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Beykoz University

Beykoz University is one of the distinguished and modern universities that was established in 2016 The university is located in ..

شعار جامعة بيكوز

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Beykoz University is one of the distinguished and modern universities that was established in 2016

The university is located in Beykoz region in the Asian section of Istanbul, where this section is famous for its natural and picturesque parts and quietness, which provides an appropriate learning environment for students, and the university allows its students to study in Turkish or English, according to the student’s choice.

The university includes a large number of departments and educational branches, such as the College of Fine Arts, the College of Architecture, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Administrative Sciences, graphic design, aviation, psychology, and political science.

The university has 3 campuses that combine education units with cultural and social units.

Beykoz University has 4 colleges:

♦ College of Engineering and Architecture
♦ College of Art and Design
♦ College of Management and Administrative Sciences
♦ College of Social Sciences
Civil Aviation School
Foreign Language School

The English language is the primary language of study at Beykoz University, along with the Turkish language in which some majors are taught.



Beykoz University aims to become the center of excellence in all its services and to become the center of happiness, freedom, tolerance, and success for our students and employees. In order to achieve these our utmost goals, The University has set up its mission to become a universally recognized university that learns and contributes to learning and society through learning.


To be a universal university that learns adds value to learning and society with what they learn.


Scientifically and professionally equipped and competent,
Research, problem-solving, and application skills developed,
Open to multidisciplinary approaches; can design and apply original, aesthetic, creative, and innovative applications,
Knowing the value of learning, not breaking away from learning and ethical values throughout life,
Who thinks freely and does not hesitate to express his opinion,
Self-confident and able to communicate effectively,
Perceives and applies quality and excellence as a lifestyle,
Respectful to human life, social and cultural values,
Awareness of social responsibility is developed; taking responsibility for a sustainable future.

Library and Documentation

In addition to supporting the education provided at Beykoz University, the Library and Documentation Directorate aims to contribute to the personal and intellectual development of Beykoz’s students and other users and to meet their information needs.

In the Information Resources Center, which is set up on an area of 280 square meters and where about 100 people can visit and work; however, you can have a good time without ignoring the need for silence.
In our collection; more than 21,000 webcasts; publication collection, map collection, DVD / CD collection, rare work collection.

Erasmus(student exchange program)

More than 100 students benefited from Mobility for Study and Mobility for Placement. With the establishment of the university having an increased number of teaching programs in a wide variety of discipline at different study levels, the university will continue to reinforce its active Erasmus links and develop further ones in as many European countries as possible and we believe that the increase in Erasmus student and staff exchange will grow much faster with developing further collaboration with our Erasmus partners.


Beykoz University continues its education on five campuses in Beykoz Kavacık, Istanbul. Designed specifically for educational models with a safe environment, modern infrastructure, these campuses are built according to the academic and social lives of students. Canteens, library, laboratories, and workshops; infirmaries have all the facilities that should be available on a university campus with their sportive activities. The activities of student clubs, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, interviews, and other activities create a rich culture, arts, and entertaining atmosphere at our university.




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