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Transportation in Turkey

The transportation in Istanbul is one of the largest in Turkey, as Istanbul is one of Turkey's most important cities.

Transportatio in Turkey

An Overview of Transportation in Turkey

The transportation in Istanbul is one of the largest in Turkey, as Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most important cities. 

It is also a major global and local tourist and economic transportation in Istanbul in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. 

In recent times, the government has launched the “Her yerde Metro, Her yere Metro” campaign, which translates to “Metro Everywhere, Metro for Everyone,” with the aim of expanding transportation lines, particularly in Istanbul.

Transportation in Istanbul is also known for its efficiency and relatively low prices compared to many other countries worldwide. 

Istanbul Metro was recently ranked as the best metro system in Europe, with trains known for their punctuality, discipline, and cleanliness.

Types of Transportation in Turkey:

Turkey’s extensive geographical area, serving as a bridge between the European and Asian continents, has led the Turkish government to provide a vast transportation network with various modes of transport to meet the needs of individuals at affordable costs, making it accessible to everyone in all Turkish cities.

Here are the types of transportation in Istanbul:

  1. Bus (OTOBUS): Buses are one of the most widely used means of transportation in Turkey, available in all cities and regions.
  2. Subway (Metro): The subway is one of the latest and fastest means of transportation in Turkey, with an extensive network connecting cities and neighborhoods. 

Subway service starts at 6:00 AM and continues until 1:00 AM, with various lines covering different areas of the city.

  1. Ferries (Albarat): Ferries are large maritime vessels used to transport passengers and goods, including cars, between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. 

They are enjoyable for tourists and residents alike, with four main ferry lines.

  1. Trams (TRAMVAY): Trams are similar to subways but operate on tracks laid along the roadways. 

They are essential for transportation in Istanbul, serving both the European and Asian sides. Discounts are available for frequent tram users.

5- Metrobus (Metrobüs):

It is one of the fastest and longest modes of transportation in Istanbul and is considered one of the smartest projects carried out by the Istanbul Municipality. 

It has provided a radical solution to the traffic problem in Istanbul’s streets. 

The project involved expanding the asphalt route and dedicating lanes exclusively for bus vehicles, providing them with a separate route away from car congestion on the roads. 

It consists of several bus stations distributed throughout both the European and Asian sides of the city and is similar to the subway.

6- Dolmuş:

It is one of the widespread modes of transportation in Istanbul, even in small neighborhoods. It resembles small buses, and the payment process is done in cash, with the cost determined based on the distance traveled. 

One of its most important features is that it can reach narrow side streets and small shops that are difficult for larger public transport buses to access.

7- Taxis:

These are among the means of transportation in Istanbul and are the most expensive mode of transportation in Turkey

They are available in all cities and neighborhoods, and you can find out the cost and the cheapest fares using apps or by contacting one of the taxi offices.

Key transportation apps in Turkey that make it easier for you:

– Trafi app.
– Moovit app.
– Metro Istanbul app.
– BiTaksi app.
– Citymapper app.
– Gaziantep kart app.

What are the types of maritime transportation in Istanbul?

They vary between ferries, private ferries, ferries for transporting cars and buses, and sea taxis. These forms of transportation offer a delightful experience due to the scenic views and stunning maritime vistas that Istanbul offers.

1- Ferry (VAPUR):

Ferries are considered one of the oldest forms of maritime transportation in Istanbul and are operated by the Turkish municipality. 

They provide trips every 20 minutes in many directions, with small ports for boarding the ferries called “ISKELE.” Ferries are distributed in important areas on both the European and Asian sides of the city. 

The capacity of a ferry is about 700 to 1200 passengers per trip. You can pay for the ferry using the Istanbul transportation card.

2- Private Ferries (MOTO):

These are medium-sized privately-owned boats, and fares can be paid in cash or using the Istanbul transportation card. 

Many municipal ferry stops are available, as well as a special area for trips to the Princes’ Islands.

3- Ferries for Transporting Cars:

These ferries are designed for transporting vehicles and offer passengers a chance to enjoy the sea view. 

The cost for these ferries differs from regular passengers, and there are many ferry ports for these services in areas like Sirkeci in the European part and Kadikoy in the Asian part.

4- Sea Buses:

Sea buses are high-speed maritime transportation with routes to various places in Istanbul, operated by the municipality. 

You can pay the fare with the Istanbul transportation card and get a discount. The fare for sea buses is higher compared to other modes of transportation. 

There are several sea bus routes, including Bostanci to Bakirkoy, and the trip takes approximately 45 minutes.

5- Sea Taxis (Beniz Taksi):

These are closed sea taxis that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have 27 departure points and can carry about 10 passengers. 

You can pay the fare with a bank credit card or in cash. Sea taxi fares are relatively high compared to other transportation methods.

What is the Istanbul Public Transportation Card?

The Istanbul Public Transportation Card is an electronic prepaid card similar to bank cards. It is one of the most widely used cards for public transportation in Istanbul. 

It offers around a 35% discount on monthly transportation expenses and up to a 60% discount if you use it for multiple rides within two hours. 

The card can be used by multiple individuals at the same time and does not carry personal data or a photo of the cardholder. It can be used for buses, metro, tram, metrobus, cable cars, and municipal and Princes’ Islands ferries.

Where can you purchase the Istanbul Public Transportation Card?

You can buy the Istanbul Public Transportation Card at kiosks near metro and tram stations, bus stops, and inside the stations. 

After purchasing the card, you can load it with any suitable amount at the same kiosk or at vending machines inside metro stations.

How does the Istanbul Public Transportation Card work?

When entering a station, you will find turnstiles that only allow passage after scanning the transportation card. 

Each card allows passage for one person only. In case you forget your card or run out of credit, you can borrow another person’s card and pay the fare for that person. 

Istanbul Public Transportation Cards are known for their flexibility and can be used by multiple individuals, as they do not carry personal data like the Blue Card. Additionally, children under 6 years old do not need a transportation card.

We hope this comprehensive guide on transportation in Istanbul, its types, and the Istanbul Public Transportation Card is helpful. 

If you need more details, feel free to contact us on our website.

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