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Top 10 Public Universities in Turkey

Top 10 public universities in turkey have earned international recognition, attracting many students from around the world.


Top 10 Public Universities in Turkey

In this article, we will discuss Public Universities in Turkey. In recent years, Turkey has made significant progress in its public education system, offering high-quality education with affordable tuition fees. Turkish government universities have earned international recognition, attracting many students from around the world. Below, we list the top 10 public universities in Turkey:

1.Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is one of Turkey’s leading Public Universities, offering a wide range of programs in various disciplines. The university boasts 16 faculties, 15 institutes, 4 vocational schools, and 98 research centers. It has approximately 30,000 students and offers 111 undergraduate programs, 200 master’s programs, and around 160 doctoral programs. Hacettepe University, founded in 1967 and located in the capital city of Ankara, is ranked 669th in global university rankings.

The university offers instruction in Turkish, English, German, and French. It is renowned for its excellence in health and medical sciences, housing 5 university hospitals with over 1,400 medical professionals.

Notable fields of study at Hacettepe University include dentistry, pharmacy, health management, computer engineering, environmental engineering, and many others.

  1. Istanbul University

Istanbul University is one of the oldest and largest Public Universities in Turkey. It comprises 22 faculties, one school, 7 graduate schools, and professional schools. The university offers around 767 programs and operates 12 campuses. Istanbul University has a diverse academic staff and over 5,100 employees.

With approximately 17,177 graduate students and 70,000 students in open and distance education programs, Istanbul University is a prominent educational institution in Turkey.

The university boasts a vast library with over 2 million books and extensive electronic databases. It engages in various collaborations with libraries worldwide to enhance students’ research and academic development.

  1. Ankara University

Ankara University, founded in 1946 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, has a history of about 75 years. It consistently ranks among the top Public Universities in Turkey, currently at 7th place. Globally, it is ranked 763rd among universities.

Ankara University offers a wide range of academic programs, with 40 professional programs, 115 bachelor’s programs, and 110 graduate programs. The university houses 41 research centers and institutes, including Tomer, specializing in research on various topics, such as women’s issues, business, education, and psychology.

The university offers language instruction in Turkish, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and German.

  1. Gazi University

Gazi University is ranked 1,046th in global university rankings and is considered one of the most beautiful government universities in Turkey. It was founded in 1926 as Gazi Institute of Education and Middle School in Ankara and later became known as Gazi University.

Gazi University comprises around 20 faculties, 5 schools, 11 vocational schools, and nearly 56 scientific research centers. It also offers distance education programs and has a foreign language school. The university has approximately 45,000 students and is known for its student exchange programs with various other institutions.

These are some of the top 10 Public Universities in Turkey, offering a wide range of academic programs and research opportunities. Each of these institutions has contributed significantly to the country’s educational landscape

Educational Specializations at Ghazi University:

Medical Specializations:

  1. Human Medicine.
  2. Dentistry.
  3. Pharmacy.
  4. Sciences.
  5. Health Sciences.

Engineering Specializations:

  1. Engineering.
  2. Architecture Engineering.

Other Specializations:

  1. Technology.
  2. Arts.
  3. Education.
  4. Arts and Design.
  5. Physical Education and Sports.


  1. Institute of Banking and Insurance Services.
  2. Ankara Vocational Institute.
  3. Ataturk Vocational Institute.
  4. Ghazi Vocational Institute.
  5. Bogazici University

Bogazici University was founded by inventors Kairus Hamlin and Christopher Robert in 1971. It is the first educational institution established by the United States outside of the United States. It is currently one of the top 10 Public Universities in Turkey.

The university aims to generate knowledge globally, expand scientific horizons in Turkey, and provide students with a broad range of sciences to produce an educated generation well-versed in various scientific fields and technology, contributing to the overall development of the country and society.

Bogazici University consists of 6 institutes, 6 faculties, 2 vocational schools, and 32 research centers. The university offers 35 undergraduate programs, 67 postgraduate programs, and 33 doctoral programs. 

It has 1,300 undergraduate students and 3,300 postgraduate students. The university is ranked 658th in the world university rankings.

It is renowned for its scientific research in Turkey and has had a significant impact on political, social, cultural, economic, and scientific thought. It was donated to the Republic of Turkey in the early 1970s.

  1. Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University (METU) is 66 years old, established in 1956. It is one of Turkey’s top 10 Public Universities in science and engineering research. Its educational programs and research focus on engineering and natural sciences, with English being the primary language of instruction.

Located in the capital city of Ankara, METU is a member of the European University Association, with over 750 higher education institutions in 46 countries. The university aims to develop Turkey and the Middle East by preparing and training students and graduates to become a highly skilled workforce in natural and social sciences.

METU ranks among the top 10 Public Universities in Turkey and is currently placed 601st in the world university rankings, according to the QS ranking in 2020. The university is evaluated based on various criteria, including scientific research, quality of education, educational reputation, vision, and curriculum relevance to the job market.

Educational Specializations at Middle East Technical University:

Engineering Specializations:

  1. Financial Engineering.
  2. Renewable Energy Engineering.
  3. Smart Systems Engineering.
  4. Software Engineering.

Language Specializations:

  1. English Language and Literature.
  2. Arabic Language.

Other Specializations:

  1. Applied Translation.
  2. Educational Technology.
  3. Law.
  4. Business Administration.
  5. E-Marketing and Social Media.
  6. Business Intelligence.
  7. Financial Technology (FinTech).
  8. Computer Science.
  9. Artificial Intelligence.
  10. Cybersecurity.
  11. Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is one of the top 10 Public Universities in Turkey, located in Istanbul. It has a history dating back 241 years and was initially established during the Ottoman era as the Imperial School of Naval Engineering.

ITU is the first university in Turkey to offer programs in architecture and has played a significant role in Turkey’s infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, factories, dams, and communication networks. Currently, ITU is ranked 567th in the world university rankings and has over 3,700 students.

The university comprises 13 faculties offering 104 undergraduate programs and 191 postgraduate programs, with a strong emphasis on engineering and architecture education.

Educational Specializations at Istanbul Technical University:

Engineering Specializations:

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.
  3. Computer Engineering.
  4. Information Systems Engineering.
  5. Biomedical Engineering.
  6. Industrial Engineering.
  7. Architecture.
  8. Mechanical Engineering.
  9. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  10. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.
  11. Geomatics Engineering.
  12. Physics Engineering.
  13. Food Engineering.
  14. Geological Engineering.
  15. Chemical Engineering.
  16. Aerospace Engineering.
  17. Aviation Management.

Medical Specialization:

  1. Chemistry and Metallurgical Sciences.

Other Specializations:

  1. Aviation and Space Sciences.
  2. Business Administration.
  3. Arts.
  4. Maritime Faculty.
  5. Ege University

Ege University, a public institution founded in 1955 in the city of Izmir, is the first public university established in the Aegean region of Turkey. The university aims to achieve excellence and elevate the level of higher education and research in various scientific fields. Originally, it included two faculties, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture.

Later, it was divided into two separate universities: Ege University and Dokuz Eylül University in 1982. Ege University comprises 17 faculties, 9 institutes specializing in graduate studies, 4 graduate schools of professional studies, and 6 units affiliated with the university. 

The university also houses 37 centers for scientific and technological research and applications and has a student population of 66,000.

Academic Specializations at Ege University:

 Medical Specializations:

– Dentistry
– Chemistry
– Human Medicine
– Sciences
– Health Sciences
– Nursing

 Other Specializations:
– Classical Archaeology
– Psychology
– Pre-school Teacher Training
– Mathematical Physics
– American Culture and Literature
– History
– Astronomy and Space Sciences
– Economics
– International Relations
– Mathematics Education
– Arts
– Communication
– Education
– Mathematical Sciences

– Institute of Sports Sciences and Education
– Nursing Institute
– Hotel Management Institute
– Bergama Vocational School
– Ege Vocational School

  1. Marmara University

Marmara University is ranked 1096 in global university rankings and 1201 in international Kilis Ecevit University rankings. 

It is one of the oldest public universities in Turkey, located in Istanbul and founded in 1838. It was named Hamidiye Ticaret School initially and was developed to prepare for new generations of students. 

Marmara University has produced some of the most significant figures in Turkish politics, including Abdullah Gül, who served as the President of Turkey from [year] to 2014, and it has graduated approximately 10 million students.

   Academic Specializations at Marmara University:

   Language Specializations:

– Turkish Language Education
– German Language and Literature

   Medical Specializations:

– Pharmacy
– Dentistry
– Biology

  Other Specializations:

– Geography
– Mathematics Education
– Psychological Counseling
– Art History
– History Education
– Social Studies Education
– Elementary Mathematics Education

  1. Dokuz Eylül University

Dokuz Eylül University, founded in 1982 in Izmir, is one of the top 10 public universities in Turkey. It is located in the western part of Turkey, bordering the Aegean Sea. 

Most of the university’s programs are taught in English, and it holds high rankings both nationally and internationally. 

The university accepts a large number of students from various countries every year, with a total student population of over 70,282 as of 2019-2020. Dokuz Eylül University offers programs in 18 faculties, with over 58 applied research centers. 

The university also offers a wide range of master’s and doctoral programs and has a scientific library with numerous electronic books to enhance students’ knowledge. The university plays a significant role in supporting academic and research activities.

   Faculties at Dokuz Eylül University include:

– Medicine
– Nursing
– Engineering
– Architecture
– Sciences
– Maritime Transportation
– Economics and Administrative Sciences
– Business
– Law
– Education

The university also supports a Double Major system, allowing students to study two majors and receive two degrees upon graduation. It promotes student exchange programs with various European universities.

In conclusion, this article provides information about the top 10 public universities in Turkey, all of which have continuously developed their curricula, facilities, and laboratories to keep up with global research advancements and contribute to scientific progress worldwide. If you decide to study at one of these universities, it will be easier for you to succeed.

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