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Ankara Medipol University

In the whole history of modern society, the concept of the university was understood as the cradle of knowledge, a ..

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In the whole history of modern society, the concept of the university was understood as the cradle of knowledge, a place of wisdom, and a workshop of humanity. However, only the application of true wisdom on the acquired knowledge and decision patterns could secure the happiness and the future of people. Therefore, the goal of all Medipol Universities staff is to “pave the path” towards gaining wisdom for all its students. 



One of the key tasks of the university is to increase the students’ mobility in developing the “integrated” educational model. Also, by establishing e-learning programs and providing education without barriers for all, IMU and AMU will have a significant influence on the development of the region. This approach is essential for both universities that welcome students from all over the world and respect diversity.




Vision of MU

To be leading universities that will give directions to science and society with a strong organizational culture, a spirit of entrepreneurship, and a stable dynamism. As of Medipol University ranking, it is one of the leading among universities in Turkey.



Located right in the center of Ankara, Ankara Medipol University aims to train fully equipped individuals and have the information on a global scale and experience in their fields as both Turkey and Ankara need.
The University includes 9 faculties with various majors, 3 vocational schools and 2 committees, one of them is focusing on social research, and the second one specialized in health sciences research, in addition to a graduate school.
The Quality Assurance system in Turkey is based on the annual internal evaluation process carried out by the universities, and the external evaluation usually carried out every five years.




Quality Assurance

This system is also organized in the context of the “national qualifications framework” that includes accreditation and evaluation aspects to guarantee the learning outcomes determined based on the program. The Quality Assurance of our University, being a part of the strategic management process, includes quality assurance policies and the determining, implementing, monitoring, and improving strategies to implement these policies. Our Quality Assurance System consists of these steps


  • Internal Evaluation
  • Action Plans
  • Measuring and Monitoring System
  • Corrective-Preventive Activities
  • Change Management
  • External Evaluation




Ankara Medipol Campus

 The Campus of Ankara Medipol is located in a good location, as it is in the middle of Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey. And it holds a historical area with many ancient landmarks.
The Library services at Ankara Medipol University are served in the Anafartalar Campus.
The library provides access to national and international publications which vary from health, liberal arts, and science thanks to advanced information technologies.
Visit Library for detailed information.

Advantages of studying at Medipol University in Ankara


  • The university provides many technical laboratories that contain modern information technology
  • It includes practical training centers and laboratories, such as a dental and nursing clinic
  • It displays its educational programs in high quality, as it exceeds international academic quality standards
  • Its educational programs are in English in addition to Turkish
  • It has many research centers and has a huge library in many fields, such as science, literature, art, and social sciences
  • It is also one of the Turkish universities that participate in the global student exchange programs




Student Exchange Program (Erasmus)

For students who love to travel and learn about allover civilizations and cultures, Ankara Medipol university provides this opportunity.
Students at Ankara Medipol University can join the students’ exchange program. As the University helps its students to participate in cultural and academic programs. The University signed the Erasmus program which is funded by the European Union, which focuses on academic exchange opportunities for students and teaching members.



Residence (Dormitories) Registrations

As Ankara Medipol University, 2021-2022 academic year, With the start of formal education, applications for boys and girls will be received via the form below. This application is a pre-request. 
The apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Room cleaning, linen change, electricity, heating, and water expenses belong to our institution. The Residence includes a general laundry and ironing room.
The residence building will become active in the 2021-2022 Academic Year.
For the pre-application form.
 Introduction video for Ankara Medipol university
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