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Digital game design

Digital game design has become the preferred major for many students and scholars in Turkish universities. Below, we will explore all the details about studying game design in Turkey.


The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented technological revolution, which has had an impact on people’s behaviors, thinking patterns, and habits. As a result, there is a prevailing trend towards studying digital game design.

Digital game design has become the preferred major for many students and scholars in Turkish universities. Below, we will explore all the details about studying game design in Turkey.

Introduction to Digital Game Design:

Digital game design is a relatively easy major that is primarily focused on practical application and experimentation to ensure that games can be played on various devices. 

It is considered one of the fields with high salaries and continuous growth in the job market worldwide, as everyone, from individuals to children, is inclined towards electronic games, video games, and digital gaming.

Turkish universities have started offering all the necessary digital majors to keep up with the technological revolution. 

One of these majors is digital game design, which has received support from the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office to start teaching practical and applied curricula.

Studying Game Design in Turkey: 

In most Turkish universities, studying digital game design includes the following components:

  1. Technical training on game design software.
  2. Studying the technical features of digital games and game programming.
  3. Learning programming languages for digital games.
  4. Studying how to build a comprehensive structure for a game and design its visual elements.
  5. Exploring the mechanics of purposeful game design and its visual content.

Five Key Points Highlighting the Importance of Studying Digital Game Design:

  1. Game design is a major in high demand in the job market.
  2. Salaries and wages for game designers are high compared to other professions.
  3. It requires creativity, innovation, and limitless imagination.
  4. Game designers can work as freelancers on freelance platforms or create and sell games on app stores.
  5. The ongoing technological changes make this major constantly evolving.

Courses in the Digital Game Design Department:

– Game Programming and Coding
– Art History
– Mechanics of Digital Game Design
– Character Design
– Sustainable Development and Cinema
– Data Science
– Cybersecurity
– Electronic Design
– Artificial Intelligence
– Software Engineering
– Physics of Digital Game Design
– Scenario and Digital Game Storytelling
– Social Media Marketing
– Virtual Reality Applications and Digital Games
– Psychology and Visual Perception

Career Opportunities for Digital Game Design Specialists:

There are numerous career opportunities for digital game design specialists, including:

– Digital Game Developer
– Game Story and Content Writer
– Graphic and UX/UI Game Designer
– Digital Game Content Planner
– Animation Specialist
– Computer Programmer
– Web Developer
– College Instructor
– Video Game Programming

Roles and Responsibilities of a Digital Game Designer:

The tasks of a digital game designer include:

– Conceptualizing the core idea of the game.
– Designing characters.
– Developing the game’s storyline.
– Designing the game’s environment.
– Creating stages and objectives for the game.
– Designing the game’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
– Implementing visual and auditory effects in the game.
– Programming and developing the digital game.

Top Turkish Universities Offering Digital Game Design:

  1. Bahçeşehir University
  2. Istanbul Bilgi University
  3. Istanbul Technical University (ITU)
  4. Ege University
  5. Istanbul Sehir University
  6. Istanbul Aydin University
  7. Istanbul Kültür University

Cost of Studying Digital Game Design in Turkish Universities:

The cost of studying digital game design in Turkish universities varies depending on the type of study, the number of years, and the language of instruction. 

Please refer to the specific universities’ websites for detailed tuition fees and scholarship information.

Admission Requirements for Digital Game Design in Turkish Universities:

Admission requirements typically include:

– A valid passport copy.
– High school diploma with a minimum GPA.
– Language proficiency test results (TOEFL or IELTS if studying in English).
– Proof of financial capability to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
– A student visa.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in digital game design in Turkey, it is recommended to contact the universities directly for the most up-to-date admission requirements and application procedures. 

Additionally, you may consider seeking assistance from educational consultancies to facilitate the application process.

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