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Bahçeşehir Batumi University

Bahçeşehir Batumi University International Foundation, encompasses approximately 8 universities and language schools spread across over 5 countries worldwide.

Bahçeşehir Batumi

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Discover Bahçeşehir Batumi University – A Leading Name in Education

Bahçeşehir Batumi University, part of the renowned Bahçeşehir Batumi University International Foundation, encompasses approximately 8 universities and language schools spread across over 5 countries worldwide. Among these, Bahçeşehir Batumi University stands out for its exceptional educational quality aligned with international standards in the field of human medicine. It offers students a comprehensive learning experience, from state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to a dedicated clinical training center.

Explore Bahçeşehir Batumi University’s Location

Situated in the captivating city of Batumi, Georgia, Bahçeşehir Batumi University enjoys a prime location along the Black Sea coast.

 The city’s allure as a tourist destination adds to the university experience, making it an ideal place for academic pursuits.

Why Choose Bahçeşehir Batumi University for Your Medical Studies?

Did you know that Bahçeşehir University was included in the World Health Organization’s directory of medical colleges since its inception? Here are 16 more compelling reasons to consider applying to Bahçeşehir Batumi University for your medical studies:

  1. Batumi is one of the most affordable places for daily student living arrangements.
  2. The university conducts studies primarily in English.
  3. Assistance with residency procedures in Georgia is provided.
  4. Lecture halls at Bahçeşehir Batumi University are equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment.
  5. The university supports student exchange agreements with various global institutions.
  6. Specializing in medical education, the university offers practical training within its affiliated hospital.
  7. The university hospital adheres to international standards, including JCI, providing top-notch facilities for students.
  8. Students can join the preparatory program for the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
  9. Bahçeşehir Batumi University boasts renowned professors and experts to deliver quality education efficiently.
  10. Prominent Turkish doctors often contribute to the university’s programs.
  11. The university collaborates with a renowned hospital group, Medical Park, with hospitals across Turkey.
  12. A diverse student body from around the world enriches the learning experience.
  13. Access to the university’s extensive electronic library enhances research opportunities.
  14. Bahçeşehir Batumi University is the sole institution in Georgia offering cadaver anatomy studies.
  15. The university actively engages in scientific research and encourages student participation.
  16. Its proximity to the city’s health center allows students practical training from the first year.

In conclusion, at Alemni Shokran, we believe we’re your best partner in facilitating your acceptance into Bahçeşehir Batumi University, where your dreams can take shape. 

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