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Postgraduate Studies

Applying for postgraduate studies in Turkey has become a goal for many Arab students because it offers them the opportunity to study at low costs compared to other countries, as well as the possibility of obtaining scholarships.


What Are Postgraduate Studies?

Applying for postgraduate studies in Turkey has become a goal for many Arab students because it offers them the opportunity to study at low costs compared to other countries, as well as the possibility of obtaining scholarships. 

Students have various options to choose from when enrolling in master’s and doctoral programs they wish to earn degrees from Turkish public universities. Turkey has over 200 universities, with most of them ranking high in global university assessments. 

Most of these universities are public, while the rest are private or institutional.

Researchers advise adhering to the application deadlines set by each university and the interview schedules determined by the university administration. Students can typically apply for admission either through regular registration at the university or by submitting their application through the university’s website or using the university’s WhatsApp contact dedicated to students.

Master’s Studies in Turkey and Their Types:

Master’s programs in Turkey are divided into two types:

  1. Thesis-Based (Tez): In this type, students are required to prepare a scientific thesis, which involves studying for four semesters in their field of specialization, with two semesters focused on coursework and the remaining two dedicated to thesis research.
  2. Non-Thesis-Based (Tezsiz): This program lasts for one year, divided into three semesters, including a project. Students in this type of program do not need to write a thesis but attend lectures to gain knowledge and scientific experience.

Requirements for Postgraduate and Master’s Studies in Turkey:

There are essential and university-specific requirements for postgraduate studies in Turkey. Common mandatory requirements include:

– Personal photos and a copy of the passport.
– Proof of residence in Turkey.
– Transcripts of undergraduate courses.
– Graduation certificate from the original university and its authentication by the foreign affairs office.
– Proof of complete Turkish language proficiency (usually the TOMER exam).
– Proof of English language proficiency from an accredited center.
– For students from other countries, taking the GAMT exam and GRE scores may be required.

Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in Turkey:

Some Turkish universities offer scholarships with specific conditions, such as requiring students to have a minimum GPA of 75% and meet the university’s specific admission requirements.

Advantages of Preparing for a Master’s Degree in Turkey:

– Some universities offer master’s programs in Arabic.
– Students can obtain a residence permit in Turkey, which helps them access discounts on housing, food, clothing, healthcare in public hospitals, and facilitates part-time work while studying.
– Turkey boasts a large number of universities, with over 200 of them, and most hold a high global ranking.
– Registration dates vary from one university to another, so it is essential to check with the specific university you are interested in.

Cost of Living in Turkey:

The estimated cost of living for international students in Turkey, including accommodation, food, clothing, transportation, phone, books, and administrative fees, ranges from $300 to $500 per month.

In conclusion, Turkey is an ideal destination for studying abroad, offering high value for the relatively low cost of living compared to other countries, especially in Europe and the United States. 

The country continually enhances its educational content to keep up with the times, providing excellent quality education. Admission requirements for master’s and doctoral programs in Turkey are generally acceptable and not overly complex compared to universities worldwide. 

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