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YKS Exam

What is the YKS test? It is an abbreviation of Yükseköğretim Kurumları Sınavı In Arabic, it means the exam that ..

YKS Exam

What is the YKS test?

It is an abbreviation of Yükseköğretim Kurumları Sınavı

In Arabic, it means the exam that guarantees your admission to study in Turkey. It is a test at the end of the second stage and qualifies Turkish students to enter Turkish universities.

Students’ abilities are measured from different aspects such as mathematics, sciences, and languages, as a Turkish student can only enter the university through this test.

The YKS test is divided into three

1st: called TYT. Duration 135 minutes. The test contains basic and compulsory skills. It contains subjects of the Turkish language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, philosophy, history, and geography.

Contains 120 questions for the student 40% of the exam mark.


2nd: called AYT. Duration 180 minutes. The test contains specific skills in the Turkish language, social sciences, mathematics, science.

It contains 80 questions for the student, 60% of the exam mark.


3rd: called YDT. Duration of 120 minutes. The test contains Arabic, German, English, French, Russian, and the student can choose one language to enter the test.


How to Apply for the YKS Test

The student must be electronically registered with ÖSYM. All students are entitled to take this test upon completion of high school

Apply through this link. Apply here

The registration date for the test is usually February through March. Then, ÖSYM sets the exam date, which is usually in June after the end of each academic year.


YOS test for Syrians

The Turkish Scholarships Committee recently issued a decision that Syrian students must take the YKS test, and the Syrian applicant who is in Turkish territory must apply for the YKS test according to the student’s major, in order to assess students and students who have not. Taking a YKS test will not be evaluated.


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