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YÖS Exam

The YÖS Exam is a non-internationally recognized local Turkish test conducted in most Turkish universities.

YÖS Exam

What is the YÖS Exam?

The YÖS (Yabancı Öğrencinin Sınavı) exam is a Turkish local test not internationally recognized, conducted by most Turkish universities.

 The term YÖS is an abbreviation for ‘Yabancı öğrencinin sınavı,’ which translates to ‘Foreign Student Exam’ in Turkish. 

It is designed for foreign students who have a high school diploma and wish to pursue their studies at Turkish universities

The score obtained in the YÖS exam plays a significant role in boosting a student’s high school GPA, enabling them to apply for competitive programs such as pharmacy, medicine, and engineering. 

YÖS is considered a mandatory requirement for admission to some Turkish government universities and medical programs.

Where is the YÖS Exam Held in Turkey?

The YÖS exam is typically held on the university campus, and students are required to attend in person. 

However, there are exceptions for some universities, like Istanbul University, and a few others that allow students to take the YÖS exam in their home countries. 

Approximately 65 countries, including Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and many foreign countries, permit students to take Istanbul University’s YÖS exam. 

The cost of the YÖS exam varies from one university to another and is usually paid through a bank to the university’s account.

What Is the Importance of the YÖS Exam?

Most Turkish public universities require students to have a YÖS certificate alongside their high school diploma. 

The YÖS certificate acts as a supplement to the high school diploma and demonstrates a student’s proficiency in scientific subjects. 

It gives students a competitive advantage when applying to their desired university programs.

How Can You Prepare for the YÖS Exam?

Students can prepare for the YÖS exam by studying the curriculum and using textbooks available in both Turkish and English. 

These resources cover various subjects, and there are specific textbooks for each topic. YÖS exam preparation typically takes between 3 to 6 months. 

Many educational centers in Istanbul and various Turkish provinces offer YÖS preparatory courses that last for 6 to 8 months. 

If a student has limited time, they can enroll in intensive YÖS courses, which are usually three months long. Additionally, online courses and study materials are available.

It’s essential for students to research and choose reputable institutions for YÖS preparation to ensure they receive quality education.

When to Register for the YÖS Exam:

YÖS exam registration typically opens between February and March and closes in June each year. Students can check the specific exam dates and registration deadlines on the official website of the university they wish to apply to.

What Does the YÖS Exam Consist Of?

The YÖS exam generally consists of four main sections, focusing on mathematics:

  1. Engineering Section: This section includes topics such as trigonometry, polygons, circles, area, volume, and other geometric concepts.
  2. Algebra Section: It covers various algebraic topics, including sequences, roots, exponents, and equations of the first and second degree.
  3. Problem Solving Section: This section contains problems related to fractional numbers, percentage, profit and loss, age-related problems, kinetics, volume, mixing, and more.
  4. Intelligence Test Section (IQ): This section assesses a student’s cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. It does not rely on algebraic or geometric rules but requires students to deduce correct solutions logically.

The distribution of questions in the YÖS exam varies from one university to another, reflecting each university’s specific preferences and priorities.

Validity of YÖS Certificates:

The validity period of a YÖS certificate varies from one university to another, with some recognizing it for one year and others for two years. 

Students can verify the validity period on the official website of the university they intend to apply to.

Documents Required for YÖS Exam Registration:

To register for the YÖS exam, students typically need the following documents: a copy of their high school diploma (authenticated and translated), a copy of their passport, and a passport-sized photo.

Can You Apply to a Different University After Passing the YÖS Exam?

It is possible to apply to other universities besides the one where you took the YÖS exam, but this may not be universally accepted. Some universities, like Istanbul University and Ankara University, only recognize their own YÖS exams and may not accept YÖS scores from other universities.

Starting from the year 2023, the Ministry of Higher Education has introduced a unified YÖS exam called ‘TR YÖS.’ This means that students planning to apply for certain programs in government universities (engineering, medicine, architecture, law, and education) will have to take the standardized TR YÖS exam.

We recommend that students consider applying for the YÖS exam at multiple universities to maximize their chances of admission.

In conclusion, the YÖS exam is a crucial step for foreign students aspiring to study at Turkish universities.

Proper preparation and research are essential to succeed in this exam and secure admission to the desired program and university.

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