depending on the university and level. Passing level C1 is a requirement for admission to both private and public universities.

TÖMER Exam Dates in Turkey

The exam dates for the Turkish Language Test (TÖMER) in Turkey vary depending on the center responsible for the courses. 

These centers accept students for Turkish language study throughout the year. After completing the course, or what is known as the language course, the TÖMER exam dates are scheduled.

Documents Required for TÖMER Registration

To register for the Turkish Language Test (TÖMER), you will typically need the following documents:

– Two passport-sized photos.
– Passport or identification documents. If you do not have a passport, you will need to translate your identification card into Turkish.
– Payment for the TÖMER exam fee.

If you need assistance with registering for the TÖMER exam, you can contact us through our websiteAlemni Shokran” for help.

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