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residence in Turkey

Tourist residence in Turkey is a document issued upon the applicant's request through an appointment reservation to visit the Immigration Department via its official website.

Residency in Türkiye

What is tourist residence in Turkey?

Tourist residence in Turkey is a document issued upon the applicant’s request through an appointment reservation to visit the Immigration Department via its official website. 

It is granted by the Ministry of Interior to tourists. 

Tourist residence permits holders to stay in Turkey throughout its validity period, usually for one year and is renewable under specific conditions. Tourist residence in Turkey allows entry without any additional paperwork or procedures, aiming to encourage foreigners to invest, tour, and seek employment.

Advantages of Residing in Turkey:

– Travel to Turkey without the need for a visa.
– Holders of tourist residence permits in Turkey can open bank accounts in Turkish banks.
– Utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, and internet can be registered under the tourist residence permit.
Tourist residence in Turkey facilitates obtaining a Schengen visa for European Union countries.
– Allows the purchase of a car and obtaining a driver’s license.
– Provides free education for your children in government schools.
– Obtain a Turkish identification number.
– Allows establishing various types of companies.
– Allows real estate ownership in all forms.

Required Documents for Obtaining Tourist Residence in Turkey:

– To obtain a tourist residence permit in Turkey, you must have a passport photo, certified passport copy, a copy of the last entry stamp to Turkey in your passport, 4 recent biometric photos, an appointment interview form, a notarized rental contract, health insurance for the duration of the permit, your original passport, and a Turkish translation of your passport certified by a notary public.

For children obtaining a tourist residence permit in Turkey, you should provide a family book or family registration document translated by a notary public, with the guardian signing the application on behalf of the child.

To obtain a tax number from the Turkish tax authorities, you will need a tax number request form, a copy of your passport, your address, a copy of your annual residence permit fee payment receipt, and the residence permit card fee.

Regarding the duration of obtaining a tourist residence permit in Turkey, it varies from person to person, but it generally takes no more than 90 working days to obtain the permit, and in most cases, it takes 45 days or more in Istanbul.

Who Can Obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey?

Tourist residence permits in Turkey can be obtained by those who want to learn the Turkish language, property owners and investors, along with their families, in Turkey, those coming to participate in vocational training or research, and patients who wish to receive treatment in Turkey with accompanying persons.

Residence Permit Requirements in Turkey:

  1. One of the fundamental requirements for a tourist residence permit in Turkey is that the applicant must be able to pay the tax fee in lieu of the visa imposed by the state.
  2. A valid passport must be presented in Turkey, and entry into Turkey must be lawful, with the official entry stamp from the border police clearly visible, and a copy of it should be provided with the application.
  3. The applicant must be present in Turkey, and leaving the country before the evaluation and issuance of the residence permit is not allowed. If the applicant leaves before their application is evaluated, their requirements will be considered incomplete, and their application will be rejected.
  4. The applicant must have a residence, which can be proven through a rental contract or by providing proof of residence through the population registry, usually obtained by taking a rental contract and a utility bill in your name to the civil registry to document your residence.

Here’s the translation of the provided text into English:

Types of Residency in Turkey

  1. Tourist Residency in Turkey
  2. Property Residency
  3. Family Residency
  4. Work Residency
  5. Humanitarian Residency

Overview of Property Residency in Turkey

Property residency in Turkey has emerged to grant investors the right to stay in Turkey according to the requirements set by the Turkish government. 

This residency is temporary and needs to be renewed annually. It is a condition that the property is located in a major province and its value exceeds $75,000, while in other states, the threshold is $50,000.

With the significant growth in the real estate market and increased interest from investors in owning property in Turkey, the Turkish government began granting property residency.

 This type of residency is available to foreign individuals who want to own property in Turkey and settle there. 

It also extends to the spouse and other family members. Investors can obtain property residency in Turkey by applying to the Directorate of Immigration Management in the province where they own property.

Advantages of Property Residency in Turkey:

– Legal residence in Turkish territory.
– Granting property residency to immediate family members, including the spouse and minor children under eighteen.
– Possibility of obtaining permanent residency after eight consecutive years of property residency in Turkey.
– Opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship if the property value is $400,000 or more.
– Easy renewal of property residency in Turkey.
– Access to educational services in Turkish schools and universities.
– Access to healthcare in Turkish hospitals.
– Increased chances of obtaining visas for entry into European Union countries and others.
– Ability to purchase and register a private car in Turkey.

Required Documents for Obtaining Property Residency in Turkey:

– Title deed (TAPU)
– A copy of the passport duly notarized by a notary public.
– Passport for the property owner and their family members, valid for at least six months.
– Health insurance document for the property owner and their family.
– Proof of payment of the title deed fees.
– Tax identification number (vergi numarası).
– Four passport-sized photos.

Requirements for Property Residency in Turkey:

– Purchase a specified property in Turkey, regardless of its type, with a value of at least 75% in major cities (Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul).
– Freedom to choose the property without a minimum price requirement, whether it’s an apartment, land for investment, or commercial offices.
– After purchasing the property, it must be registered with the Land Registry Directorate, and the title deed must be obtained, which is one of the essential official documents required for property residency in Turkey.

Overview of Humanitarian Residency in Turkey:

Humanitarian residency in Turkey, also known as humanitarian asylum, is a type of residency granted to individuals who face specific reasons mentioned in the United Nations Convention and are seeking protection in Turkey.

 Turkey is a signatory to this convention, and as such, it is obliged to implement it for individuals who meet the criteria for humanitarian residency.

Requirements for Obtaining Humanitarian Residency in Turkey:

– The applicant must not have protection in their home country due to ongoing wars, lack of security, fear of torture, or threats to their life and the lives of their family.
– Reuniting with family and relatives, meaning that the applicant can apply for humanitarian residency to be with a close relative residing in Turkey.
– The refugee must be outside their home country and can apply for humanitarian asylum upon arrival in Turkey at any immigration center or airport, as these centers are scattered throughout Turkey.
– Humanitarian asylum can also be granted to a person suffering from a chronic illness that threatens their life and has no available treatment in their home country.

Steps to Obtain Humanitarian Residency in Turkey:

– Visit any immigration office and then the Humanitarian Residency Department, where there are staff who speak Arabic.
– Clearly state the reasons for wanting humanitarian residency in the application, with detailed explanations. There is an optional clause that expresses the desire to return to one’s home country when conditions improve there.
– The case will be studied for a period, which can sometimes extend to six months, after which a decision of approval or rejection will be issued.
– Humanitarian residency procedures do not require health insurance or financial fees, and it can even be obtained if a visa has expired.

What is Work Residency in Turkey?

Work residency in Turkey is one of the important residency types granted by the state to foreigners who wish to work in Turkish territory. 

It is essentially the same as work permits, allowing you to work within Turkey and enjoy various benefits.

Advantages of Obtaining Work Residency in Turkey:

– Medical treatment at the expense of the state in Turkish government hospitals. It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship, but it requires a continuous stay of 5 years in Turkey.
– Children can enroll in government schools for free.
– Ease of procedures for including the spouse, children, and parents in the work residency that you will obtain, along with the privileges granted by the state to work residency holders.

There are two ways to obtain work residency in Turkey:

The First Way:

To be an official employee of one of the companies located in Turkey. 

This does not require you to apply for work residency, as the companies are required to obtain it for their employees, or they will face significant fines. However, there are several conditions for obtaining work residency in Turkey for employees:

– The company’s capital must be no less than 100,000 Turkish liras.
– Hiring five Turkish employees for each foreign employee.
– Payment of all taxes and social insurance contributions.

The Second Way:

To be the actual owner of a company in Turkey or a partner with a share of no less than 40% of the capital. In this case, you are exempt from certain conditions:

– Hiring five Turkish employees for each foreign employee for the first year. Syrian nationals are exempt from the requirement to deposit the full capital amount.
– You can apply for work residency by visiting one of the Turkish embassy offices or consulates in your home country, submitting the necessary documents for your company, and applying for work residency. It can be obtained within 45 days of applying.

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