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Recommendation letter

A letter of recommendation is a formal letter of recommendation written by an employer, client, or teacher, which is anyone ..

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A letter of recommendation is a formal letter of recommendation written by an employer, client, or teacher, which is anyone who can make a recommendation about someone’s performance either in work or study.

The letter of recommendation is one of the most important requirements for applying for scholarships, and it is one of the documents that play an important role in whether the student is accepted or not.


Purpose of the letter of recommendation

The purpose of writing a letter of recommendation is for the employer or teacher to certify the competence, skills, achievements, and behavior of the person for whom it is written, and it is often sent to the concerned authority, whether it is a company or an educational institution, where the letter of recommendation facilitates the applicant’s obtaining the job or the grant.


How to write a letter of recommendation

Usually, a letter of recommendation is written on an individual basis directly from an employer, client or teacher to be delivered to a company or educational committee at a university

Choosing the right person, the writer of the letter of recommendation must be able to talk about your competence and effort, and he must be fully aware of you and have a positive impression of you

The letter of recommendation writer must have a good reputation.


  • 1st Choosing the right person to write the letter.
  • 2nd Choose real institutions and people and stay away from fake institutions and people.
  • 3rd Recommendation letter should not exceed one page with reference number and email attached.
  • 4th The compliment of the testator should be in practical and scientific terms and stay away from personal aspects.


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