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Okan University

Okan University, established by the Okan Foundation for Culture and Education in 1999, stands as one of Turkey's most progressive institutions.

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About Okan University: History, Mission, and Rankings

Okan University, established by the Okan Foundation for Culture and Education in 1999, stands as one of Turkey’s most progressive institutions. Its mission is to empower students to excel in diverse fields, aligning with modern life and advancements. Okan University Istanbul aims to nurture future scholars capable of enhancing their theoretical and scientific skills.

Okan University’s Approach:

Okan University merges theoretical knowledge and practical training to innovate advanced technology for societal development. By focusing on educational and research activities, as well as promoting environmental awareness, it shoulders social responsibility.

Local and Global Rankings:

According to Webometrics, a global university ranking website, Okan University ranks 3511 globally and 108 locally among Turkish universities.

Overview of Okan University:

Okan University offers various programs through 10 faculties, taught in both Turkish and English, along with 3 vocational schools and around 20 research centers. This includes approximately 63 bachelor’s programs, 41 master’s programs, and 13 doctoral programs.

Okan University’s Distinct Features:

Okan University integrates theoretical learning with practical application, preparing students for real-world challenges from their first year. It provides a practical work readiness program, aiding graduates in professional adaptation, knowledge enhancement, and skill development.

Adopting the ECTS credit system, Okan University facilitates student exchange programs. It was the first Turkish university to join the Erasmus student exchange program, collaborating with over 450 institutions worldwide.


Okan University collaborates with various institutions, including academic organizations, the Turkish-European Business Council, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, and more.


Okan University boasts three campuses: the main campus in the Asian part of Istanbul, a second campus housing the Faculty of Dentistry and Okan University Hospital, and a third campus in the Caddebostan area, featuring vocational schools. These campuses showcase architectural elegance, modern facilities, advanced laboratories, conference halls, libraries, sports facilities, and entertainment venues.

Research Centers:

Okan University offers a diverse range of research centers to support students, including:

– Yunus Emre International Center: The first of its kind in the Turkish Republic, this center was established to fund and engage in social projects, aligning with the university’s mission to create and enhance social awareness and implement projects beneficial to society.
– Center for Cultural Research and Studies: This center aims to provide a suitable environment for students from different cultures to engage in constructive dialogues and prepare studies that increase awareness about commonalities and contrasts among various cultures.
– Computer and Application Research Center: This center supports programs, hardware, and applications related to various student activities in education, administration, and research, utilizing global technological advancements.
– European Union Research Center: Focusing on the regional and global context of Turkish-European relations, this center aims to provide a space for researchers in different fields to share research, work, and experiences from various European regions.

Regarding training centers at Okan University:

– Institute for Lifelong Learning: This center is dedicated to training students and delivering certificates of expertise in various specializations.
– Learning and Applied Research Center: Students here can use the latest technological techniques during learning and training in an environment suitable for all students.
– Foreign Language Centers: Students test their proficiency in foreign languages, including speaking and competency tests, as well as language tests for children and youth.
– Confucius Institute: Specifically for translation department students, they compile books focusing on teaching and translating Chinese language into Turkish.
– Culinary Arts Center: Students learn about Turkish and international culinary arts and secrets.

Regarding student accommodation at Okan University:

Okan University provides student accommodations with various facilities, including bedrooms, study rooms, a large dining hall, cafeteria, as well as cleaning and laundry services, and specialized medical clinics. The university also offers 24/7 security services.

Student Activities at Okan University:

The university organizes seminars and conferences involving experts to enhance social and cultural activities as an integral part of education. Okan University encourages students to participate in various activities and arranges trips to historical and archaeological sites through student clubs and the tourism club.

What is the cost of studying at Okan University?

Tuition fees vary based on the specialization. The cost depends on the extensive range of specializations offered by Okan University, ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 annually.

Degrees and Accreditations at Okan University:

Okan University is officially recognized by the European Union and has agreements with many universities across several European countries through student exchange programs.
– The university is recognized by several Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
Okan University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Turkish Republic, which extends its recognition to countries acknowledging the Turkish Ministry of Education.

In addition, Okan University takes pride in its multiple ISO quality certifications in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2019.

Several international organizations accredit Okan University, including:

– MUDAK (Assessment and Accreditation Foundation for Engineering Programs): An independent institution aiming to improve the quality of engineering education.
– ABET: The accrediting body for college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology in the United States.
– TEPDAD: Assesses the quality of medical education.
– World Directory of Medical Schools: Provides accurate and comprehensive information about medical schools worldwide.

Services for program accreditation, evaluation, and information in scientific, mathematical, and social science faculties are provided by FEDEK.

Additionally, Okan University offers a certificate for teaching foreign languages through the Pearson Institute.

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