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Fenerbahçe Üniversitesi

Established in Istanbul by the Fenerbahçe Education, Culture, and Health Foundation, Fenerbahçe University has received official recognition and legal authorization from the Ministry of Higher Education through an announcement published in the official gazette on the same day.

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Exploring Fenerbahçe University: A Top Choice for Studying in Turkey

Fenerbahçe University stands out among Turkish universities as a preferred destination for studying in Turkey. With its numerous scholarships, the university attracts students from around the world. Its core values encompass research, education, and global recognition achieved by embracing international standards in education and aligning programs with practical applications and research.

Established in Istanbul by the Fenerbahçe Education, Culture, and Health Foundation, Fenerbahçe University has received official recognition and legal authorization from the Ministry of Higher Education through an announcement published in the official gazette on the same day.

Furthermore, the university is recognized by European Union countries and some Arab nations.

The university’s aim is to cultivate a purpose-driven generation with academic qualifications that set them apart. It accomplates this by offering study opportunities abroad in Europe’s top universities and collaborating with companies and institutions to provide essential training and suitable job opportunities.

Starting with 392 students in its founding year of 2016, Fenerbahçe University’s student body has grown significantly. In the 2020/2021 academic year, it reached 1743 students, occupying most of the university’s seats at an impressive 96.3% occupancy rate.

The university has also played a significant role in attracting international students, with 138 students from diverse nationalities worldwide.

Discover Fenerbahçe University’s Ranking

Fenerbahçe University is ranked 173rd among Turkish universities and 9013th globally according to the RANKING WEB international ranking.

Fenerbahçe University’s Mission

The university’s mission revolves around providing an educational environment that matches the standards of leading global institutions. It encourages students to build and exchange knowledge, fostering innovation, self-confidence, and the ability to contribute to society’s advanced and civilized development. This rapid academic development fuels students’ eagerness to compete both locally and internationally.

The university envisions achieving a prestigious global status, earning respect as a higher education institution, instilling ethical values, promoting love among nations, aiding humanity, and equipping students with diverse and versatile skills.

Explore Fenerbahçe University’s Campus

Fenerbahçe University offers educational, cultural, and social services within its modern and advanced campus located in the heart of Istanbul’s Asian side. The campus provides an exceptional educational environment that combines learning and application, nurturing students’ innovative spirits.

The campus houses all faculties and classrooms, supported by research centers and laboratories for training and practical application. The university’s commitment to producing academically and psychologically qualified individuals is reflected in its fitness center and well-stocked university library, offering academic resources for students and academics alike.

Location of Fenerbahçe University

Fenerbahçe University is situated in Istanbul’s economic capital on the Asian side, precisely in the renowned Ataşehir district, known for its elegance within the city.

If you choose to pursue your educational journey at Fenerbahçe University, here are some essential facts and features you need to know:

– The university comprises 5 faculties: Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences; Faculty of Communication; Faculty of Health Sciences; Faculty of Engineering and Architecture; Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. 

– It offers 17 undergraduate programs and includes a Higher Education Institute and a Professional School of Health Services.

Fenerbahçe University collaborates with 37 student clubs to enhance students’ hobbies and social relationships.

– The university’s research and application environment consists of 8 scientific research centers that support practical teaching methods, providing students with important professional skills required in the business world.

Notable Features of Fenerbahçe University

– The medium of instruction at Fenerbahçe University is English, in addition to Turkish. The university provides distinctive English language preparation programs for students looking to enhance their language skills.
– Students are encouraged to develop their personalities and skills through collaborations with Health Group and Fenerbahçe Sports Club, offering students work opportunities.
Fenerbahçe University is an active participant in the Erasmus student exchange program, offering students the chance to travel and study at European universities, enriching their experience with knowledge and intensive training.
– At Fenerbahçe University, students can earn dual degrees simultaneously through the university’s dual and subsidiary programs.
– The university continuously supports students’ academic paths, providing professional guidance, employment planning, conferences, seminars, and internal training in partnership with companies.

Fenerbahçe University’s Research Centers

– Turkish Language Research and Teaching Center
– European Studies Research Center
– European Studies, Innovation and Research Center
– Technology Applications and Research Center
– Cyber Field Studies Research Center
– Sports Research Center
– Applied African Studies and Research Center
– Continuous Training, Turkish Education Application and Research Center
– Distance Education Application and Research Center

Costs and Fees at Fenerbahçe University

The average cost of studying at Fenerbahçe University is moderate compared to other Turkish and international universities. The costs vary depending on the student’s chosen major.

Admission Requirements for Fenerbahçe University

The admission requirements for Fenerbahçe University are as follows:

– Passing the YÖS exam or SAT exam.
– If choosing English as the medium of instruction, proof of TOEFL proficiency is required.
– TOMER Turkish language proficiency exam.
– High school diploma.
– Statement of purpose (optional).
– Two recommendation letters (optional).
– Passport copy.

If the student is not proficient in English or Turkish, the university’s language institute offers a preparatory year for foreign students to study the required language.

Post-Acceptance Steps with Alemni Shokran

After submitting all documents, the university reviews the application and responds with a provisional acceptance. To proceed:

– The student transfers a specific amount to the university’s bank account and sends the receipt via email.
– Upon receipt of the receipt, the university sends the final acceptance, enabling the student to obtain a travel visa from the Turkish consulate.
– The student modifies their high school certificate at the Turkish consulate and brings it along.
– Upon arrival in Turkey, the university assists with registration and enrollment procedures.

Benefits of Registering Through Alemni Shokran

Alemni Shokran ensures seamless university enrollment, eliminating difficulties and challenges students might face. Their comprehensive services save time and effort, streamlining the registration process, document preparation, and transactions.

They also assist in choosing the right major through their experts and continuously support students’ academic journey, helping them integrate into university life in Turkey.

University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Pharmacy 5 Turkish 6500$
Computer Engineering 4 English 3000$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 3000$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 English 3000$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 Turkish 2500$
Architecture 4 Turkish 2500$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 Turkish 2500$
Midwifery 4 Turkish 2500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 Turkish 2500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 3000$
Nursing 4 English 3000$
Nursing 4 Turkish 2500$
Economics 4 English 3000$
English Language and Literature 4 English 3000$
Psychology 4 English 3000$
Psychology 4 Turkish 2500$
Political Science and International Relations 4 English 3000$
Management Information Systems 4 English 3000$
International Finance 4 English 3000$
Public Relations and Advertising 4 Turkish 2500$
Radio and Television Programming 4 Turkish 2500$
New Media 4 Turkish 2500$
Coaching 4 Turkish 2500$
Physical Education and Sports Teaching 4 Turkish 2500$
Pharmacy 5 English 8000$
Software Engineering 4 English 3000$
Sports Management 4 Turkish 2500$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Business Administration 2 Turkish 2000$
Business Administration 2 Turkish 1500$
Business Administration 2 English 2500$
Business Administration 2 English 2000$
Sports Sciences 2 Turkish 2000$
Sports Sciences 2 Turkish 1500$
Internal Medicine Nursing 2 Turkish 2000$
Political Science and International Relations 2 English 2500$
Political Science and International Relations 2 English 2000$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Sports Sciences 4 Turkish 5000$


Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Oral and Dental Health 2 Turkish 1500$
Anesthesia 2 Turkish 1500$
Operating Room Services 2 Turkish 1500$
Dental Prosthetic Technology 2 Turkish 1500$
Dialysis 2 Turkish 1500$
Pharmacy Services 2 Turkish 1500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 Turkish 1500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 English 1500$
First Aid and Emergency 2 Turkish 1500$
Radiotherapy 2 Turkish 1500$
Medical Laboratory Techniques 2 Turkish 1500$
Medical Imaging Techniques 2 Turkish 1500$

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