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Biruni University

Biruni University was established in 2016 and the university is famous for its medical specialties. It also has a private ..

شعار جامعة البيروني

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Biruni University was established in 2016 and the university is famous for its medical specialties. It also has a private hospital that places the student more in practical life.

It is worth noting that the name of the university is inspired by the name of great scholar Abu Al-Rayhan Al-Biruni, who is famous for his knowledge and his contribution in many fields, especially in medicine, pharmacy, astronomy, mathematics, physics, geography, and history.

The mission of Biruni University is to provide world-class education and services that produce information and knowledge in every area of ​​health

And to continue progress and growth at all practical and theoretical levels, to equip young people with knowledge and methods of dealing with global development and technology, while respecting ethical values, to produce qualified researchers
To advance society

Advantages of studying at Biruni University:

♦ The university is located in the center of Istanbul and is easily accessible.

♦ It owns advanced technology hospitals, as it is a university specialized in the field of health sciences.

♦ It houses science and research laboratories equipped with the latest technology.

♦ The university works to provide effective services that contribute to the development of paper and community development in the fields of education, health, and culture.

♦ It has an experienced and competent faculty and its number is 300 teachers.



The mission of Biruni university
To provide a university education being aware of the responsibility of fulfilling the prospects of the whole humanity through producing knowledge and applying it in healthcare areas; respectful to the diversity and value judgments of people; meeting the expectations of the students at global standards.

Vision of Biruni university
To be a leader universities acknowledged as a global and domestic touchstone with their education, research, and services.




Libraries and Information Centers are hubs where information is collected, organized, and made available to users (students, academicians, researchers, etc.). Libraries are institutions established to meet the research, educational, and training needs in line with the education and training of the university.

The university carries out the necessary work to create sufficient staff for library services, to give an opinion to the Rectorate about the personnel to be assigned to libraries.

Also, it provides all forms of information, such as books, periodicals, theses, micro-films, audio-visual materials, videos, and similar resources from Turkey and abroad, in order to meet the information and document needs required for education and research, to organize stored information system and to make it available to those in need of it.








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