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Halic University

In 1998, the journey of Haliç University Istanbul began with a unique vision that aspires to academic and practical advancement, catering to the diverse interests and aspirations of our young individuals who seek distinction and technology that keeps pace with the developments in our contemporary world.

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The Study at Haliç University in Turkey: A Unique Vision for Academic and Practical Excellence

In 1998, the journey of Haliç University Istanbul began with a unique vision that aspires to academic and practical advancement, catering to the diverse interests and aspirations of our young individuals who seek distinction and technology that keeps pace with the developments in our contemporary world. This has made Haliç University Istanbul a haven for students pursuing various fields and forms of scientific knowledge, distinguished by its high scientific values and its focus on both theoretical and applied sciences.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Haliç University Istanbul has been committed to enhancing the quality of education within its institution, consistently striving to provide the highest quality education to its esteemed students. Around the clock, it works with the sole objective of serving them to become ambassadors of knowledge, science, and ethics across the globe.

Haliç University Istanbul and Its Aspirations:

One of Haliç University’s principles is to prioritize its students, driving the university to propel them towards strong scientific knowledge and advanced practical application that aligns with technology.

This, in turn, enables them to provide scientific and practical solutions and contribute to the progress of societies with a different perspective, clearer vision, and stronger outlook for the future.

Haliç University aims to add value to communities through its students. It works towards several aspirations and goals that enhance the quality of education, including:

– Enhancing the quality of education by integrating virtual reality into the educational process alongside healthcare systems.

– Utilizing virtual reality applications for monitoring and interaction.

– Surgical simulations for medical students.

– Architectural engineering students engaging in virtual tours of places.

– Creating virtual prototypes for engineering students, among other examples of tools utilized by Haliç University.

The integration of virtual elements significantly contributes to improving the quality of education for our students, creating a realistic environment that allows them to simulate the job market. As a result, every graduate from Haliç University Istanbul is fully prepared to embark on their professional journey.

Vision and Goals of Haliç University Istanbul:

Keeping your focus on your students as a cornerstone of success, Haliç University Istanbul aligns its vision and goals to elevate our esteemed students and enable them to reach the highest levels of scientific and practical knowledge.

Our Vision:

Haliç University is a Turkish institution with a clear and specific vision: to uplift its students by providing them with the best scientific materials and advanced methods that fully equip each of them for practical life. They will become ambassadors who work on the development and advancement of society, leaving a worthy mark befitting the students of Haliç University Istanbul.
Our Goals:

Haliç University’s goals are to provide more solutions through its students, exceeding a count of 18,000 students. Haliç University strives to fulfill its research, educational, and expand its scope in various fields such as engineering, architecture, sports, and arts.
Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of education by integrating virtual reality into education with proper systems.

Haliç University and Student Services:

Haliç University revolves around its students, ensuring to provide them with the best services on all levels, not only academically but also ensuring their complete comfort to achieve the desired outcomes. 

At Haliç University Istanbul, we care about everything concerning our students, beyond the academic curriculum. For example:

Student Accommodation:

At Haliç University, providing a comfortable lifestyle is a top priority. Therefore, the university offers a wide range of student accommodation options in Istanbul, allowing students to choose what suits them best according to their personal preferences. In Haliç University Istanbul, you can easily filter your choices and find the most suitable home for you.

Haliç University Istanbul has a dedicated International Office for students, which ensures that all students are accommodated in residences close to the university to guarantee their complete comfort. There are also many residences near Haliç University that offer various types of housing options, such as:

– Single bedrooms
– Shared bedrooms for two or more individuals, accommodating up to six people

Are there another options?

Yes, there are other options such as renting a house individually or with friends. Haliç University Istanbul is located in a prime location, allowing you to choose between renting a place near the university or close to public transportation and transportation stations that directly take you to the university. We advise you, dear student, while searching for a rental house, to consider its proximity to public transportation and transportation stations to ensure easy access to the university and within the city.

Public Transportation to and from Haliç University:

What are the available transportation services to Haliç University? Haliç University benefits from a strategic location compared to other universities. It is located in the center of Istanbul, enabling easy access to the campus through various means:

– Public transportation
– Beşiktaş services
– Mecidiyeköy
– Haliç/Okmeydanı

Dining Halls at Haliç University:

Nutrition is an essential aspect that we cannot overlook at Haliç University Istanbul. The health of our students reflects on their academic achievements and overall well-being. Therefore, on an area of 870 square meters, Haliç University Istanbul has dedicated dining halls with colorful classifications. These halls can accommodate a large number of students comfortably, with a seating capacity of 420 individuals. Additionally, these halls have dedicated sections for handwashing, dishwashers, and a large area serving as the main food distribution station, along with external sections comprising of a single room.

Student Exchange Program:

At Haliç University, we work towards expanding students’ educational opportunities, which is why we always strive to have a student exchange program with other universities. Full-time undergraduate and graduate students can join the Erasmus Student Exchange Program by submitting their application form and the latest copy of their certificate to the Erasmus Office. Here are the essential requirements for applying to the student exchange program at Haliç University:

Photography: The face must be visible and in focus, with a plain white or light-colored background.
Identification Card: Scanned copies of the front and back of the ID card on the same document.
Student Certificate: An up-to-date document issued by the registered higher education institution showing that the student is still enrolled at the time of application (the document date must be at least 15 days before the application date).
Disciplinary Status Document: If the disciplinary status is not specified on the student certificate, the student must provide a document from the registered university indicating that the student has not transferred under the central transfer scope (Ek 1 Madde).
Grading Document: A document prepared by the registered higher education institution showing all the courses, grades, and grade average.

– Examination Result Document and Matriculation Certificate.
Language Proficiency Certificate: English language proficiency mastery certificate (for English language departments).
– One of the English Language Proficiency Documents accepted by the University Senate for students applying for external transfer to English language departments.
– English Language Proficiency Level Schedule accepted by the University Senate.

You don’t need to worry about all these requirements, as you can easily fulfill them through Alemni Shokran or within the university in a short period of time.


If you wish to enroll at Haliç University Istanbul and need assistance, please contact the Alemni Shokran team, and they will be at your service. 

You can reach us through our website.


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