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City University Malaysia, a symbol of vitality and forward-thinking, occupies a prestigious and distinctive position in the Malaysian higher education landscape.


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Discover City University Malaysia with Alemni Shokran
City University Malaysia, a symbol of vitality and forward-thinking, occupies a prestigious and distinctive position in the Malaysian higher education landscape.
This university reflects the country’s steadfast commitment and continuous efforts to enhance and develop the higher education sector, reflecting Malaysia’s broad vision to elevate the standards of education and achieve prominent global standing in this field.

About City University Malaysia:
City University Malaysia (City College) is a private university located in Malaysia. It began its journey in 1984 as Petaling Jaya Community College, focusing on offering diploma programs and academic degrees in various fields.
In recognition of its growth and contribution to higher education, City College was upgraded to a university college in 2016, becoming City University Malaysia.
This transformation was a significant milestone, reflecting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence, research, and meeting the needs of the modern workforce.
Location of City University Malaysia:
City University Malaysia is situated in the Petaling Jaya area, one of the main urban areas in the state of Selangor.
This area is considered the heart of the metropolitan area in Kuala Lumpur, making the university central and easily accessible. Access options include:
Train Access: Petaling Jaya is well-connected to the train network in the capital region, making train access a convenient option for many students.
Buses and Public Transport: Bus services are abundant, covering various areas, facilitating access to the university from different parts of the city and surrounding areas.
Car Access: Surrounding roads and Petaling Jaya in general are characterized by wide roads and good connectivity to major road networks, making car access a practical option.
Transportation Infrastructure: The area surrounding the university is equipped with excellent transportation infrastructure, making movement and commuting in the area smooth and comfortable.
Thanks to these factors, City University Malaysia is an ideal destination for local and international students seeking an educational experience in a vibrant urban environment with easy accessibility and mobility.
Ranking of City University Malaysia:
According to the latest statistics for 2023, City University Malaysia ranked 38th in Malaysia and 8222nd globally.
The university has received a 5-star rating from QS and continues to strive for a prominent position as a leading academic institution in higher education, with a strong commitment to excellence and continuous development.
Campus Facilities at City University Malaysia:
City University Malaysia, known for providing a distinguished educational experience, comprises several campuses, each with specific characteristics and features. Let’s review the details of each campus separately:
Main Campus in Petaling Jaya: Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, this campus is the largest and most comprehensive in terms of facilities and academic programs. It includes modern facilities such as advanced laboratories, technologically-equipped classrooms, a comprehensive library, sports facilities, and student accommodations.
Academic programs offered at this campus cover a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, business administration, arts, and health sciences.
Subsidiary Campuses: In some cases, universities like City University have subsidiary campuses in different locations within or even outside Malaysia. These subsidiary campuses often specialize in certain fields or offer specific academic programs.
Despite being smaller in size compared to the main campus, they provide an intensive and specialized educational environment, focusing on specific fields or academic programs.
Campuses Under Expansion and Development: City University Malaysia is constantly seeking to expand and improve its academic and research facilities to provide the best educational experience for its students. Its future plans may include establishing new university campuses or expanding existing ones.
Prominent Specializations at City University Malaysia:
City University Malaysia aims to provide students with high-quality education that meets the demands of the contemporary job market.
The university stands out for its focus on scientific research and development, offering a range of specializations including Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering.
Study Programs at City University Malaysia
City University Malaysia offers a diverse range of study programs at various levels. Below are some key programs offered:
Foundation Programs: The university offers various foundational programs in fields such as business, arts and humanities (English), and arts (graphic design and multimedia). These programs aim to equip students with academic fundamentals and preparatory skills necessary for postgraduate studies.
Diploma Programs: Covering specialties such as accounting, architectural technology, business management, civil engineering, culinary arts, early childhood education, fashion design, and graphic design, these programs are designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in their respective fields, qualifying them for diverse job opportunities or further academic pursuit.
Bachelor’s Programs: This program includes specializations such as graphic design, applied psychology, business management, computer science in software engineering, information technology, accounting, and finance.
Postgraduate Programs: These programs include fields such as architecture, business management, creative industries and communication, education, and information technology. Students have the option to choose between full-time or part-time study, providing flexibility for working professionals and international students.
These programs focus on providing students with both theoretical and practical skills to enhance their professional and research opportunities.
Popular Majors
City University Malaysia is distinguished by its unique approach to education and its adoption of innovative and advanced teaching methods, effectively contributing to the development and honing of students’ skills and abilities. Some of its popular Majors include:
Computer Engineering and Information Technology: Focuses on developing programming skills, network security, and data analysis, preparing students for work in advanced technology fields.
Business Management and Commerce: Encompasses specializations such as accounting, marketing, financial management, and human resource management, aiming to develop leadership and management skills.
Mechanical and Civil Engineering: This specialization provides practical and theoretical training in areas such as construction, design, and maintenance of mechanical systems.
Arts and Design: Creative specializations include graphic design, interior design, and visual communications, opening avenues for students in creative and design fields.
Media and Communication Technology: Includes the study of digital media, new media, and digital content management.
Software Engineering: Integrates principles of engineering and computer science, focusing on designing and developing high-quality and efficient software, relying on analytical and programming development skills and applying systematic engineering practices.
Psychology: The program is taught through a blend of theory and practical application, enabling students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
Biology: This specialization focuses on providing in-depth knowledge in areas such as molecular biology, environmental biology, and evolutionary biology, with a blend of theory and practical application, providing opportunities for research and practical training.
Environmental Sciences: This major covers topics such as natural resource management, biodiversity, and climate change, with an applied educational approach that includes field and laboratory studies, enhancing students’ understanding of global environmental issues.
Student Enrollment at City University Malaysia
In 2023, nearly 4500 students enrolled at City University Malaysia, with international students accounting for over 47% of the total student population.
These international students come from more than 70 different countries, perhaps because this university is a preferred destination for students from both within and outside the country.
Application and Admission Deadlines at City University Malaysia
City University Malaysia offers monthly application and admission deadlines for local and international students, meaning you can apply at any time throughout the year. It is recommended to review the specific final deadlines for each intake and ensure timely submission of applications for consideration and admission.
Requirements for Enrollment at City University Malaysia
Enrollment requirements at City University Malaysia vary depending on the level of study and the background of the applicant (Malaysian or international). Here’s a summary of the main enrollment requirements:
For international students applying from their home country, the following documents are required:
– Eight passport-sized photos (4 cm * 5.5 cm), with the applicant’s name and passport number written on the back.
– Certified copies of all academic transcripts and certificates by the Ministry of Education or previous schools attended.
– A copy of the passport, including blank pages, with the passport valid for at least 12 months.
– The latest resume is required for postgraduate programs only.
– Application fees and student visa processing fees (approximately 2000 Malaysian Ringgit).
– All documents must be submitted in English and Arabic, including the medical report.
– Ensure that the student’s name and passport number exactly match the certificates provided.
For Bachelor’s and Master’s programs:
Bachelor’s Program: Requires a high school diploma or equivalent.
Master’s Program: Requires a bachelor’s degree.
English Language Requirements:
For students wishing to enroll at City University Malaysia, the English language requirements are as follows:
– TOEFL Test: Minimum scores required are as follows:
– Paper-based test: 550.
– Internet-based test (IBT): 79.
– IELTS Test: The minimum required score is 5.
These English language requirements are consistent for various academic levels offered to students.
Contact City University Malaysia for More Information
Alemni Shokran strives to provide all the information sought by international students regarding admission requirements, application procedures, and enrollment in Malaysian universities in general.
Always providing sufficient and comprehensive responses to all student inquiries about studying in Malaysia. Contact Alemni Shokran directly for more information.
Cost of Study at City University Malaysia
The cost of studying at City University Malaysia varies depending on the academic program and level. Here are some of the tuition fees for the year 2023:
Foundation Year (Various Specializations): Approximately $2,984 USD annually.
– Diploma Programs (e.g., Accounting, Business Management, Civil Engineering):
First Year: Approximately $2,625 USD.
Second Year: Approximately $2,350 USD.
– Third Year: Ranges between $1,419 and $1,525 USD, depending on the specialization.
– Bachelor’s Programs (e.g., Graphic Design, Applied Psychology, Business Administration):
First Year: Approximately $3,125 USD.
Second Year: Approximately $3,550 USD.
Third Year: Ranges between $2,725 and $3,075 USD, depending on the specialization.
Cost of Student Housing at City University Malaysia
The cost of student housing at City University Malaysia depends on several factors, including the type of accommodation, comfort level, and services provided.
Typically, students can choose between university dormitories or renting private apartments:
– University dormitories provide a conducive learning environment and facilitate interaction with fellow students, with costs ranging from $640 to $ monthly.
– Renting a private apartment is relatively more expensive, ranging from $89.25 to $714 USD monthly.
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