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Istanbul Atlas University

Atlas University is a private university located in the Kaıthane district in Istanbul. Which has a special location compared to ..

شعار جامعة اطلس

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Atlas University is a private university located in the Kaıthane district in Istanbul. Which has a special location compared to most of Istanbul Turkish universities

Mission of Atlas University
The university’s mission is to provide good service to the community through education and training in line with international quality standards. The university’s primary goal is to educate individuals who respect the rule of law, individual freedom, differences, human rights, and universal values.

The university’s vision is to become a training center in the cultural, technological, and economic fields, in light of the information that is constantly updated, and to train individuals who are able to conduct innovative scientific research and professional activities while absorbing the values ​​of Turkish civilization at the same time and educating individuals who aim to live by their national and moral values.

Atlas University, which will be a leading university in the field of research and education on a national and global scale, offers a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development in the educational, research, and clinical fields.
Atlas is the first interdisciplinary university college to combine technology and the social sciences

Atlas University Hospital
The Medical School Hospital, which acts as a center for health, education, application, and research at Atlas University, has been operating on the European side of Istanbul for 20 years with its strong and experienced staff and advanced equipment for medical devices and infrastructure.

Atlas is a 400-bed university hospital that provides advanced diagnostic and treatment services in all medical specialties Nearly surgical and considered a national health resource that prioritizes medical education and research, it is a complete complement to inpatient and outpatient services.



Library Of IAU

Library offers the fascination of an ancient library, the convenience of high technology in accessing books and resources, and the pleasure of working together. With its rich books, e-books, electronic resources and documents, 21 independent groups and individual study rooms, catalog scanning and automatic book kiosks, its own cafeteria that allows you to sip your tea and coffee while working, it is a wonderful loan experience that you can turn learning into a lifestyle. IAU library, which uses mobile technologies extensively in accessing information resources, will be open 7/24 while supporting research and education needs regardless of time and place.


Microscopy (Histology and Pathology)
¬ Embryology
¬ Multidisciplinary (Medical Biology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology)
¬ Physiology, Biophysics, and Pharmacology
¬ Phantom
¬ Preclinical
¬ Nursing
¬ Midwifery
¬ Food Chemistry Lab
¬ Food Principles Lab
¬ Ergotherapy
¬ Language and Speech Therapy
¬ Computer Engineering Laboratories
¬ Industrial Engineering Laboratories
¬ Basic Physics Laboratory
¬ Basic Chemistry Laboratory

Students Exchange Program(ERASMUS)

Erasmus program is a student exchange program run by the European Union. The Erasmus program provides overseas education and internship opportunities for undergraduate students, and graduate and doctoral students can also benefit from this project. The ERASMUS project includes different programs ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Students can choose universities in 37 different countries. Erasmus Program aims to increase the quality of education by ensuring the cooperation of higher education institutions of the European Union and cooperation countries. Thanks to this exchange program, students can find the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and get to know new lifestyles.


Istanbul Atlas University provides reliable and close-to-campus contracted dormitories/residence halls to the students. It also provides dormitory service to its students with its contracted, reliable, and close-to-campus dormitories.


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