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Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University: Among Turkey's Oldest Private Institutions and a Preferred Choice for International Students, Thanks to its Exceptional Educational Standards

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Discover Yeditepe University: Academic Offerings and Distinctive Features for Your Academic Journey in Turkey

At Yeditepe University, we are committed to guiding you through everything related to pursuing your academic aspirations in Turkey. Let us enlighten you about the university and its offerings.

Overview of Yeditepe University:

Yeditepe University, one of Turkey’s oldest private institutions, stands as a preferred destination for international students seeking education in Turkey. Renowned for its exceptional educational standards, the university ensures a professional future for its graduates. 

Our unique and modern educational methods foster a love for learning and knowledge, encouraging research and studies through the application of information in well-equipped research centers, overseen by highly qualified academics.

Established in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation, Yeditepe University is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, surrounded by the beauty of Kayışdağı.


International Recognition and Rankings:

Yeditepe University boasts 10 international and local accreditations across various faculties, including Medicine, Dentistry, and Engineering. It holds a significant international status, recognized by European and Arab countries such as Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, and Sudan.



Locally and internationally recognized, Yeditepe University is among Istanbul’s top 7 universities. It holds the 31st position in local rankings and ranks 2686 globally.


Yeditepe University’s Mission:

– We provide contemporary education by conducting scientific research and studies, developing curricula of scientific quality aligned with global standards.

– We offer these researches through distinguished academic members who possess qualifications from the world’s finest universities, aiming to nurture an innovative generation that drives progress.

Yeditepe University excels in medical disciplines, with the Dental Hospital serving as a specialized training center for students.


Campus Overview:

Our university campus spans 223 square meters, featuring distinctive architectural designs. Located in the heart of Kayışdağı, it is surrounded by gardens and nature from all directions. The campus houses classrooms, research centers, laboratories, sports facilities, pools, cinemas, conference halls, student clubs, a theater, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, and shopping areas.


Benefits of Studying at Yeditepe University:

– The Yeditepe campus comprises 13 faculties offering 71 different majors, including 6 graduate faculties with 91 master’s programs, institutes, a vocational school, and 44 doctoral programs.

– We emphasize hands-on learning through 175 laboratories, 46 workshops, and 14 scientific research centers equipped with the latest technology.

Yeditepe attracts a large student body, with over 22,000 students enrolled and more than 30,000 graduates to date.

– Our academic staff consists of over 1,500 members.

– The primary language of instruction is English, and Yeditepe University stands out by offering language courses in 8 foreign languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, and Turkish for non-speakers.

– The university has 436 student exchange agreements with top European and global universities in over 40 countries through the Erasmus student exchange program, providing opportunities for a semester or two abroad, as well as 97 bilateral exchange agreements.

Yeditepe University supports students and graduates through the “Student Center,” aiding them in career guidance and academic consultations for suitable employment opportunities.


Research Centers at Yeditepe University:

– Management Research Center

– Information Systems Research Center

– Dental Research Center

– Eye Diseases Research Center

– Epidemiology and Pharmaceutical Economics Research Center

– Stem Cell Research Center

– Dental Training, Application, and Research Center

– Development and Disability Research Center

– Applications and Strategic Research Center

– Global Center for Education and Culture Research

– Healthcare Services Education, Research, and Application Center


Yeditepe University’s Associated Centers and Hospitals:

– Eye Diseases Research and Application Center

– Complementary Medicine Center

– Genetic Diseases Research Center

– Yeditepe Medical Center

– Tissue Repair Laboratory

– Koşuyolu Hospital

– Kozyatağı Hospital

– Dental Hospital


Student Housing at Yeditepe University:

We offer comfortable student accommodation on campus for both male and female students, with a capacity for over 3,000 individuals. Rooms are fully equipped with necessary amenities and furniture. For pricing details, please refer to our university’s website.


Scholarship Opportunities:

Yeditepe University offers various scholarships, including:

– Full Scholarships for excellence upon admission.

– Scholarships covering 50% of tuition for those joining the scholarship program and 25% for 25% of tuition.

– Excellence scholarships awarded within the university based on predefined criteria.

– Sports scholarships covering 50% for students involved in university sports teams or national competitions.


Required Documents for Admission:

– Passport photo page copy

– Passport-sized photo

– Translated and certified high school diploma in English or Turkish

– Graduation certificate if available

– English proficiency certificate (TOEFL score of at least 79) for English-language programs

– Acceptance rate is 50%.

– Additional documents and certificates can enhance eligibility for discounts.


Master’s Programs include the aforementioned requirements, along with a motivation letter and a CV.


If you’re interested in enrolling at Yeditepe University and need assistance, feel free to reach out to our team at “Alemni Shokran” We’re here to serve you. Contact us through our official website.


University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Arts Management 4 English 6822$
Genetics and Bioengineering 4 English 8977$
Turkish Language and Literature 4 Turkish 5670$
Fashion and Textile Design 4 English 6822$
Nursing 4 English 6104$
Radio, Television and Cinema 4 English 5670$
Political Science and International Relations 4 English 7541$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 6104$
Computer Engineering 4 English 8977$
Teacher Training in English 4 English 4590$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 4 English 4590$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 8977$
Sociology 4 English 5670$
English Language and Literature 4 English 5670$
Materials Science and Nano Engineering 4 English 8977$
Translation and interpreting 4 English 5670$
Materials Science and Engineering 4 English 8977$
History 4 English 5670$
Advertising Design and Communication 4 English 5670$
Medicine 6 English 32400$
Law 4 Turkish 7830$
Civil Engineering 4 English 8977$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 8977$
International Logistics Management 4 English 5670$
Dentistry 5 English 32400$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 8977$
Biomedical Engineering 4 English 8977$
Special Education Teaching 4 English 4590$
Teacher Training in Mathematics at Primary School Level 4 English 4590$
Puplic Administration 4 English 5670$
Political Science and International Relations 4 French 7541$
International Business Administration 4 German 7541$
Anthropology 4 English 5670$
Philosophy 4 English 5670$
Media and Communication 4 English 5670$
Russian Language and Literature 4 Russian 5670$
Graphic Design 4 English 6822$
Plastic Arts and Painting 4 English 6822$
Theater 4 English 6822$
Journalism 4 English 5670$
Information Security Technology 4 English 5670$
Information Systems and Technology 4 English 5670$
Psychology 4 English 5670$
Chemical Engineering 4 English 8977$
Urban Design and Landscape 4 English 8977$
Real Estate and Property Management 4 English 4590$
Custom and Border Management 4 English 4590$
Agriculture Trade and Management 4 English 4590$
Human Resources Management 4 English 4590$
Physics 4 English 5670$
Interior Architecture 4 English 7541$
Public Relations and Publicity 4 English 7541$
Food Engineering 4 English 8977$
Management Information Systems 4 English 5670$
Economics 4 English 7541$
Tourism Management 4 English 5670$
Architecture 4 English 8977$
International Finance 4 English 5670$
Visual Communication Design 4 English 5670$
Industrial Design 4 English 7541$
Software Developement 4 English 4590$
Business Administration 4 English 7541$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 English 6822$
International Trade 4 English 5670$
International Transportation Systems 4 English 5670$
E-Commerce and Management 4 English 5670$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Business Administration 2 English 8500$
Business Administration 2 English 8500$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Economics and Finance 4 English 10000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 13500$
Architecture 2 English 13500$
English Language and Literature 4 English 7850$
Business Management 4 English 10500$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 13500$

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