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Maltepe University

Maltepe University was established in 1997 by the Marmara Education Foundation, specializing in providing educational services from kindergarten to master's and doctoral degrees, under the motto "From Kindergarten to University." Marmara Education Foundation has founded numerous educational institutions and higher education institutions in Turkey.

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Discover Maltepe University in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Studies.


Maltepe University was established in 1997 by the Marmara Education Foundation, specializing in providing educational services from kindergarten to master’s and doctoral degrees, under the motto “From Kindergarten to University.” Marmara Education Foundation has founded numerous educational institutions and higher education institutions in Turkey.

Maltepe University stands out for its diverse range of disciplines, with 9 faculties in different fields, 60 master’s programs, 11 doctoral programs, as well as 3 institutes and a vocational school.

Where is Maltepe University located?

Maltepe University is located in Marmara Education Village in the Asian part of Istanbul at the following address: The university campus spans 1000 acres and includes faculties, classrooms, institutes, research centers, a large theater with a capacity of 8000 people, conference halls, cinema and television studios, a large scientific complex, and a sports club.

Get to know the Vision and Mission of Maltepe University:

Maltepe University has a clear vision and motto: “Freedom in Thought, Modernity in Education, and Keeping Pace with Global Scientific Changes.” Its motto is “Your Home for Education in Turkey.” In line with this vision and motto, the university aims to become a global university that provides the best educational experience for students and ensures a successful professional future. The university’s mission includes:

– Providing distinguished scientific curricula based on research, innovation, and solid scientific foundations.
– Developing education and scientific research to keep up with technological changes and advancements, and creating essential solutions to societal problems based on scientific research.
– Providing students with scholarships and training to ensure maximum academic benefits and a promising professional future through collaborations with international institutions and companies.
– Instilling professional, humanitarian, and scientific values in students’ minds to systematically develop societies.

Learn more about the features of Maltepe University:

– The university has signed educational agreements with over 75 international institutions to provide employment opportunities for students after graduation and offer professional training during their studies.
– The university follows international education standards and has over 688 experienced academic staff members teaching various subjects.
– There are 7 advantages of studying at Maltepe University that many students prefer:

  1. Study programs available in Turkish and English, with preparatory language programs to ensure language proficiency.
  2. Dual education program allows students to study two different majors and obtain two university degrees simultaneously.
  3. High-level technological facilities for quality distance education comparable to on-campus education.
  4. A prestigious university library with over 2 million e-books, 150,000 printed books, 3,000 theses, and 118 electronic journals.
  5. Student exchange agreements through the Erasmus program with more than 124 international universities in 29 countries, providing excellent educational experiences and scholarships for students.
  6. The Faculty of Medicine includes a fully-equipped hospital where students receive scientific training related to their studies.
  7. The university offers more than 72 student clubs for sports, cultural, and recreational activities.

Ranking of Maltepe University locally and globally:

Maltepe University is recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education and ranks 69 out of 400 local universities in Turkey. Globally, it ranks 4060 among universities worldwide. It is also recognized by the majority of European and Arab countries, including Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, and others.

Explore the Facilities of Maltepe University:

The university provides all necessary facilities to ensure students’ high academic and professional levels. These facilities include:

  1. Research centers: Maltepe University has various scientific research centers in different disciplines to facilitate scientific research and its application to the curriculum.
  2. University Court: A specialized court within the Faculty of Law for students to practice legal sciences.
  3. Cinema, Theater, and Television Studios: These facilities allow students to participate in film and theater workshops and develop their artistic skills, participating in film and art festivals.
  4. Construction Workshops: Specialized workshops for students in architectural engineering to practice architectural design.
  5. University Hospital: The hospital is part of the Faculty of Medicine, where students receive specialized and practical training.
  6. Fitness Center, Health Center, and Olympic Pool: Facilities for sports, fitness, and health services.
  7. Study and Drawing Rooms: Dedicated rooms for studying and drawing, providing a unique learning experience for students.

Maltepe University’s Available Programs:

Maltepe University offers over 43 undergraduate programs through 9 faculties, 3 institutes, a vocational school, and a school of foreign languages. The faculties and institutes are:

– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Law
– Faculty of Education
– Faculty of Fine Arts
– Faculty of Architecture and Design
– Faculty of Natural Sciences
– Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
– Faculty of Communication
– Nursing Institute
– Vocational Institute
– Foreign Languages Institute
– Vocational School

Maltepe University Accommodation:

The university’s student dormitory is located in Marmara Education Village, near the university faculties, providing comfortable residence for students to facilitate their studies and preparation. Marmara Education Village is surrounded by pine forests and green spaces, offering students a peaceful environment for relaxation and study. The student dormitory also includes sports fields, restaurants, cafeterias, fitness centers, a medical center, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and study rooms. You can find more information and images about university accommodation through the following link:

In conclusion, Maltepe University is a reputable institution in Turkey, offering various programs in all fields of study. Obtain your acceptance to Maltepe University easily with the help of the Alemni Shokran website. We simplify all the procedures for your university acceptance. Contact us now!


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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Architecture 4 Turkish 4000$
Architecture 4 English 5000$
Psychology 4 Turkish 4000$
Civil Engineering 4 English 5000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 5000$
Public Relations and Publicity 4 English 5000$
Medicine 6 Turkish 10000$
Medicine 6 English 14000$
Law 4 English / Turkish 4000$
Social Work 4 Turkish 4000$
Social Services 4 English 5000$
Philosophy 4 Turkish 4000$
Stage and Performing Arts 4 Turkish 4000$
Graphic Design 4 Turkish 4000$
Software Engineering 4 English 5000$
Computer Engineering 4 English 5000$
Civil Engineering 4 Turkish 4000$
Special Education Teaching 4 Turkish 4000$
Teacher Training in Mathematics at Primary School Level 4 Turkish 4000$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 4 English 5000$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 4 Turkish 4000$
Teacher Training in English 4 English 5000$
Visual Communication Design 4 Turkish 4000$
Radio, Television and Cinema 4 Turkish 4000$
Public Relations and Publicity 4 Turkish 4000$
Journalism 4 Turkish 4000$
Political Science and International Relations 4 Turkish 4000$
International Trade and Logistics 4 English 5000$
Psychology 4 English 5000$
Nautical Design 4 Turkish 4000$
Business Administration 4 Turkish 4000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 Turkish 4000$
Interior Architecture 4 Turkish 4000$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 5000$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 Turkish 4000$
International Trade and Logistics 4 Turkish 4000$
Nursing 4 Turkish 4000$
Social Work 4 English 5000$
Sociology 4 Turkish 4000$

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