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Study in Turkey in English

studying in English is indeed available in Turkey, and it is widely offered.

Study In Turkey In English

Is the study in English available in Turkey?

Yes, studying in English is indeed available in Turkey, and it is widely offered. This is because the Turkish government places a strong emphasis on education, ranking first in terms of education expenditure. 

Turkey has also entered into many cultural exchange agreements with over 176 countries to integrate Turkish civilization with other cultures for societal growth.

As a result, English-medium education has been introduced in both public and private universities in Turkey, often at lower tuition fees compared to many European and American countries.

In Turkish universities, especially private ones, where English-medium education is a primary language of instruction, you’ll find that all fields of study are available in both Turkish and English. 

In public universities in Turkey, academic programs are continuously updated on a yearly basis, and English-medium programs are added to various fields of study based on the demand from international students for specific majors.

Studying in English in Turkey is beneficial for several reasons:

Language: Many international students, including Arabs and foreigners, may not have prior knowledge of the Turkish language. 

Studying in English makes it easier for them to overcome the language barrier, as they do not need to invest time in learning Turkish before starting their studies.

Global Opportunities: English-medium education in Turkey can prepare students for further studies in countries like the European Union and the United States, where English is the primary language of instruction. 

This facilitates a seamless transition for students who wish to continue their education abroad

Inclusivity: Turkish universities have started accepting Turkish students as well for English-medium programs, as this language of instruction holds great significance for their academic future.

Here are some of the prominent private Turkish universities that offer programs in English across various fields of study:

Istanbul Aydin University:

 Offers programs in English in fields like English Language Teaching, International Relations, International Trade, Business Administration, and various engineering disciplines.

Bahçeşehir University: 

Known for its programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Education and Educational Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, among others.

Uskudar University

Specializes in Mental Health and Psychological Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Political Science and International Relations, and Psychology.

Gelişim University: 

Offers programs in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Psychology, Political Science and International Relations, Public Relations, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Genetics and Bioengineering, and many more.

Altinbas University:

Founded in 2008 in the Bagcilar region of the European part of Istanbul, Altinbas University offers English-language instruction.

It is accredited by the Higher Education Council and ranks among the top Turkish universities. Key English-language study programs at Altinbas University include Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, all Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences programs, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Architectural Design.

Beykoz University:

Among the top medical universities in Istanbul, Beykoz University is known for its high-quality education under the motto “The Future of Science.”

The university boasts a specialized training center equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies. It offers English-language programs in Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation.

Istanbul Bilgi University:

Istanbul Bilgi University was founded in 1996 and is ranked among the top 140 emerging universities in Europe and Asia. The university primarily conducts its diverse programs in English.

Key English-language study programs at Istanbul Bilgi University include Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Genetics and Bioengineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Tourism and Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, International Trade, Business Administration, Communication Design and Management, and Marketing.

Istanbul Okan University:

Recognized by the European Union and many Arab countries, Istanbul Okan University is Turkey’s first university to be a member of the International Student Exchange Network. English is the primary language of instruction, and some programs are taught in other languages. Important English-language study programs at Okan University include Human Medicine, Dentistry, Civil Aviation, Psychology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Architecture, Nutrition and Dietetics, Finance and Economics, International Trade, English Language Teaching, Tourism and Hotel Management, and various other fields.

Istanbul Medipol University:

Istanbul Medipol University is one of the top Turkish universities and a popular choice among Arab students, especially for medical specialties. The university offers numerous English-language programs. 

Key English-language study programs at Istanbul Medipol University include Institutes specializing in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Anesthesia, English Language Teaching, as well as Bachelor’s programs in Medical Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, and Economics.

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