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Istanbul Atlas University

Atlas University is one of the top private universities located in Turkey, attracting students from all around the world. It is also known as Istanbul Atlas University due to its presence in the Turkish city of Istanbul

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General Overview of Atlas University:

Atlas University is one of the top private universities located in Turkey, attracting students from all around the world. It is also known as Istanbul Atlas University due to its presence in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Atlas University commenced its academic journey in 2018 and admitted its first students in 2020. It manages research and sciences through its strong academic staff and innovative approach, embracing global values. The university campus spans a vast area, annually hosting thousands of students.

An Overview of Istanbul Atlas University: One of the renowned Turkish universities, Istanbul Atlas University receives a large number of international students each year. The university’s emblem is the butterfly, symbolizing how the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in a forest can cause a powerful hurricane. 

Similarly, small individual choices and actions, represented by the butterfly’s wings, can create a significantly better future.

Where is Atlas University Located in Turkey?

 Atlas University is situated in the region called Kaytahan near vibrant Turkish areas, including the famous tourist district of Taksim. 

The university’s strategic location in the heart of Istanbul makes it easily accessible to students as it is close to the highway.

Discovering the Atlas University Campus:

– The Atlas University campus covers an area of 110,000 square meters and houses five faculties, including the Faculty of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences, along with one vocational school.
– The campus features laboratories and research centers covering almost 75,000 square meters, with the Dental Faculty Research Center being one of the most prominent.
– Besides the faculties and research centers, the campus includes a vast library spanning approximately 2,500 square meters, as well as one vocational school.
– Additionally, the Atlas Istanbul campus boasts a sports hall and a variety of restaurants and cafes catering to students throughout the academic day.

Hospitals within Atlas Istanbul University: 

The university’s campus is not limited to faculties and research centers but also includes several hospitals serving Turkish citizens

. The key hospitals are:

– Medical Faculty Hospital: Covering an area of around 75 square meters, this hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and modern technologies to provide high-quality medical services to Turkish citizens and offer valuable training opportunities to students during their academic years.
– The Medical Faculty Hospital features around 400 beds and 18 operating rooms, capable of receiving up to 250 patients per day.

– Dental Faculty Hospital: Atlas University offers a special hospital for practical training to dental students, with a research and laboratory center equipped with the latest devices and equipment for students’ research and academic journey.

Laboratories within Atlas University:

– Medical Faculty Laboratories:

– Cell and Tissue Cultivation Laboratory.
– Anatomy Education Laboratory.
– Histology and Pathology Laboratory.
– Patient Simulation and Surgery Laboratory.
– Biology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory.

– Dental Faculty Laboratories:

– Anatomy Education Laboratory.
– Histology and Pathology Laboratory.
– Phantom Laboratory.
– Acrylic Laboratory.

– Health Sciences Faculty Laboratories:

– Anatomy Education Laboratory.
– Occupational Therapy Laboratory.
– Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Laboratory.
– First Aid and Emergency Laboratory.
– Speech Disorders Laboratory.
– Nursing Education Laboratory.
– Special Education Laboratory.

Atlas University’s Mission and Vision: The university’s vision is to enhance higher education in society and be a dedicated university for comprehensive community development, providing cutting-edge learning and research opportunities. 

The university’s mission includes:

– Ensuring all students have equal opportunities to engage in cultural life.
– Facilitating full utilization of educational services for students with disabilities, addressing their various needs in social development activities, such as acquiring personal skills and hobbies.
– Providing effective tools and solutions to advance higher education.”

Prominent Accreditations of Atlas University:

Atlas University has obtained numerous accreditations from Turkish government entities, among which the most notable are:

  1. YÖKAK Accreditation: This accreditation is granted by the International National Accreditation Agency, which assesses the university’s learning process and its alignment with Turkey’s higher education strategy.
  2. Strategic Plan Commission Accreditation: Universities that achieve significant success in implementing their strategies receive this accreditation after monitoring and evaluation.
  3. Quality Assurance Agency Accreditation: Universities receive this accreditation after an assessment of the quality of their educational and research strategies.
  4. International Recognition: Atlas University is internationally recognized by the European Union of Universities.
  5. Accreditation by the Higher Education Council of Turkey: Atlas University is recognized by the Higher Education Council of Turkey.

Ranking of Istanbul Atlas University

Despite its recent establishment, Istanbul Atlas University holds a prominent position among Turkish and international universities.

 It has a favorable ranking compared to other universities:

– Locally, the university ranks at number 155 among Turkish universities.
– Globally, Atlas University is positioned at number 7741 among universities worldwide.

Specializations at Atlas Istanbul University

Atlas University boasts a highly distinguished academic team, including prominent professors and scholars, not only from Turkey but also from international backgrounds, with extensive experience and expertise. The university offers over 22 different specializations, five faculties, one vocational school, and a graduate school for master’s and doctoral studies.

Faculties of Atlas University:

– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
– Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Faculty of Health Sciences
– Faculty of Dentistry

Schools and Institutes at Atlas University:

– One Vocational School
– Graduate School for Master’s and Doctoral Studies

Registration Requirements at Atlas University

To enroll at Atlas University, specific conditions and documents are required, including:

– Personal photographs
– An email address for communication with the university
– Original high school diploma with a minimum grade of 60% or equivalent from the Turkish Ministry of Education
– A passport copy, preferably in both English and Turkish
– Proof of primary nationality if the applicant holds dual citizenship
– A certified language proficiency test score of at least 79 for undergraduate programs; this requirement is waived if English is the student’s native language.
– A certified Turkish language proficiency test score at level C1, required for programs taught in Turkish.

Advantages of Studying at Atlas Istanbul University

Upon enrollment at Atlas University, students enjoy numerous advantages, including:

– High-tech infrastructure, ensuring modern and advanced educational services.
– Multiple laboratories allowing continuous practical application of the learned materials, encouraging students to become active learners.
– Transformation of all student research and projects into effective services and real-world products.
– On-campus housing facilities providing all essential living needs and amenities.
– Recognition by the European Union, facilitating job opportunities for graduates who wish to work abroad.
– High-quality education and scientific research opportunities.
– Various payment methods for students, including cash and installment options.
– Lower tuition fees compared to other universities, making education more accessible.

Why Register through Almeni Shokran?

By registering at Atlas University through Almeni Shokran, you can ensure seamless enrollment and quick resolution of any registration-related issues. 

Almeni Shokran closely monitors the registration process and assists in preparing all required documents, leveraging its expertise in Turkish education.

One essential service provided by Almeni Shokran is assisting students in choosing the right specialization. Many students struggle with selecting their field of study, and Almeni Shokran’s guidance ensures an informed decision.

Almeni Shokran’s support doesn’t end after acceptance into the university. Continuous follow-up is provided, ensuring the smooth progress of your educational journey in Turkey, along with monitoring your living conditions.

Note: Almeni Shokran is grateful for your registration at Atlas University and will continuously work to make your educational experience in Turkey successful.

University details

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Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Medicine 6 English 15390$
Translation and interpreting 4 English 2778$
Nursing 4 Turkish 2778$
Ergotherapy 4 Turkish 2778$
Midwifery 4 Turkish 2778$
Medicine 6 Turkish 12825$
English Language and Literature 4 English 2778$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 Turkish 2778$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 4 Turkish 2778$
Computer Engineering 4 Turkish 2778$
Psychology 4 Turkish 2778$
Psychology 4 English 3206$
Speech and Language Therapy 4 English 3206$
Software Engineering 4 English 3206$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 English 3206$
Dentistry 5 Turkish 11970$
Nursing 4 English 3206$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 3206$
Dentistry 5 English 14535$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 Turkish 2778$
Business Administration 4 English 3206$
Computer Engineering 4 English 3206$
Biomedical Engineering 4 English 3206$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 English 3206$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 3206$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Computer Engineering 2 Turkish 2992$
Computer Engineering 2 English 3420$
Internal Medicine Nursing 2 Turkish 3420$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 2 Turkish 3420$
Ergotherapy 2 Turkish 3420$
Speech and Language Therapy 2 Turkish 3420$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 Turkish 3420$
Surgical Diseases Nursing 2 Turkish 3420$
Midwifery 2 Turkish 3420$
Midwifery 2 Turkish 2137$
Clinical Anatomy 2 Turkish 3420$
Histology and Embryology 2 Turkish 3420$
Psychology 2 Turkish 3420$
Medical Microbiology 2 Turkish 3420$
Medical Biology and Genetics 2 Turkish 3420$
Biochemistry 2 Turkish 3420$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2 English 3420$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Computer Engineering 4 English 9405$
Surgical Diseases Nursing 4 English 8550$
Psychology 4 English 9405$
Specialties Duration of study Language Installment
Dialysis 2 Turkish 1530$
Dental Prosthetic Technology 2 Turkish 1530$
Computer Programming 2 Turkish 1530$
Information Security Technology 2 Turkish 1530$
Opticianry 2 Turkish 1530$
Medical Imaging Techniques 2 Turkish 1530$
Medical Documentation and Secretarial 2 Turkish 1530$
Oral and Dental Health 2 Turkish 1530$
Medical Laboratory Techniques 2 Turkish 1530$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2 Turkish 1530$
Anesthesia 2 Turkish 1530$
First Aid and Emergency 2 Turkish 1530$
Interior Design 2 Turkish 1530$

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