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Biruni University

Biruni University is a specialized Turkish institution in the medical field, encompassing studies like human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Biruni University

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Biruni University is a specialized Turkish institution in the medical field, encompassing studies like human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Renowned for its high-quality study materials and education, the university employs cutting-edge devices and technologies for teaching, training, and examinations, effectively linking theoretical learning with practical applications.

The name of the university is in honor of the esteemed scholar Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, renowned for his significant contributions to medicine, pharmacy, physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Established in 2016 in the heart of Istanbul, the university hosts over 13,000 students from both Turkey and abroad.

Key Features of Biruni University:

– Strategically located in central Istanbul, Biruni University is easily accessible from all areas. It boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, laboratories, and research centers equipped with advanced technology.
– The university’s extensive library houses a vast collection of books, references, and documents across all academic disciplines.
Biruni University offers a career services office to assist students and graduates in finding employment aligned with their academic specialization and practical experience.
– Opportunities for collaboration with global healthcare institutions for student training are available.
– The university provides various student activities, fostering personal and social development through artistic, cultural, and sports endeavors.
– Diverse student societies, such as those focused on science, civil engagement, and social interactions, enrich the university experience.
– The university hosts international conferences and events in various fields.

Studying at Biruni University Istanbul:

– Outstanding students are honored for their academic achievements, with scholarships provided to support them.
– Education at Biruni University revolves around projects, research, and examinations from the first year, ensuring a blend of theoretical and practical experience through research, exploration, and testing.
– The university offers over 40 study programs across various disciplines, with 24 fellowship programs, 26 master’s programs, and professional and preparatory schools.
– Learning is facilitated by accredited instructors and professors.
– Student exchange programs with international universities, including Erasmus, are available.
– Advanced study programs are developed under the supervision of the Higher Education Council, ensuring the graduation of competent professionals.
– Most programs are offered in both English and Turkish.
– Double Major programs enable students to study two different majors and earn dual degrees, provided the majors are within the same faculty.
– The university offers an English preparatory program to ensure language proficiency before entering the desired major.
– Short specialization programs allow students to focus on specific areas or switch majors if desired.

Vision and Values of Biruni University:

Biruni University aims to become a leading Turkish institution in all medical specialties and a significant academic reference point for students across various fields, offering excellent education in both practical and theoretical aspects. The university aims to nurture a qualified generation capable of advancing society, aligned with technological advancements.

The university upholds certain values that students are encouraged to embody, including ethical commitment, respect for others, dedication to learning, critical and analytical thinking.

Objectives of Biruni University:

In line with its vision, Biruni University aspires to play a major role in the development of medicine in all its forms, offering research-based training to students, and contributing to health and medical advancements. The university’s commitment extends beyond students to its faculty, training them to provide the best teaching experience.

Biruni University Library:

The university possesses a large library housing a comprehensive collection of books, theses, audiovisual materials, and electronic resources, catering to the educational journey of every student. The materials are systematically organized, making them easily accessible.

Explore Biruni University’s Diverse Programs:

Known for its commitment to excellence and distinct specializations, Biruni University offers educational programs in various fields and for all types of studies, including bachelor’s, master’s, diplomas, and fellowships. The university offers over 45 fellowship programs, 10 Ph.D. programs, and 22 master’s programs.

Here are the colleges and specializations at Biruni University:

The university comprises seven colleges, including a postgraduate college for master’s and Ph.D. programs:

– College of Medicine
– College of Dentistry
– College of Pharmacy
– College of Engineering
– College of Health Sciences
– College of Education

For postgraduate studies, the university offers programs such as:

– Master of Nutrition Science
– Master of Pharmacy
– Master of Guidance and Psychological Counseling
– Master of Nursing
– Ph.D. in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
– Ph.D. in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
– Ph.D. in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
– Ph.D. in Molecular and Medical Genetics

The university also hosts a vocational school offering programs like Computer Programming, Biomedical Device Technologies, Dental Services, Medical Technologies (Anesthesia, Radiotherapy, Medical Imaging), Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Pharmacy Services, and Child and Elderly Care.”

Where is Biruni University located?

Biruni University is located in the European side of central Istanbul, in the vibrant Zeytinburnu area, which is close to metro stations, metro bus stations, and the Eurasia Tunnel. This location is unique and close to all the lively areas in Istanbul, such as restaurants, gardens, and tourist attractions.

Student Housing at Biruni University:

As mentioned before, student housing is not located within the campus of Biruni University. The university provides external housing units with the aim of giving students independence and privacy. Despite this, the university oversees the housing and ensures that all necessary facilities are available to provide students with a peaceful atmosphere for studying. The university offers three types of housing:

  1. Republica Housing: This is mixed housing for both male and female students. It is modern and contemporary, equipped with Wi-Fi, camera surveillance, 24-hour security, cleaning services for rooms and clothes.
  2. NOVU Housing: This housing is exclusively for female students. It is spacious, with over 400 rooms and 900 beds. It offers single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms. NOVU Housing features wide spaces for studying, various recreational facilities such as game rooms, gym, cinema, and offers cleaning and laundry services.
  3. MÜNEVER EREN Housing: This type of housing includes soundproof rooms for quiet studying. It features a restaurant, café for students, recreational facilities like a cinema, swimming pool, gym, TV rooms, centralized air conditioning, internet, and 24-hour camera surveillance.

Important Numbers about the Number of Students Studying at Biruni University:

The university has around 13,500 students from different nationalities, including Egyptian, Somali, Saudi, and Yemeni students. Among them are over 5,000 students in fellowships, 3,500 students in vocational school, 7,200 students in undergraduate programs, and 62 students in doctoral programs.

Services and Facilities at Biruni University Istanbul:

The university offers essential services to support students and enhance their academic capabilities.


  1. Counseling and Psychological Guidance Service: The university provides counseling and psychological guidance services through its counseling center. Students can book sessions through the university’s website.
  2. Academic and Career Counseling Service: The university established the Academic and Career Counseling Center to guide students towards a better future based on their skills, interests, and academic experiences.
  3. Continuing Education Center: The center offers educational programs in various fields, such as law, professional training, and psychological education.
  4. University Hospitals: The university has two hospitals, the General University Hospital in Küçükçekmece and the Dentistry University Hospital in Topkapı. These hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art devices and trained medical staff.

Required Documents for Registration at Biruni University:

  1. Passport photos.
  2. Original high school diploma with a minimum of 60%.
  3. A translated copy of the passport into Turkish or English.
  4. TOEFL test results with a minimum score of 79 for bachelor’s programs.
  5. For Turkish-taught programs, a YOS language proficiency certificate at C1 level.
  6. A valid email address for communication with the university.

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University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Audiology 4 Turkish 1980$
Ergotherapy 4 Turkish 1980$
Nursing 4 English 3240$
Teacher Training in Mathematics at Primary School Level 4 Turkish 1980$
Medicine 6 Turkish 15300$
Teacher Training In Turkish 4 Turkish 3400$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 English 3465$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 Turkish 1980$
ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING 4 English / Turkish 1980$
Midwifery 4 Turkish 1980$
Pharmacy 5 Turkish 9000$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 Turkish 2340$
Industrial Products Design 4 Turkish 2500$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 Turkish 1980$
Nursing 4 Turkish 1980$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 4 Turkish 1980$
Child Development 4 Turkish 1980$
Health Management 4 Turkish 2500$
Computer Engineering 4 Turkish 2340$
Dentistry 5 Turkish 13500$
Computer Engineering 4 English 3465$
Biomedical Engineering 4 Turkish 3465$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 English 3240$
Interior Architecture 4 Turkish 1980$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 3240$
Special Education Teaching 4 Turkish 1980$
Primary Education 4 Turkish 1980$
Pharmacy 5 English 10800$
Medicine 6 English 18000$
Dentistry 5 English 15300$
Teacher Training at Pre-School Level 4 Turkish 1980$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Nursing 2 Turkish 6200$
Health Management 2 Turkish 3500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 Turkish 5000$
Health Management 2 Turkish 5000$
Special Education Teaching 2 Turkish 10000$
Special Education Teaching 2 Turkish 8250$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 2 Turkish 4750$
Psychological Counseling and Guidance 2 Turkish 6500$
Biostatistics 2 Turkish 5000$
Biostatistics 2 Turkish 4000$
Clinical Embryology 2 English 5500$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 2 English 5750$
Midwifery 2 Turkish 6200$
Occupational Health and Safety 2 Turkish 3250$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing 4 Turkish 11000$
Drug Design and Development 4 Turkish 6800$
Health Management 4 Turkish 9000$
Periodontology 4 Turkish 12250$
Prosthodontics 4 Turkish 12250$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 Turkish 7500$
Orthodontics 4 Turkish 13000$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Perfusion 2 Turkish 2025$
Medical Laboratory Techniques 2 Turkish 2025$
PODOLOGY 2 Turkish 2025$
Medical Documentation and Secretarial 2 Turkish 2025$
Biomedical Equipment Technology 2 Turkish 2025$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 Turkish 2025$
Radiotherapy 2 Turkish 2025$
First Aid and Emergency 2 Turkish 2025$
Dental Prosthetic Technology 2 Turkish 2025$
Occupational Health and Safety 2 Turkish 2025$
Electroneurophysiology 2 Turkish 2025$
Audiometry 2 Turkish 2025$
Dialysis 2 Turkish 2025$
Computer Programming 2 Turkish 2025$
Emergency Services and Disaster Management 2 Turkish 2025$
Anesthesia 2 Turkish 2025$
Medical Imaging Techniques 2 Turkish 2025$
Pathology Laboratory Techniques 2 Turkish 2025$
Opticianry 2 Turkish 2025$
Operating Room Services 2 Turkish 2025$
Oral and Dental Health 2 Turkish 2025$
Child Development 2 Turkish 2025$

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