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Recommendation letter

A recommendation letter for the Turkish scholarship is one of the sections that students go through when applying on the Turkish scholarship website.

Recommendation Letter

What is a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter for the Turkish scholarship is one of the sections that students go through when applying on the Turkish scholarship website, and it is an essential part of the student’s acceptance. 

At least one recommendation letter must be written, and the more recommendation letters, the better. 

However, if there is only one letter, it is not a problem, as many students have been accepted with just one letter. 

As for master’s and doctoral students and students in medical specialties, they must have at least two recommendation letters, preferably in English, but there is no problem with submitting them in Arabic. 

The most important thing is the content of the recommendation letter itself, which nominates you. 

A recommendation letter is an official statement written by a university professor, supervisor, employer, or someone who supervised a training course you attended or one of your high school teachers. 

But primarily, recommendation letters should come from academics or teachers. 

When writing a recommendation letter, it should highlight your qualities and skills and commend your efforts in the educational phase in order to be accepted for the Turkish scholarship.

The Importance of a Recommendation Letter:

A recommendation letter is not one of the essential documents for applying for the Turkish scholarship, but it is a crucial factor in increasing your chances of acceptance. Therefore, you should not neglect writing a recommendation letter and should make an effort to submit a distinctive and impactful one.

Can a Student Write Their Own Recommendation Letter?

Certainly, a student can write their own recommendation letter, but it should be written as if it were written by a professor.

After completing the recommendation letter, it should be presented to a professor for review, and they should add their email address and sign it. 

It is essential to show the committee that it was written by a competent person, not by the student.

If the student chooses a professor to write the recommendation letter, they should select a professor who is well aware of their qualifications, abilities, and skills and express this in an easy-to-understand manner to give the committee a positive impression of the student.

How to Format a Recommendation Letter Yourself:

  1. Open a Word document and choose A4 size from the Layout.
  2. Leave a blank line and go to the left of the page, then write the date in any format you prefer.
  3. Leave two blank lines and on the left side of the page, write the name of the institution to which you will send the recommendation letter.
  4. In the next line, write the institution’s address in detail, including the country and postal code.
  5. Leave a blank line and write the letter’s subject.
  6. Leave a blank line and write “Dear Gentlemen.”
  7. In the first paragraph of the recommendation letter, write the name of the professor, their academic position, and the academic subject in which you interacted with them.
  8. In the second paragraph, mention your personal qualities, your collaboration with colleagues, and the quality of the tasks you performed.
  9. Leave a blank line and write “Sincerely.”
  10. Leave two more lines and write the professor’s title. In the following line, write their email address, and in the next line, include their phone number. Finally, write their university address.

By following these steps, you will have completed the recommendation letter. Print it and ask the professor who will write it for you to review and sign it.

Content of the Recommendation Letter:

The recommendation letter revolves around three main ideas:

  1. Student’s Skills and Abilities:

The person writing the recommendation letter should focus on explaining the student’s abilities and skills in detail.

  1. Student’s Qualifications for the Turkish Scholarship:

It is essential to mention the student’s academic qualifications, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, as these are important subjects in the university specialization.

  1. Recommendation for the Student:

The writer’s task in the recommendation letter is to express their opinion about the student, their social behavior, respect for their professors, and their efforts.

Conditions for Writing a Professional Recommendation Letter:

  1. Brevity: The recommendation letter should not exceed one page in length.
  2. Correct Writing: Ensure there are no spelling, grammar, or expression errors.
  3. Language: It is best to write the recommendation letter in the language in which the student plans to study, either in English or Turkish. It can also be written in Arabic.

If you find it challenging to write a recommendation letter, you can reach out to us for assistance. We have specialists on our team who can help you with this.

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter:

  1. Review the letter and share it with multiple professors for feedback.
  2. Before writing, jot down all the information you want to include in the letter.
  3. Avoid rushing the writing process and inform the person writing the letter well in advance to ensure a perfect letter.
  4. Double-check the accuracy of dates, names, email addresses, and other details in the letter.
  5. Maintain a formal writing style to leave a good impression.
  6. Thank the relevant institutions and the committee in a couple of sentences.

In conclusion, the recommendation letter for the Turkish scholarship is essential, and it should be written professionally to increase your chances of acceptance.

Avoid using templates from the internet and put thought into creating a unique and convincing letter. We at “Alemni Shokran” are here to assist you with every step, whether it’s studying in Turkey, passing the YÖS and SAT exams, writing recommendation letters, or other services under the supervision of our specialists.

Feel free to contact us through our website.

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