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İstanbul Arel University

Istanbul University Arel was founded in 2007 and is located in Turkey in the European section of Istanbul. The university ..

شعار جامعة اريل

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Istanbul University Arel was founded in 2007 and is located in Turkey in the European section of Istanbul.

The university is located near the city center and in a great location close to transportation and vital places within the city.

Istanbul Ariel University aims to provide education, research, and social services in line with international quality standards and raise the educational and cultural level of students in accordance with the principles and reforms of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is also concerned with developing students’ critical and creative thinking skills.

Istanbul Ariel University is one of the best privately owned universities in Turkey and it was one of the few Turkish universities that gave lectures in the English language, so it remains a high priority for students applying for a high level of English language proficiency.

The university has student exchange programs such as the Erasmus program which gives students the opportunity to study a year or semester in any university of the European Union, and the Farabi program for Turkey and many countries of the world including Canada, America, and Australia.

The university buildings are distinguished by the finest contemporary architectural designs, and they contain all the features that a modern university should have. It is equipped with everything necessary to ensure students are able to receive the most effective education. Facilities include modern classrooms, computer and technical laboratories, a library, conference rooms, a fitness center, a swimming pool, gyms, cafeterias, and restaurants.


As the University is located in Istanbul, students will always have a good time there, Istanbul is under the influence of the Marmara climate, which is known as the transition climate between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea climates. While the summers are hot and dry on the Marmara coast in the south and the winters are mild, the summers are warmer and rainy on the Black Sea coast and the winters are cool.




Colleges available at Istanbul Ariel University


♦ Faculty of medicine
♦ College of Fine Arts
♦ College of Health Sciences
♦ College of Literature
♦ faculty of Sciences and Literature
♦ College of Engineering and Architecture
♦ College of Communication
♦ College of Economics and Administrative Sciences
♦ Faculty of Applied Science
♦ In addition to the presence of the vocational school






Istanbul Arel University aims to conduct education, research, and social service activities in line with international quality standards and raise individuals who are devoted to the principles and reforms of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the values of the Republic, who identify themselves as global citizens, adhere to the rule of law, respect ethical principles, human rights, and diversity and possess critical and creative thinking skills.





Istanbul Arel University’s vision is to become an internationally recognized contemporary education and research institution that raises individuals who can identify and analyze the ever-changing social, cultural, economic, and technological requirements and carry out innovative scientific research and professional activities in order to meet these requirements.




 Students exchange program(ERASMUS+)


Erasmus+ aims to modernize and improve higher education across Europe and the rest of the world.
It gives students and staff opportunities to develop their skills and boost their employment prospects. Good practices will be shared between universities and businesses in Knowledge Alliances.
Higher education institutions from participating countries can work with those from neighborhood countries, non-EU Balkan countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin America to develop their educational systems.




 Campuses Of Istanbul Arel University


  • Kemal Gözükara Campus
  • Sefaköy Campus
  • Cevizlibağ Campus




Transportation Services


Istanbul Arel University Transportation Services Office is responsible for ensuring that the transportation networks for students and staff between the campuses, dorms, and main transport routes run effectively.
The transportation services are regularly reviewed in order to evaluate the feedback received from those benefitting from the services and to consistently improve the quality of the services provided.







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