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Maltepe University

  Marmara Education Village was established in 2002 beside a pine tree forest in a 1000-acre open and 300-acre closed ..

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Marmara Education Village was established in 2002 beside a pine tree forest in a 1000-acre open and 300-acre closed area, On this campus, where Maltepe University is also located, there are Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Conservatory, School of Nursing, Vocational School, School of Foreign Languages and Graduate School.

Associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degree programs are carried out in the aforementioned Academic Units and many studies are conducted in the research and application centers.



Maltepe university has a good position among the Turkish universities ranking also in the global rank.

While preserving national identity, develop projects for the present and the future of the society based on the principle of universality of science.

Thus, they try to transform and carry it to the future in line with the expectations of the present time.

This can only be achieved through quality education and scientific research.




Why Maltepe University?


The primary purpose of Turkish universities is to provide “thinking education” to students and to present them scientific thought as a contemporary world-view.
Connected to the environment, the university knows how to transfer the knowledge into production and this knowledge transferred to production makes life easier with its concrete outcomes.
Universities produce projects related to the present and the future of the society, by keeping national characteristics hidden and adhering to the principle of universality of science, and thus, they try to transform the society in line with the expectations of the age and carry it to the future.


All these purposes can only be achieved with qualified education and scientific research. In this sense, Maltepe University offers you a unique opportunity in higher education with:


  • Programs updated according to the development and expectations of the age
  • The variety and richness of academic infrastructure facilities (laboratory, information and document center, internet access, etc.)
  • Sharing academic research with the community
  • Social and cultural events encouraging participation
  • The graduate opportunities offered for graduate education.




Library and Information Center


The Library and Information Center, as a unit of Maltepe University, which progresses with the aim of being free in thought, correct in education, and universal in science, was moved to Marmara Education Campus with all faculties in 2003, between 1997 and 1998, and still continues its services. The Library and Information Center, renewed in the summer of 2018, ensure their education and research program training and reaching the right time at the right time.
The Library and Information Center, which are located at equal distance to the academic units and dormitories of our university, has a closed area of ​​5,280 square meters, considering all working areas. It has a seating capacity of 940 people, a computer room with 50 computers, 4 group study rooms, reading rooms, periodicals hall, and social areas.




Student Exchange Program (Erasmus program)

Maltepe University attaches great importance to internationalization. The first steps in this context were put into practice in the early 2000s, the Erasmus Declaration and the Extended Erasmus Declaration were received in 2004 and 2007, respectively.
Maltepe University has always been among the firsts in every step taken by other universities on internationalization. In line with this purpose, student and academic staff exchanges are made and strong connections are established with respected universities around the world for joint research and scientific studies. International exchange programs and joint projects are among the important indicators of the international quality of Maltepe University.



quality assurance


One of the issues that Maltepe University attaches special importance to is qualified education. Through the Quality Management Office established at our university, all processes related to quality within higher education are closely monitored, and Maltepe University approaches its partners, especially its students, in accordance with this perspective.




Being aware of all these, Maltepe University offers you an alternative with its:


  • Programs updated in accordance with the developments and expectations of today’s world
  • International Exchange Programs (
  • Experienced and specialized academic staff
  • Wide-range of modern academic infrastructure (labs, knowledge-center, internet access, etc.)
  • The effort to share its academic studies with the society
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Postgraduate studies
  • Associate Member of the European University Association (EUA)
  • ECTS and DS Label Holder
  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Programs updated in accordance with a wide range of modern academic infrastructure (labs, information center…)
  • Largest campus area in Turkey located in the midst of the pine forest named Marmara Education Village.



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