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Isik University

Isik University was established in 1996, and it is one of the educational endowment institutions Feyziye Mektepleri, which opened its ..

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Isik University was established in 1996, and it is one of the educational endowment institutions Feyziye Mektepleri, which opened its first school in 1885.

The university is located in the Şile region, which is located in the Asian part of the city of Istanbul and crosses from the finest and most beautiful areas of Istanbul.

Isik University includes 5 colleges, two institutes for postgraduate studies, and two vocational schools. It also has two campuses in a charming natural environment near the life of the modern city.

The university depends on its approach on innovative and unique educational methods as it revolves around the student with a balance in focusing on the depth and breadth of the knowledge provided, it is a young and dynamic university with a vision to provide the best educational experience for its students and to be one of the leading universities in Turkey.

The university provides many scientific laboratories that allow students and academics many opportunities for scientific research, and these laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and high technology infrastructure in line with the needs of interdisciplinary research and development.




Double Major


Students during their undergraduate education can follow two undergraduate academic programs arranged according to the principles adopted by the University. Students successfully completing both programs obtain two separate Diplomas for the double majors that they have pursued.






Işık University Campus is located along the Black Sea coast at the town of Şile, in the northeast of Istanbul, approximately 60 km from downtown Istanbul is located between a forest and the sea, which makes Isik university location excellent among Turkish universities Şile is a small town, with its gorgeous beaches, pristine forest, cottage textile industry, and also famous as a summer resort in Istanbul. Işık University is, therefore, relatively removed from the hectic lifestyle of Istanbul, yet close enough to participate in any activity that great, historical city of 15 million has to offer.






There are shuttle buses available to-from the city centers, both on the Anatolian and European side.
For daily commuting, student and personnel shuttle service buses are available to and from Kadıköy (Anatolian side) and Maslak (European side) several times every day.




Student Exchange Program(Erasmus)


This is an EU program encouraging European higher education institutions to establish cooperation. This program offers opportunitıes to universities of different countries to develop joint projects, and to realize short-term student and/or academic staff exchange. Institutions approved by the European Commission obtain the Erasmus University Declaration and in this way gain the right to actively participate in Erasmus programs.




Campus Life


There are several indoor and outdoor sports facilities students can avail themselves of at Işık University’s Şile campus.
There is a Fitness Center and a semi-Olympic pool at the Maslak campus in addition to open playfields.





Dormitory Facilities and Services


  • All dormitories have washers/dryers and ironing rooms.
  • Every dormitory building has common study rooms available 24/7
  • There is short-term storage in our dormitories for storing the personal belongings of our students.
  • Entrance and exit gates of the dormitory buildings are monitored with cameras 24 hours a day and controlled by dormitory personnel.
  • A 350Mb Internet Internet connection is used
  • Dormitories are provided with hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Central system and satellite TV broadcasts, including selected local and foreign channels, are provided in TV rooms.




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