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Atilim University offers high-quality education at European Standards (Bologna Process) and recognized through world university rankings and offers globally accredited ..

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Atilim University offers high-quality education at European Standards (Bologna Process) and recognized through world university rankings and offers globally accredited degrees and diplomas with a diploma supplement award by EU.


Atilim University is rapidly ascending its ranking internationally


• Top 500 universities in the 2016-2017 THE WUR
• Top 800 universities in 2019 in Round Ranking
• Top 100 in 2017 THE 200Under50
• Top 400 in 2018 in THE Physical Sciences field ranking
• Top 200 in 2018 in U.S. News Mathematics field ranking
• Top 200 in 2018 in ARWU Mathematics field ranking


Atilim University promotes internationalization both in education and in campus life with a multinational environment and participative approach
– It offers exchange, internship, and international mobility programs in EU countries and other parts of the world

– International students are from over 63 different countries all over the world including Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, the Gulf Region, and the Caucasus

– The University employs an internationally experienced and renowned staff
– In most academic programs, the medium of instruction is English




Besides the studies conducted in 14 Research Centers, 150 laboratories of Atilim University are utilized by students for research and training purposes. One of the research centers of Atilim University, the Metal Forming Center of Excellence has the characteristics of being one of the three most developed centers of Europe and the first and only research center among Turkish universities. The Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE) was established in 2010 and funded by the Turkish Ministry of Development and Atilim University. The Center aims to support the Turkish metal forming industry through research in four main areas, develop innovative, knowledge-based manufacturing technologies, manufacture high value-added components, manufacture new and advanced materials and explore options for energy-efficient manufacturing.



Atilim University has the 4th largest university library in Ankara


Atilim library aims to create team spirit, service, and perfection within itself, enable the library users to produce-keep-transfer the information, and to create a learning society





To raise qualified individuals equipped with knowledge in their field at an international level by creating high-performance means for the production and application of scientific knowledge with the understanding of social sensitivity and sustainability.





To always rank among the top 10 Turkish universities and top 500 universities around the world in the fields of research and education.






The campus has 5 cafeterias and 1 canteen which can serve up to 5000 individuals. The services are of top quality and maintained that way given the importance of nutrition for students and staff.
The cafeterias in the Schools of Law, Engineering, and Business are open between 08.30 am and 5.30 pm on weekdays.
These cafeterias offer grilled food, doner kebab, pizza, pastry, pasta, and hot meals cooked in our kitchen. All food items are prepared in a clean environment and in accordance with regulations supervised by dietitians and food engineers. Utmost importance is attached to all details, including presentation and calorific value, to maintain quality and offer services at affordable prices. Canteens also offer snacks and other items of well-known brands.






The students coming from other cities to Ankara can find accommodation in Nazlı Dormitory for Female Students and Emre Dormitory for Male Students.
These dormitories strive to meet all needs of students in a comfortable and safe environment and to make them feel at home.




Students exchange program (ERASMUS)


 The Programme supports actions, cooperation, and tools consistent with the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship initiatives, such as Youth on the Move and the Agenda for new skills and jobs. The Programme also contributes to achieve the objectives of the Education and Training Strategic Framework for European cooperation in Education and Training and of the European Youth Strategy through the Open Methods of Coordination.





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