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Study translation in Turkey

Translation, This field specializes in translating specific content from one language to another while preserving the same meaning and core message.

Study Translation in Turkey

Why is the study of translation considered one of the most preferred majors, especially by students who love literary and language-related disciplines? 

Because each country has its primary language that represents it and distinguishes it from other countries, the need for translation arose. 

Hence, the field of languages and translation emerged. This field specializes in translating specific content from one language to another while preserving the same meaning and core message.

Translators, in general, play a vital role in conferences, meetings, and international relations, serving as a bridge between different languages of other countries.

It’s worth noting that translation has a long history, as evidenced by historical artifacts, manuscripts, and translations like the Rosetta Stone inscriptions written in Greek, hieroglyphics, and ancient Egyptian.

Therefore, the translation field occupies a significant place in Turkey among various other disciplines.

Different Types of Translation:

There are various types of translation, including two main categories: literary translation and simultaneous translation.

  1. Literary Translation:

Translators in this category focus on understanding the text, grasping the intended message, and translating it from their language into the target language.

  1. Simultaneous Translation:

This is considered the most demanding and internationally sought-after type of translation

It involves orally conveying a specific text from one language to another, with the translator translating dialogues between two or more individuals.

Did you know that studying translation in Turkey offers numerous advantages? 

Turkey provides job opportunities for graduates of translation programs who hold accredited degrees from the best Turkish public and private universities, giving them a significant edge over amateur translators. 

Graduates of translation programs are encouraged to broaden their horizons through a specific methodology, focusing on continuous learning and exploration.

Learning foreign languages offers many benefits, as language acts as a passport that transports you between places and cultures. 

Thus, Turkey has become the top destination for studying translation for both Arab and international students due to its cultural blend of Western and European influences.

The Importance of Studying Languages and Translation:

Translation is essential for communication between different countries, allowing for the rapid transfer of news and information. It also promotes tourism by enhancing the role of tourism in countries. 

What Are the Linguistic Majors Offered in Turkish Universities?

Turkey, with its strategic geographical and economic location, holds a prominent position among world countries through strengthening trade and diplomatic relations. 

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on translation and its branches. Some of the most prominent linguistic majors include English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and German.

Fields of Specialization in Languages and Translation:

– Literary Translation
– Medical Translation
– Business and Commercial Translation
– Legal Translation
– Computer Science and Software Translation
– Political Translation
– Media Translation in Various Forms
– Scientific Translation
– Economic Translation

Program Duration for Translation Studies:

The duration of undergraduate translation studies in Turkey is typically four years. 

The academic program content varies from one university to another, and students can find details of the study courses for each academic year on the official website of the university they wish to attend.

Tuition Fees for Translation Studies in Turkey:

Tuition fees for translation studies at Turkish universities vary from one institution to another. The fees typically start at $2,450 per year. Turkish universities are known for their reasonable tuition fees.

Requirements for Studying Translation in Turkey:

Required documents include a copy of your passport, a passport-sized photo, a translated and certified copy of your high school diploma into English or Turkish, and, if you haven’t completed high school, a certificate of completion of the latest semester. Some universities may require additional documents like SAT scores or the university entrance exam (YÖS) certificate.

Career Opportunities for Translation Graduates:

Graduates of translation and simultaneous translation programs have numerous career opportunities, both in the public and private sectors. 

These include positions in ministries, embassies, legal translation in companies and courts, international cooperation organizations, international companies and translation agencies, conference centers, computer translation, hospitals, schools, institutes, and tourism and international conference interpretation.

Qualities of a Successful Translation Student:

Successful translation students should possess a strong command of languages, excellent concentration, time management skills, communication skills, and the ability to deal with others. They should also have a passion for detail and a love of reading.

Top Turkish Universities for Translation Studies:

  1. Bogazici University
  2. Yeditepe University
  3. Ege University
  4. Giresun University
  5. Kultur University
  6. Eskisehir Osmangazi University
  7. Marmara University
  8. Istanbul University
  9. Okan University
  10. Halic University
  11. Istanbul University
  12. Hacettepe University
  13. Atatürk University

You can check the tuition fees for translation studies on the university’s official website.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided you with all the information you need regarding the field of translation and its study in Turkey. 

If you are a student looking to complete your studies in Turkey and need assistance with the initial steps, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.

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